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Best desk lamps in Australia

Illuminate your workstation with the best desk lamps available online.


The best desk lamps in Australia

Not only does a desk lamp brighten up your space, but it also reduces eye strain and increases productivity. But how do you find the best one?

First off, consider your needs. Do you need a lamp for reading, computer work, or crafting? Each activity requires different types of lighting. For example, if you're reading, you might prefer a lamp with a softer, warmer light. A lamp with adjustable brightness could help reduce screen glare if you're doing computer work.

Next, look at the lamp's adjustability. A lamp that adjusts the light direction can be incredibly beneficial, letting you focus the light right where you need it. Finally, consider the lamp's style. There are countless designs out there, from traditional to modern, so choose one that matches your workspace aesthetics.

We've found the best desk lamps for various price points and needs. We considered factors such as brightness, adjustability, and design. Let's take a look at our top picks.

Read more detail on our methodology below.

Hapfish Dimmable Desk Lamp

Best desk lamp overall

Hapfish Dimmable Desk Lamp
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Multi-Scenes Lighting Mode
  • Comes with an eye protection function


  • Bulky
  • There are cheaper options available

The Hapfish Dimmable Desk Lamp earns the title of the best overall desk lamp with an average customer rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

The lamp's super large double-head design makes it a beacon of productivity, lighting up the entire workspace, whether a multi-monitor workstation or a large table for study and reading. It's perfect for those working from home, with a considerable working height of up to 64cm.

The lamp offers impressive adaptability with its multi-scene lighting modes. Five dimming levels and adjustable colour temperatures provide versatility to suit any work environment. An added bonus is that the smart built-in light sensor detects ambient light intensity and automatically adjusts the lamp's brightness.

Sporting a minimalist design, it saves space and keeps the desktop clean. Its sturdy clamp supports tabletops up to 5.5 cm thick, while the aluminium alloy body adds to its sleek look and ensures durability.

Its 45-degree angled LEDs and side lighting design illuminate only the desk and keyboard, preventing flickers and glare, thereby protecting your eyes during extended work or study sessions.

The lamp's double-head design may be too extensive for smaller desks. Also, the light sensor, while innovative, might not constantly adjust the brightness to everyone's liking.

Wilktop 8W Desk Lamp

Best value desk lamp

Wilktop 8W Desk Lamp
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • 3 lighting modes
  • Comes with a USB power cable


  • Some may not like the clip design
  • A few users wish it had temperature options

The Wilktop 8W Desk Lamp shines bright with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, not only for its stellar performance but also for its value for money.

It's as versatile as it is valuable, with high-quality LEDs that offer three distinct lighting modes - cool white, warm white, and natural white. These settings, coupled with an infinite dimming feature, make this lamp a perfect companion for various tasks, be it reading, working, or relaxing.

The USB power cable improves its convenience, allowing you to power the lamp from any USB port, making it perfect for both stationary and mobile use. The unique clamp design allows it to be securely attached to surfaces up to 6cm thick, from desks to bed frames.

But the lamp could have done with additional colour temperature options for those who prefer more customisation. Also, while the clamp is a nifty feature, it limits the surfaces on which it can be used.

Hapfish Dimmable Desk Lamp

Best desk lamp for studying

Hapfish Dimmable Desk Lamp
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Multi-Scenes Lighting Mode
  • Comes with an eye protection function


  • Bulky
  • There are cheaper options available

The Hapfish Dimmable Desk Lamp ranks as the best desk lamp for studying, with a generous Amazon rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Its Multi-Scenes Lighting Mode offers five dimming levels and five adjustable colour temperatures. The built-in intelligent light sensor also adjusts automatically to the surrounding light intensity for optimal brightness. And, to top it all off, it even memorises your last setting.

With a wide 78cm 24W LED lights bar, the double-head design illuminates an entire desk, making it ideal for multi-monitor workstations, large study tables, office spaces, crafting, painting, and reading.

This Hapfish lamp prioritises eye protection, with 45° angled LEDs and side lighting focusing only on your desk and keyboard. This design eliminates flickers and glare during usage, creating a comfortable and eye-friendly study environment.

Do note that the double-head design may be slightly bulkier than a traditional desk lamp, but it offers more coverage and versatility in lighting.

Hapfish Cordless LED Table Lamp

Best cordless desk lamp

Hapfish Cordless LED Table Lamp
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Easy to carry around
  • 500mAh battery for up to 48 hours of power


  • May be too small for some
  • No power cord

The Hapfish Cordless LED Table Lamp effortlessly earns its place as the best cordless lamp on our list. On Amazon, it has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. It has a simple yet unique design, blending modern charm with practicality.

The lamp's adjustable brightness and colour temperature are pretty handy. With a short touch, you can toggle between on/off and colour temperature options, and a long press enables step-less dimming. This lamp provides three brightness options (3000K, 4500K, 6000K) for varying daily needs.

It also comes with a rechargeable 5000mAh battery, so whether you're using it for outdoor emergencies or power outages, it can operate for 48 hours at its lowest power mode and 9 hours at its highest. It charges quickly, reaching full capacity within 3-4 hours.

But 12.2 inches high and 3.2 inches wide, some might find it too small for their needs. Additionally, the lack of a power cord, while providing freedom to place the lamp anywhere, may be inconvenient if you forget to charge it.

Philips LED Sword Desk Lamp

Best LED desk lamp

Philips LED Sword Desk Lamp
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Customisable brightness and step-dimming functions
  • Sleek design


  • The base could be weightier for added stability
  • Neck can’t be adjusted

The Philips LED Sword Desk Lamp is our choice for the best LED desk lamp, boasting a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Ideal for home office setups, this lamp not only brings a chic aesthetic to your work environment but also provides a practical lighting solution, enabling users to work in a relaxed yet productive manner.

One of the defining features of this lamp is its step-dimming function, which allows you to customise the brightness to suit various moods and moments. Coupled with a colour temperature of 4000K, it also delivers an extra cool, fresh, and crisp light that energises and uplifts your workspace.

However, the lack of a flexible neck means that the light direction can't be adjusted, which might disadvantage those needing focused light on specific areas. Second, although the overall build quality is solid, the lamp base could be weightier to prevent potential tipping.

JICAI Cordless Table Lamp

Best desk lamp for small spaces

JICAI Cordless Table Lamp
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Sleek design made of aluminium
  • Suitable with wireless charging


  • May not provide ample lighting for some areas
  • Finicky touch controls

The JICAI Cordless Table Lamp, with its impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon, is our top pick as the best desk lamp for small spaces.

It's a compact yet potent table lamp that's as stylish as it is practical. With a built-in 4000mAh battery, it can stay lit for 12 to 40 hours after a full charge. Moreover, it's thoughtfully designed with a touch dimmable feature, allowing you to adjust the brightness from 5% to 100% with minimal effort. It also memorises your last brightness setting.

The lamp's wireless charging capability and simple design make it a versatile choice for various occasions, be it outdoor camping, dinner parties, reading sessions, or casual hangouts. And crafted from durable aluminium material, it has a sleek, modern look that effortlessly elevates any space.

However, the lamp's compact size may be a disadvantage for some, and it might not provide enough lighting for larger rooms. Some users have also reported that the lamp's touch control button can sometimes be a bit finicky.

Modar ErayLife Dimmable Desk Light for Eye Protection

Best desk lamp for sensitive eyes

Modar ErayLife Dimmable Desk Light for Eye Protection
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Multifunction
  • Claims to emit natural light without radiation


  • Imitation leather design
  • No USB port

The Modar ErayLife Dimmable Desk Light for Eye Protection is our pick for those with sensitive eyes, earning a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

This multi-function lamp is a light source and doubles as an alarm clock, calendar, and thermometer. Its silica arm allows for versatile adjustment to any preferred angle and boasts three lighting modes for various situations. An impressive lifespan of up to 30,000 hours further enhances the product's durability. The brand's promise of natural light emission without glare or radiation is a game-changer, protecting from harmful blue light during prolonged use.

Some users expressed dissatisfaction with the imitation leather design – a slight aesthetic drawback that does not affect the lamp's functionality. All in all, this is still an excellent buy, given its blend of features, functionality, and affordability.

Honeywell 10W LED Desk Lamp

Best desk lamp for computer work

Honeywell 10W LED Desk Lamp
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Lets you charge your phone even when it’s off
  • Provides 500 lumens of brightness


  • Limited colour temperature controls
  • Some find the lowest brightness level to be too bright for their liking

The Honeywell 10W LED Desk Lamp is by far the best desk lamp for computer work, scoring an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

This lamp's best feature is its dual USB A+C charging ports, allowing you to charge not just your phone but also a tablet, power bank or any other USB-powered device, whether on or off.

The lamp is also designed with a rectangular lighting area that is freely adjustable from 0°-180°, with its 11W LED and 48 full spectrum lamp beads providing up to 500 lumens of brightness. It's perfect for illuminating your entire workspace, making it an ideal choice for home offices, studies, or bedside reading.

Meanwhile, the Bridgelux Vesta Thrive full spectrum LED beads emit a soft and even light with no flickering or ghosting, making it eye-friendly and suitable for long working or reading hours. Its colour rendering index of Ra≥95 helps you see more vivid and accurate colours, enhancing your work efficiency and reading experience.

Although there's a lot to love about this lamp, there are a couple of cons. The lamp provides easy control of 3 colour temperatures, but the range, from 3000 K warm white to 5500 K cool white, might be limiting for some users who prefer a wider spectrum. Additionally, while the lamp allows for brightness adjustment between 15% -100%, some users may find the lower end of the scale still too bright for their taste.

Elgato Key Light Air

Best desk lamp for video calls

Elgato Key Light Air
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • 2900 to 7000 K colour temperature range
  • Easy on the eyes


  • App control may be too complicated for some users
  • Pricey

The Elgato Key Light Air has secured a well-deserved spot on our list as the best desk lamp for video calls, boasting a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

It illuminates your workspace while enhancing your camera feed to a professional level. With wireless connectivity to your PC, Mac, Android device, or iPhone, the Key Light Air offers easy control over brightness and colour through the Control Center app, complete with real-time onscreen feedback.

The lamp is also designed with an edge-lit structure and multi-layer diffusion technology, ensuring the light output is gentle on the eyes. With a maximum brightness of 1400 lumens and a colour temperature range of 2900 to 7000 K, you can adjust to find the perfect lighting for any time of day.

But note that at $154.50, the price point may be a bit steep for some users just looking for a simple desk lamp. Secondly, while wireless connectivity offers flexibility, it may come with a learning curve for those less tech-savvy.

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