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6 Christmas gift ideas for kids from the eBay toy sale


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Live 10AM 1st November – 11:59PM 10th November 2022

Where has the year gone? Christmas is already creeping up on us.

If you haven't started shopping yet – or just need to pick up a few extra gifts – there's no need to panic.

eBay's toy sale kicks off at 10am Tuesday, 1 November. So it's the perfect time to grab some stocking stuffers for the kids.

The sale has something for children of every age – and maybe even some of the big kids, too!

Across eBay's great selection of retailers like KG Electronics, The Gamesmen, Metro Hobbies, The Nile, Plum Play and more, you'll discover an incredible selection of indoor and outdoor toys.

Whether you're looking for action figures, building toys, collectible card games and cards, diecast vehicles, board and video games, RC vehicles or ride-ons, you'll find every toy you need on eBay.

Dance & Play Bluey

Dance & Play Bluey

RRP $119

  • Down to $95.20 when you use the code TOY20
  • Down to $89.25 when you shop with Afterpay and use the code AFTOYS25

Bluey, the animated sensation from ABC Kids, has taken the world by storm.

Every kid knows Bluey loves to go Dance Mode – and now your child can have a Dance & Play Bluey of their very own.

With songs, dance moves and more than 55 phrases, Dance & Play Bluey is sure to keep your kids entertained for hours on end.

And when the kids have finally had enough of Dance Mode, Dance & Play Bluey is made out of soft, plush fabric, too. So it's the perfect toy for cuddling.

Dance & Play Bluey is the perfect playroom companion for any child who's a fan of the wonderful cartoon series.

Rubik's Impossible

Rubik's Impossible

RRP $32.95

  • Down to $26.36 when you use the code TOY20
  • Down to $24.71 when you shop with Afterpay and use the code AFTOYS25

For generations, the inscrutable Rubik's Cube has confounded kids all over the globe, putting both their physical and mental dexterity to the test.

But now a new arrival is on the scene, upping the ante and boosting the challenge to greater heights than ever before.

Dare you face… the RUBIK'S IMPOSSIBLE?

At a glance, the Rubik's Impossible resembles a 3x3 Rubik's Cube. Simple enough, surely?

But just when you think it's solved, a new twist emerges – for you see, the Rubik's Impossible changes colour, depending on the angle you look at it!

Give your kids the ultimate puzzle this Christmas with the Rubik's Impossible.

Magic Mixie's Magic Cauldron

Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron

RRP $138

  • Down to $110.40 when you use the code TOY20
  • Down to $103.50 when you shop with Afterpay and use the code AFTOYS25

It's a rare toy that combines interactive play, crafting, surprises and a hint of magic, but the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron offers all this and more.

In fact, it allows you to create a Magic Mixie of your very own!

Be enchanted by the mist from the Magic Cauldron – then follow the spell instructions to bring forth your Magic Mixie from its depths.

With lights, sounds and an interactive wand, you'll be guided through the creation process.

And once your Magic Mixie has been called forth from its cauldron, there's all sorts of magic fun to be had.

Your Magic Mixie has 3 different modes, allowing you to have all sorts of spellcasting fun for hours on end.

The Bubble Blaster

The Bubble Blaster

RRP $42

  • Down to $33.60 when you use the code TOY20
  • Down to $31.50 when you shop with Afterpay and use the code AFTOYS25

Sure, bubbles in the backyard are fun – we all know that.

But blowing a handful at once with some detergent and a plastic loop? Surely there's got to be a better way, right?

Well, worry no more. The Bubble Blaster allows you to create hundreds of bubbles at a pop. There's no more need to huff yourself out of breath just to get a decent amount of bubbles going.

Equipped with a powerful fan and a range of cool lights, it's the ultimate way to take bubbly fun to the next level.

Perfect for kids aged 3 to 103, the Bubble Blaster is a great way to add a burst of fun to any outdoor play session.

Dragons of Stormwreck Isle

Dungeons & Dragons: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle

RRP $35.95

  • Down to $28.76 when you use the code TOY20
  • Down to $26.96 when you shop with Afterpay and use the code AFTOYS25

Introduce your kids to an endless world of high adventure! Back in the public eye thanks to shows like Stranger Things, Rick & Morty and The Big Bang Theory, Dungeons & Dragons has never been more popular with kids and adults alike.

In fact, Dungeons & Dragons is the perfect way to keep the whole family entertained beyond Christmas and all through the school holidays. It'll encourage everyone to use their imagination, while also bringing the family together.

Dragons of Stormwreck Isle is the perfect jumping-on point for kids who are looking to learn to play Dungeons & Dragons. It contains a ready-to-play adventure, a complete set of dice and pre-made characters – so you'll have everything you need out of the box.

Lego Optimus Prime

Lego Optimus Prime

RRP $279.99

  • Down to $223.99 when you use the code TOY20
  • Down to $209.99 when you shop with Afterpay and use the code AFTOYS25

"Autobots, roll out!"

The fearless leader of the Autobots himself, Optimus Prime, now stands proud in Lego form.

Buildable in both Bot or Truck form and armed with his signature Ion Blaster, Optimus is ready to "wage battle to destory the evil forces of the Decepticons".

Advanced builders only need apply! Built from a whopping 1,508 pieces and standing 13.5 inches in robot mode, Optimus Prime will create a formidable presence in any playroom.

Whether your child is a diehard Transformers fan or just wants a challenge for their Lego building skills, Lego Optimus Prime is the perfect gift this Christmas.

And look – given the boom in 80s nostalgia, he may even be the perfect gift for some of the *ahem* bigger kids in your life, too.

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