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AncestryDNA Review

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Whether you're looking to find a long-lost relative or just learn about your family's past, AncestryDNA could meet your needs.

AncestryDNA, one of the many DNA testing kits available in Australia, is best known for its huge gene pool that could link you up with your ancestors and unlock some fascinating stories about the past.

Use this guide to learn about the key features and costs of an AncestryDNA kit, to help you decide if it may be the right DNA kit for you.

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About AncestryDNA?

AncestryDNA is part of Ancestry (, a major US-based genealogy company that was one of the first organisations to digitise family history. In 2012, Ancestry expanded its offerings by providing its AncestryDNA test, which became available in Australia in 2015.

This provider combines advanced DNA science with the world's largest online family history resource to estimate your genetic ethnicity and help you find family connections you might not have been aware of. It can map ethnicity back multiple generations and will even get into specific details on the origins of your family line. AncestryDNA has also been known to help people find relatives through a comprehensive list of DNA matches.

What features are there with an AncestryDNA kit?

AncestryDNA analyses your DNA and integrates that data with your family tree. Here's what you can expect with an AncestryDNA kit.

  • Analysis drawn from a wide gene pool. AncestryDNA taps into more than 18 million DNA tests with population data from over 1,000 regions globally. If you want a more comprehensive analysis, AncestryDNA offers a slightly pricier version of its standard kit. This kit examines 36 of your inherited traits and links each of these attributes to your past relatives.
  • Intuitive results. AncestryDNA uses well-presented analytics in the form of a written report with visuals such as pie charts. You'll have the option of using discovered DNA matches to craft a family tree. You may also view a map of where your ancestors lived, among other features.
  • Ongoing updates. AncestryDNA updates your results based on new research, additional reference samples and better tools.
  • Opportunities to reach out to relatives. You can tap on AncestryDNA's network of over 15 million members to reach out to your potential relatives.
  • Waiting time. Typically, results take 6-8 weeks to arrive via email.

How much does an AncestryDNA kit cost?

AncestryDNA kits cost $129. The AncestryDNA + Traits testing kits are $159. Shipping costs of $29.99 apply for the first testing kit, and there will be a $10 charge for each additional kit purchased.

Note: Transaction fees may also apply. Be aware that your payment will be processed in the United States.

Is AncestryDNA accurate?

AncestryDN have a database of over 15 million people that it uses to help determine your results. According to AncestryDNA, their accuracy rate of the reading of the DNA is 99%. In regards to your ethnicity estimate - it's just that, an estimate. AncestryDNA use two ways to determine this estimate; they collect DNA of people who have a long history in a particular part of the world and use this as a reference. Second, they compare your DNA to these people to determine which your DNA resembles most. As more people use AncestryDNA, their database grows and the results should become more accurate.


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Pros and cons


  • Offers the largest pool of data to help you find potential relatives
  • A huge network of members to help you reach out to newfound family members


  • Does not offer any health-related information, or deep ancestral data
  • Reviews cite that East Asian pool of data may be quite limited

Choosing DNA testing kits

Is AncestryDNA the right testing kit for you? Consider the factors below.

  • Cost. What are you willing to pay for a DNA test?
  • Features. Why do you want to take a DNA test? Are AncestryDNA's features geared towards helping you find the answers you need?
  • Analysis. What level of detail would you like in your analysis? How would you like it to be presented?
  • Speed. How quickly do you need your test results?

Final thoughts

AncestryDNA taps into a huge gene pool to connect you to distant relatives and help you learn more about your family heritage. It offers a straightforward testing process with intuitive analysis and plenty of tools for you to reach out to your newfound relatives.

If you were hoping to learn about any inherited medical concerns, this provider isn't right for you. However, if your primary reason for taking a DNA test is to link up with distant family members and connect with their stories, AncestryDNA could provide the ideal testing kit for you.

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