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Samsung teases alternate Galaxy S8 processor



Will the Samsung Galaxy S8 come in two versions like its predecessors?

Samsung almost certainly isn’t announcing the Samsung Galaxy S8 at Mobile World Congress, although it does have a press event scheduled for this Sunday in Barcelona where it is expected to announce successors to the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab Pro lines respectively.

It may tease the S8, but it’s expected that the South Korean technology giant will instead hold a separate launch event for the Galaxy S8 ahead of its predicted April debut.

So if you’re Samsung and you know you’re not going to be riding the MWC hype wave quite as hard as in previous years, what do you do? You obliquely hint at what might be within it, that’s what.

What Samsung hasn’t said is where the Exynos 9 series processors will end up, although it’s not hard to work out one likely placement.

We already knew that the Galaxy S8 was likely to feature Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 835. It’s been suggested that Samsung may have used its leverage to gobble up the available supplies of the 835, meaning that competitors will either use the older Snapdragon 821 found on phones such as the Google Pixel XL, or their own custom silicon.

For previous generations of its Galaxy S phones, Samsung has produced two internal variants of the phone, one running whatever the latest Snapdragon processor is, and one with an Exynos processor instead. Typically speaking, the Exynos systems (which are what Samsung has opted for in officially released Samsung Galaxy S phones in Australia in the past) have run a little faster, but the Snapdragon models tend to benchmark with better battery results.

With Samsung having worked with Qualcomm on the Snapdragon 835, it remains to be seen whether there’s a significant performance bump between the two models this year.

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