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Chris Jager

Chris Jager - Lead Editor, Finder Shopping

Chris Jager is the lead editor at Finder Shopping, specialising in consumer technology, home entertainment and expert tips for finding the best online deals. With over 15 years of experience as a full-time journalist, Chris has provided expertise to many leading technology publications, including PC World, Australian Gamepro, Good Gear Guide, IT News, PC Authority, Gizmodo, Business Insider, MSN, Kotaku, Lifehacker Australia, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

RRP is for suckers.

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Sarah Megginson Senior Money Editor

Sarah Megginson - Head Of Editorial, Finder Australia

Sarah is the head of editorial at Finder Australia. She's passionate about helping people save money and is a regular media commentator, appearing a few times a week on TV, radio and print media.

My secret to getting a good deal is to add to cart and then leave. You'll often get an email for a cheeky 10% discount.

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Angus Kidman

Angus Kidman - Editor-At-Large

Angus Kidman is the international editor-at-large at Finder and Finder Shopping. He's an award-winning journalist who has reported on technology, travel, finance and other topics for over 25 years. Angus appears regularly on Sunrise, Today, The Project, Seven News and other TV and radio shows.

If you don't compare, you don't get the best value.

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Matt Sayer

Matt Sayer - Editorial Engineer

Matt Sayer is a technology writer and editorial engineer for Finder, combining industry expertise with data-driven solutions to help people make better decisions.

I'm passionate about finding ways that technology can better our lives.

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Previous contributors

James Dampney - Editor, Streaming

>James Dampney

James Dampney was the streaming editor at Finder, specialising in sport and entertainment. He has over 20 years of experience in media, with previous roles including Managing Editor of FourFourTwo in Singapore, Sport Digital Editor at The Sydney Morning Herald and Sydney reporter for AFL Media.

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Alex Kidman - Senior Editor, Technology

Alex Kidman

Alex Kidman was a senior editor at Finder. A multi-award winning journalist, Alex has written about consumer technology for over 20 years.

Understanding technology doesn't have to be scary.

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Tegan Jones - Global Reviews Editor

Tegan Jones

Tegan Jones was the global reviews editor at Finder and the host of the crypto and Web3 podcast, Block Climbing. An award winning journalist, she has been reporting on consumer tech, gaming and telecommunications for the past 10 years.

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Chris Stead - Editor, Innovations

Chris Stead

Chris Stead was the innovations editor at Finder. He is a gaming, tech and sports journalist with more than 24 years of writing and editing experience. He has previously worked at Game Informer, GamePro, Maxim, MCV Pacific, Gameplayer, Grab It, the University of New South Wales, Krash, It Girl and Fortnite Magazine.

Exploring tech, games, travel, sport and entertainment through the lens of a parent.

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Stephanie Yip - Editor, Travel

Stephanie Yip

Stephanie Yip was the travel editor at Finder. She has over 15 of experience writing for travel and lifestyle publications. Her travel tips and advice have been featured in Escape, Travel Weekly and KarryOn.

I'm out to help you stretch your holiday dollars so you can get to your next break faster.

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Gemma Henry - Senior Writer, Shopping

Gemma Henry

Gemma Henry was a senior writer for the Finder shopping team. She specialises in shopping and deals. With an enthusiasm for creative writing and thorough research she's dedicated to ensuring you get all the facts you need.

Never pay more than you have to - where's the fun in that?

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Mark Neilsen - Writer, Streaming and sports

Mark Neilsen

Mark Neilsen was a writer at Finder, specialising in streaming and sports. He has over 20 years' experience working in entertainment media, so he knows what you should watch and the cheapest way you can watch it.

Let me help you get the best value to live out your stream dream.

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Frank Duignan - Writer, Shopping

Frank Duignan

Frank Duignan was a graduate writer at Finder. He covers online shopping of all kinds, aiming to ensure you never pay more than you have to.

In the digital age, there's no excuse not to do your homework.

Ericka Pingol - Writer, Best guides

Ericka Pingol

Ericka Pingol was a writer for Finder specialising in best guides. She has personally researched over 1000 products across dozens of consumer categories to help customers choose the best option for their specific needs.

Not all gadgets are created equal - and price isn't necessarily the best indicator of quality.

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Sarah Brandon - Editor, Shopping

Sarah Brandon

Sarah Brandon was editor of shopping at Finder. She has a degree in Psychology from New York University and loves learning about why people do what they do.

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Tobias Venus - Host, Tech Finder

Tobias Venus

Tobias Venus is a consumer tech reviewer, video producer, and previously host of Finder's tech reviews YouTube channel, Tech Finder.

Tech is expensive but my reviews are free.

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