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Editor’s picks: 7 top Kogan deals that can help you save


Explore a great range of offers on mobile plans, insurance and credit cards from Kogan.

Kogan logoSponsored by Kogan. Discover a wide range of offers across mobile plans, insurance, credit cards and much more today. T&Cs apply.

Sometimes, it's good to make a switch with your plans and get a better deal – especially with your financial products.

Mobile plans, insurance policies and credit cards are an essential part of everyday life.

But with the average Australian household currently spending $2,083 each week on expenses – a staggering $108,291 each year – it's important to look for bargains on them whenever you can find them.

In addition to its online storefront, Kogan offers a range of financial products and services – and for one week only, they're offering a range of discounts and sign-up bonuses across their product range.

We've put together some of the stand-out selections from its range for you to consider if you're thinking about switching services.

👋 Hey there! We've partnered with Kogan for this article. We'll be using some Kogan products as examples throughout. However, you should always compare a range of products and make an informed choice before opting for a new financial product. Make sure to also read the product disclosure statement (PDS) and target market determination (TMD) before signing up.

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1. Buy 1 get 1 free for Kogan Large and Extra Large 365-day plans

  • Kogan Mobile

When did you last update your mobile plan? If it's been a while, you might want to take a look at some of the mobile plan options on the market.

With telcos getting more and more competitive in recent years, you may not be getting the best bang for your buck – or in this case, GB for your buck – on your current mobile plan.

At the moment, Kogan Mobile is offering buy 1 get 1 free on its Large and Extra Large plans.

You can get 2 500G Extra Large plans per year for $300, which works out to $150 each. Alternatively, you can get 2 300GB plans per year for $270, which works out to be $135 each.

Or compare other mobile phone plans

2. Earn $500 in Credits if you're approved for a Kogan Credit Card and meet the spend requirements

  • Kogan Credit Cards

When they're used responsibly, credit cards can be a really handy financial tool. So it's important to compare your credit card options before picking one.

You want to make sure that it has the necessary features to suit your needs and lifestyle. For example, points programs are one of the most common features included with credit cards.

When they're used effectively, they can be a great way to maximise your spending and ensure that you're getting rewarded for your everyday expenses.

Given the tight costs that many Australians are facing at the moment, every dollar – or reward point – can make a difference.

Kogan Money is currently offering $500 Credits when you're approved for a Kogan Money Credit Card. The card also features 14 months of no interest on purchases and balance transfers, as well as no annual fee.

As a sign-up offer, you'll also receive 1-2 rewards points for every dollar spent, which can be redeemed for credit in Kogan's online store (1000 points = $10 of Credit).

Or compare other credit card options

3. Get $125 off your car insurance plus $100 credit

  • Kogan Car Insurance

Car insurance is a utility that you should be comparing each year to make sure you're getting the best value for money.

The average monthly cost of car insurance is $46 for third-party insurance and $134 for comprehensive insurance.

That's no small chunk of change, and if you just automatically renew with your current provider, it'll typically go up year-on-year.

But if you switch providers, introductory offers can often be a great way to score some extra value on your policy.

Providers may offer discounts on your policy, include additional services or even throw in some freebies.

Kogan Car Insurance is offering $125 off new online comprehensive car insurance policies. When you're approved for a policy, you'll also receive $100 in credit. This can be spent on a huge range of products, from electronics to clothing.

Or compare other car insurance options

4. Get 12% off your first year of home insurance and a $100 credit

  • Kogan Home Insurance

Home insurance is an essential part of protecting your property.

It's crucial to compare home insurance policies and update them when necessary to reflect the value of your home. If the worst should happen, you want to make sure that you've got a policy that adequately covers its value.

Kogan is offering 12% off its online home insurance policies for the first year. You'll also receive $100 in credit for to spend on items of your choice.

Or compare other home insurance options

5. Get two months of pet insurance free

  • Kogan Pet Insurance

Looking after the health needs of your furry friends and companions means having the right pet insurance policy in place.

The right policy can help significantly reduce any out-of-pocket expenses if and when your pet needs care.

Kogan is offering the first 2 months of its pet insurance policies for free, which can add up to some significant savings.

Or compare other pet insurance options

6. Get 15% off travel insurance

  • Kogan Travel Insurance

Thinking about jetsetting soon?

Book your travel insurance before you go. Many countries have wildly different healthcare systems from Australia. If you do end up needing medical attention while you're overseas, you don't want a massive bill at the end of it.

At the moment, Kogan is offering 15% off its online travel insurance policy. With the right policy, you'll be able to save cash ahead of time and spend it on fun activities and experiences while you're away.

Or compare other travel insurance options

7. Get $50 credit for switching to Kogan Energy

  • Kogan Energy

Energy bills account for a huge chunk of household expenses – and they're only going up.

So it's crucial to compare energy plans at least once a year, in order to make sure that you're getting the best possible deal

Currently, any customer who signs up for Kogan Energy this week will get $50 Credit.

If you make the switch, you'll also be automatically entered into Kogan Energy's competition to get $1,500 off your energy bill. This competition closes on June 6, 2023 and will be drawn on June 7, 2023.

Or compare other energy plans

Kogan logoSponsored by Kogan. Discover a wide range of offers across mobile plans, insurance, credit cards and much more today. T&Cs apply.

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