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Apple versus Samsung: what your phone says about you



And which phone's fans are more likely to go fishing?

First, for clarity: iOS versus Android fan wars are pointless and dumb. Both platforms provide an excellent smartphone experience. Use the one you prefer and stop gloating already.

We know that Android outsells iPhone in Australia. What do the demographics tell us about who chooses one or the other, beyond iPhone owners being willing to spend more money?

Data from Roy Morgan gives us some insights into that question. Here's the key data it has about the two platforms (note that it's counting just Samsung, not Android as a whole):

Number of owners 14+7,653,0005,120,000
Average age4144
Gender54% women51% men
Average personal income$54,000$47,000
Satisfaction with handset92%88%

As you'd expect, iPhone owners earn a little more. But other than that, there aren't any really major differences in terms of broad demographics, and both sides seem highly satisfied with their purchases.

There are other differences. iPhone owners are slightly more likely to have received their handsets as a gift, and are more likely to listen to commercial radio. Samsung owners are more likely to rent their house rather than own it, and are more likely to go fishing. But these aren't absolute statements. Smartphone owners have far more in common than distinct.

For all that, the chances are that when you buy your next phone, you'll stick with the platform you know. That's not always a ringing endorsement; often it means you don't want the hassle of migrating data from one system to another.

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