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10 cheap places to travel in 2019 for Australians

Stretch those dollars in the new year by making plans to visit these affordable destinations.

The Australian dollar might not be at its best at the moment but that doesn't mean it's all doom and gloom.

There are quite a few destinations where our money grew stronger over the last year, pegging them as top places to scream "carpe diem" and book a holiday to.

To determine our list, we compared exchange rates via on 1 January 2018 with those on 1 January 2019. We then pulled out ten of the best that showed the greatest growth for the Aussie dollar. As a side note, we've excluded areas that are unsafe for Australians as we'd prefer you to travel wisely than cheaply.

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10 of the cheapest currencies for Australians in 2019

  1. Argentine Peso: 81.46% stronger per dollar
  2. Turkish Lira: 25.83% stronger per dollar
  3. Russian Ruble: 8.77% stronger per dollar
  4. Zambian Kwacha: 7.77% stronger per dollar
  5. Sri Lankan Rupee: 7.56% stronger per dollar
  6. Brazilian Real: 5.73% stronger per dollar
  7. South African Rand: 5.03% stronger per dollar
  8. Namibian Dollar: 5.03% stronger per dollar
  9. Swazi Lilangeni: 5.03% stronger per dollar
  10. Iranian Rial: 5.02% stronger per dollar

1. Argentina

The Argentine peso has fallen against the dollar once again making it one of the top destinations in South America to push your dollars to the max.

  • How much am I saving? For every $100, you'll be getting an extra 1,183 peso compared to last year. That's enough to cover a Buenos Aires Dinner and Tango Show for one person.
  • How much are flights? Sale flights are generally $1,000-$1200 return from Australia.
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2. Turkey

It's the image that every Instagrammer seems to be putting up these days and with the Turkish Lira on a low there's no better time to tick the country off your bucket list.

  • How much am I saving? For every $100 exchanged you'll get 76 more lira in your pocket compared to 2018. That's enough to get you into Hagia Sophia.
  • How much are flights? Turkey is one of the cheapest countries in Europe to fly to these days with airlines like Qatar often featuring sales of just under $1,000 return to Istanbul.
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3. Russia

If you're still in FOMO land after having missed your chance to visit Russia for the World Cup last year, now's your chance to catch up on what you missed out on.

  • How much am I saving? If you exchanged $100 this year, you'd be up 394 rubles. That's just enough to buy a walking tour of Petrozavodsk.
  • How much are flights? These days you can get into Russia for around $600 return if you're willing to fly into Vladivostok. If you'd prefer to head to one of the big cities, Moscow flights can run as low as $850 return.
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4. Zambia

The Zambian Kwacha has once more fallen against the Australian dollar. Need an excuse to go to Africa? You got it.

  • How much am I saving? It's mere dollars but you're getting an extra 60 kwachas per $100 compared to last year.
  • How much are flights? Flights to the capital of Zambia start from around $1,400 return from Australia.
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5. Sri Lanka

The closest and cheapest countries to fly into on this list is also a dream to visit. This diamond shaped island is near-perfect with beaches, forest and bliss aplenty. Plus, if you want to you can also pop over to Maldives for some bonus luxury.

  • How much am I saving? For every $100 exchanged you'll get a bonus 905 rupee on last year's exchange rate. That's enough to cover you for two beers in a restaurant.
  • How much are flights? With budget airlines to help get you there on the cheap it's possible to fly to Sri Lanka and back for under $500 return.
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6. Brazil

Brazil consistently makes its way on this list and why not? With beaches to bliss out on and clubs to dance the night away in it's a sure bet for holiday fun.

  • How much am I saving? You'll get an extra 14.8 reals in your pocket for every $100 exchanged this year. That's just about enough to get you into the soccer museum in Sao Paulo.
  • How much are flights? With LATAM often dropping sales into our laps, you can catch flights to Brazil from around $1,200 return.
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7. South Africa

Fill your social feed with pictures of safari with South Africa in your sights for 2019. With the dollar up 5.03% against the rand it's small savings but big memories.

  • How much am I saving? 48 rand more for every $100 compared to 2018. That'll cover you for a local beer and then some.
  • How much are flights? When on sale, you can catch flights into Johannesburg starting from $1,100 return.
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8. Namibia

Choose the road (slightly) less travelled and make Namibia your launchpad into an African adventure. At 5.03% more per dollar, you're getting a smidgen more bang for your Aussie buck this year.

  • How much am I saving? If you exchanged $100 Aussie you'd be getting an extra $48 Namibian dollars this year. That's enough for two coffees to keep you going for the day.
  • How much are flights? From Australia you can get to Namibia for under $1,400 return.
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9. Eswatini

The country formerly known as Swaziland is one rife with nature reserves, mountains and native wildlife. The nation hosts many cultural festivals throughout the year.

  • How much am I saving? Similar to in Namibia, you can expect to come out 48 Swazi lilangenis richer this year that last.
  • How much are flights? As Swaziland isn't the most popular destination to hightail it to for Australians you'll find that fares start from $2,000 return. Alternatively, it's a five-hour drive from Johannesburg, where you can fly from just $1,100 per person - and the car may come in handy for exploring and game driving.
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10. Iran

Awash with colourful mosaics and mosques and cosmopolitan by nature, Iran should be on everyone's list this year. Especially since our dollar is up against it by 5% compared to in 2018.

  • How much am I saving? You're looking at having an extra 141,423 per $100 you exchange this year. That sounds like a lot but it's really only converts to just shy of $5. In Iran that can almost buy you a ticket to the movies or two coffees.
  • How much are flights? Airlines like Qatar can get you to Iran and back from $1,200 return.
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