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Best pool heaters in Australia 2024

We’ve done the research and found the top pool heaters for a variety of purposes and prices.

The best pool heaters in Australia

You can enjoy a good swim even during cold winter days by using a pool heater. This handy device takes water from the pool and sends it to its heat tank to warm it up. The warm water is then sent back into the pool to create a warm and cosy environment.

When choosing a pool heater, consider your budget and the size of your pool. These will determine the models that will fit your needs. You should also consider the heater's type, temperature range, size and safety features.

Our team has examined numerous pool heaters from brands like Madimack, Hayward, Pentair and Raypak to help you pick the best pool heater. We selected models based on customer reviews and ratings and analysed each pool heater's key product features when choosing models for each category.

Read more detail on our methodology below.

Hayward H250FDN Universal H-Series BTU Pool Heater

Best overall pool heater

Hayward H250FDN Universal H-Series BTU Pool Heater
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Quick heat up
  • Durable build


  • Confusing user manual
  • Expensive

The Hayward H250FDN Universal H-Series BTU Pool Heater is our pick for the best overall pool heater. Amazon customers gave it a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. The H250FDN is also part of our list of the best heaters available online.

Featuring a standard cuprous nickel heat exchanger, the H250FDN quickly heats the pool for you to enjoy even on cold days. It has a flexible universal fit for new and existing installations and a modern, low-profile appearance. The heater is also designed for both left-side and right-side electric, gas and water connections and comes with a 110v or 220v electric hook up.

The H250FDN is easy to use and comes with a digital LED control panel, featuring hydraulic performance for reduced circulation time. The brand said it also has low emissions to meet air quality emission standards in all low NOx regions. Users loved the durable build, easy installation and the heater's quick heating time. They added that it provides long-lasting warmth, which makes swimming during winter a whole lot more enjoyable. Some said the user manual is quite difficult to understand, but this seems to be a minor concern.

vidaXL Solar Pool Heater

Best cheap pool heater

vidaXL Solar Pool Heater
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with most pool pump


  • Can only raise temperature up to 10°C
  • You only get 2 panels for the price

For the best budget-friendly heater, we recommend vidaXL's Solar Pool Heater. On Amazon, it has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

This solar panel utilises the sun's rays and converts them to heat, keeping your pool warm in a cost-effective way. The pack comes with a pair of 80cm x 620cm panels with a width of 34cm. It is suitable for most pool pumps. It can also be mounted on a roof or rack or simply laid on the ground by the pool.

Customers praised the product's value for money, ease of use and durable build. It is ideal for small to medium-sized pools. For larger areas, you might need to buy an extra set of solar panels. It quickly and evenly warms the water, but it doesn't help raise the temperature beyond 10°C. Despite this minor setback, this option remains a popular choice for buyers on a budget.

Pentair Mastertemp 300HD Gas Heater

Best gas pool heater

Pentair Mastertemp 300HD Gas Heater
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Eco-friendly with low NOx emission
  • Heats up fast


  • Bulky design
  • Not cheap

The Pentair Mastertemp 300HD Gas Heater is what we'd recommend as the best gas option for heating your pool.

The Mastertemp 300HD features a cupro-nickel heater exchanger for a fast heat up. It also has a rotating digital display that can be installed in 3 directions. Additionally, this model is certified for low NOx emission to meet or exceed industry standards. For peace of mind, this is backed by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty, too.

This pool heater is a versatile option for most pools. It can be installed indoors or outdoors, keeping you warm and happy even on the gloomiest day of the year. Assembled in the United States, this has a fully premixed system with a highly efficient air and gas mixture. It also has a hot surface ignition as well as push-button and digital controls for user-friendliness. However, the Mastertemp 300HD is quite expensive at over $6,000.

NNEVL Solar Pool Heater Panel

Best solar pool heater

NNEVL Solar Pool Heater Panel
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Durable
  • Value for money


  • Limited availability
  • Doesn’t come with a pool pump

When it comes to the best solar pool heater, we chose the NNEVL Solar Pool Heater Panel. This heater can quickly and effectively keep your pool warm using the sun's rays.

This solar pool heater is an energy-efficient and affordable way to keep your pool warm during swimming parties. It has a durable design and is made from 100% polyethylene. It is also capable of raising the temperature of your pool by up to 10°C.

Measuring 80cm x 620cm, this solar heater is easy to install and can be mounted on a roof or rack. You can also simply lay it out on the ground by the pool. It doesn't come with its own pump, but this unit is compatible with most commercially available pool pumps. It provides long-lasting warmth so you can enjoy your swimming pool even during winter. One major con for this product is its availability. As of writing, buyers can only get it through Harvey Norman.

EcoSmart Smart Pool 18

Best electric pool heater

EcoSmart Smart Pool 18
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Compact design
  • Easy to install


  • EcoSmart remote sold separately
  • Slower heat-up time

Our pick for the best electric pool heater is the EcoSmart Smart Pool 18. This model utilises the latest flow-sensor technology "to minimise the risk of burned elements, increasing functionality and reliability".

The Smart Pool 18 provides -17°C to -16°C temperature rise per hour to keep your winter swim parties warm and cosy. It comes with digital thermostat control and can be used as an alternative to heat pumps. For convenience, you can use this heater with the brand's remote control, but it is sold separately.

This model uses about 18kW and heats up to 10.41 litres per minute. More than a pool heater, the Smart Pool 18 is an in-demand tankless model that doesn't have standby heat loss as it heats the water anytime you want it. The heater also has a sleek, compact design for easy storage and portability.

Madimack Elite V3

Best heat-pump pool heater

Madimack Elite V3
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Quiet operation
  • Uses inverter technology for efficiency


  • Bulky design
  • There are more affordable options in the market

For the best heat-pump pool heater, we recommend the Madimack Elite V3. On, users gave it a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Featuring inverter technology, the Elite V3 has better airflow, higher efficiency and a quieter operation. According to the brand, this unit exclusively delivers market-leading installation requirements to provide space-saving options for backyards. Apart from a durable build, this model operates at optimal levels even in the most corrosive and erosive environment.

The Elite V3 is made of a marine-grade anti-corrosion aluminium alloy casing. It also has a Signature diamond touch screen and an intuitive display to make it easy for users to adjust the heater's temperature. It can also warm your pool's water up to 40 degrees, featuring an energy efficiency with a COP of up to 16.4 and a full inverter stepless compressor and fan. It is backed by a 10-year compressor warranty as well.

Bestway Flowclear Swimming Pool Water Heater

Best heater for above-ground pools

Bestway Flowclear Swimming Pool Water Heater
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Suitable for most pool sizes
  • Won’t break the bank


  • Slow heat up
  • Difficult to set up

With a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon, we selected Bestway's Flowclear Swimming Pool Water Heater as the best option for above-ground pools.

At $260, this pool heater is a cost-effective way to warm up your above-ground pool's water to create a comfy and relaxing swimming environment. It can be used for both smaller and bigger pools. But do note that heating time may take longer, depending on your pool's size. This heater is compatible with filter pumps and sand filters, providing a flow rate of 378 litres per hour or less. It also comes with a 4-metre power cord and the necessary hoses and attachments for setting up.

While this heater has a lower rating compared to other options on the list, it still has a lot of favourable reviews from buyers. Customers praised the product's durable build and performance. It increases the water temperature by about 0.5°C to 1.5°C per hour. For small pools, 12 hours may be enough for the entire area to be warm. But bigger pools may need up to 3 days. Some said it's a bit of a pain to set up, but added that it's well worth the effort.

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Brands considered
Products compared
Best products chosen

Why you can trust our picks

For this list, we examined numerous pool heaters listed in different online shops. We evaluated products from the following brands:

  • Astrapool
  • Bestway
  • BIWAHumor
  • EcoSmart
  • Hayward
  • Intex
  • Madimack
  • Norwes Gas
  • Pentair
  • Raypak
  • SmartPool
  • SunHeater
  • Sunlover
  • vidaXL
  • Zodiac

We then made a shortlist based on customer reviews and ratings from the past year. We also considered each pool heater's key product features such as type, price, temperature range and warranty. We came up with what we believe are the 7 best pool heaters you can get right now in Australia.

Types of pool heaters

A pool heater is a handy little device that warms up your pool's water for you to enjoy even on cold, winter days. It comes in various types, such as gas, solar and electric.

Gas heaters utilise energy from burning natural gas or propane to warm up a pool. These options are popular because they're quite powerful and provide a fast heating time. They are suitable for most pool sizes, especially larger ones. However, it requires installation by a licensed professional, which can be costly.

Compared to gas options, electric heaters are easier to install. You don't need to connect an electric heater to a gas line for it to work. An electric heater uses ambient temperature to produce warmth and keep your pool water at a comfortable and toasty temperature. However, these models are typically more expensive.

For a more environmentally friendly option, solar heaters are your best bet. These capture the sun's rays and convert them to energy to heat the pool water. They are simple to install, too. You don't need to hook a solar heater to any energy outlet. But you have to ensure that the heater's solar panels are efficiently positioned where they can get the most sun exposure. For night swimming, you need to purchase a diverter for a solar heater to work.

How to compare pool heaters

Consider these factors when shopping for a pool heater:

Pool size

Not all pool heaters are created equal. Determine your pool size so you can identify the type and size of the heater you need to keep it warm and cosy.


Choose between electric, gas or solar heaters. Gas options are the most powerful, while electric heaters are easier to install. Solar heaters are the most cost-efficient, but they may be unsuitable for night use.

Coefficient of performance

This is the ratio of the useful energy the heater produces to the energy it consumes. COP can also translate to lower operating costs.

Temperature range

Some heaters may not be suitable for extremely cold climates. Check the heater's operating range of temperature to find the best option suitable for your climate.

Heat-up time

Check the heating rate of the pool heater before purchase. Some models heat pool water on demand, while others require at least 12 hours.

Noise levels

Nothing is more annoying than a loud heater while you try to relax. Pick a heater with a near-silent operation so you can better enjoy the warm water during cold, winter days. Fortunately, most brands offer pool heaters with low noise levels.

Improving your pool heater's efficiency

Here are several tips to improve your pool heater's efficiency:

  • Use a cover. Evaporation causes your pool water to get cold fast. Using a pool cover can prevent heat loss when not in use.
  • Run your heat pump at a low speed when the heater is off. This will help you avoid reheating your pool water every day during colder weather.
  • Adjust your temperature. Adjust the water's temperature depending on how you use it. For active swimming, up to 28°C may be more than enough. If the pool is on standby, you can bring down the temperature to 23-25°C.
  • Regularly clean your pool. Clean your filters and baskets every other week to ensure your pool water circulates properly. This will help your pool heater's efficiency.

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