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Best Segway scooter in Australia: Hands-on with every model

Finder has gone hands-on with every e-scooter in the Segway-Ninebot range in order to determine which one is best for you.

The best Segway scooters in Australia

The e-scooter scene is booming. The Australian micromobility market, of which e-scooters are the biggest share, is projected to rise from $16.9 million in 2021 to $19.1 billion by 2030. And it's anticipated almost 4 million of us will be using e-scooter sharing platforms by 2027. But we're seeing e-scooters used more and more for longer journeys too.

Segway-Ninebot is arguably the top brand in the space, but there are many other e-scooters you can consider as well. The company claims to have a 70% market share. It has a presence in over 100 countries and is producing over 10 million e-scooters (referred to by Segway as a KickScooter) a year.

So regardless of whether its pumping its own tyres or not, it's a major player. Plus, since 2014, all the data collected by the Segway-Ninebot KickScooters have been tracked and used to improve the product. Some 8.76 billion kilometres of data.

The company recently held an event in Australia, and it provided an opportunity to try the entire Segway KickScooter range. This included the newly released Ninebot KickScooter Max G2 and updates to the F-Series and E-Series range. (I even got to drive the Ninebot Gokart Pro Lamborghini!)

In this article I will break down the differences between the Segway e-scooter range and how they felt to operate.

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Segway KickScooter comparison: Premium

KickScooter GT1 GT2 P65A P100S G2 Max
RRP $4,299 $6,499 $2,199 $3,499 $1,699
Weight limit 150kg 150kg 120kg 120kg 120kg
Maximum speed 60km/h 70hm/h 40km/h 48km/h 35km/h
Maximum range 70km 90km 65km 100km 70km
Maximum incline 23 degrees 30 degrees 22 degrees 23 degrees 22 degrees
Battery 1,008Wh 1,512Wh 561Wh 1,086Wh 551Wh
Charge time 11 hours 8 hours (twin charging) 4 hours 7 hours 6 hours
Maximum power 3,000W 3,000W 980W 1,350W 900W
Tyres 11" self-sealing tubeless 11" self-sealing tubeless 10.5" self-sealing tubeless 10.5" self-sealing tubeless 10" self-sealing tubeless
Brakes Front and rear disc Front and rear disc Front (disc) and rear (electric) Front (disc) and rear (electric) Front (drum) and rear (electronic)
Shocks Hydraulic dampening Hydraulic dampening None Front and rear torsion bar No
Suspension Front and rear Front and rear Front and rear Front and rear Front and rear
Traction control Yes Yes No No Yes
Front light 9W 9W 10W 10W 2.1W
Modes 5 6 6 5 5
Clearance 140mm 140mm 79mm 153mm 110mm
IP rating IPX4 IPX4 IPX5 IPX5 IPX5
Weight 48kg 53kg 26.3kg 32.9kg 24.25kg

Note: The above and below tables reference the true top speed of all these e-scooters. In Australia they are all artificially capped at 25km/h. This is a stipulation of the Australian government. Unofficially these e-scooters can be overclocked to their true highest speeds, but doing so in public spaces could put you in breach of the law. Please check the related speed limits within your state or territory.

Segway KickScooter comparison: Budget

KickScooter F2 F2 Plus F2 Pro E2 E2 Plus C20
RRP $949 $1,099 $1,399 $599 $699 $499
Weight limit 120kg 120kg 120kg 90kg 90kg 60kg
Maximum speed 25km/h 30km/h 32km/h 20km/h 25km/h 16km/h
Maximum range 40km 55km 55km 25km 25km 20km
Maximum incline 18 degrees 20 degrees 22 degrees 12 degrees 12 degrees 5 degrees
Battery 367Wh 460Wh 460Wh 220Wh 220Wh 108Wh
Charge time 6.5 hours 8 hours 8 hours 7 hours 7.5 hours 5 hours
Maximum power 700W 800W 900W 450W 500W 260W
Tyres 10" self-sealing tubeless 10" self-sealing tubeless 10" self-sealing tubeless 8.1" inner hollow 8.1" inner hollow 7" solid rubber
Brakes Front (disc) and rear (e-ABS) Front (disc) and rear (e-ABS) Front (disc) and rear (e-ABS) Front (electric) and rear (drum) Front (electric) and rear (drum) Rear (mechanical)
Shocks No No No No No No
Suspension No No Front No No No
Traction control Yes Yes Yes No No No
Front light 2.1W 2.1W 2.1W 2.1W 2.1W No
Modes 5 5 5 3 3 3
Clearance 110mm 110mm 110mm TBC TBC TBC
Weight 17.2kg 17.7kg 18.5kg 14.2kg 14.4kg 10kg

The 2023 Segway KickScooter range explained

On the Australian Segway-Ninebot store, you'll find 15 e-scooters available in the country. However, only 5 of those are new additions for 2023. It includes new-generation models in the F-series range (F2, F2 Plus and F2 Pro), 2 in the E-series range (E2 and E2 Plus) and then a new G-series entry (G2 Max).

They all usher in some key range improvements, mostly in terms of engine efficiency (expect more range), faster charging, safety and smart features. The highlights are anti-skid traction control (G2 and F-series), app support, keyless unlock, Find My Device support (iOS only) and the Smart Battery System (BMS).

The BMS includes a 6-protection system to reduce the risk of battery fires. This includes;

  • Short-circuit protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Double protection from overcharging
  • Double protection from over-discharging
  • Temperature protection
  • Low voltage auto-sleep protection

The app is also worth a deeper mention. Connecting via Bluetooth, it doesn't just give you stats and battery life updates. It can also be used to lock and unlock the e-scooter and tweak the top speeds and acceleration allowance in the different drive modes. It also allows for firmware updates to be applied to the e-scooter over time.

A bit about me

Below I will give you a broad rundown of the strengths and weaknesses of each e-scooter in the Segway-Ninebot KickScooter range. And I will give you my hands-on impressions of using the e-scooter. But we're all a little bit different, so context is important. I'm a tall, 100kg man. I'm a confident rider and driver, with good hand-eye coordination and balance. And I'm not timid when travelling at high speed.

Segway MAX G2​ Ninebot Electric KickScooter

Best Segway scooter overall

Segway MAX G2​ Ninebot Electric KickScooter
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Great range and riding experience
  • Feature rich at a good price


  • Little heavy for general commuters
  • Requires confidence

If you're looking for the latest and greatest, the G2 Max is the flagship new addition to the Segway range and it delivers the goods. It's the natural successor to the G30, which has been to date the most popular of Segway's e-scooters.

The upgrades are tangible. The new brushless electric engine offers 28% more power at 900W via rear-wheel drive. This sees improved acceleration, as well as the ability to handle a steeper 22-degree incline. Despite having the same 551Wh battery, the new RideyLONG performance system gets more out of it, extending the range to 70km.

It should be noted that to get such range, you'll need to be hanging out in Eco mode. Take that as read regardless of the e-scooter you're considering.

Staying with the battery, the input voltage transformer is now built in to the scooter and has 3-amp fast charging. So that gets charging time down to 6 hours. Unfortunately, and this is across the board with Segway, batteries cannot be removed from the e-scooter. So, you can't store it in a fire-retardant box for added safety.

Still, the aforementioned BMS is in play, as well as the traction control (TCS). You'll find the old spring damper on the front end has been upgraded to hydraulic and there's a dual suspension set-up on the back wheel. These additions to the G30 are all about comfort and there's no doubting it does a great job nullifying bumps in the road.

The 10" self-sealing tyres help with that. These are more puncture resistant than the usual pneumatic tyres, with a 4mm buffer. And even if something gets through, the glue will reseal itself.

Other key highlights include an electronic ABS brake on the rear, joined by a drum brake on the front and an LED headlight with a 13.5m range. The design also has a taller and wider bar, which this tall timber very much appreciated.

Segway Max G2 review

The G2 Max finds a nice little spot between its more powerful bigger brothers and the classic commuter e-scooters that sit below it. Even for someone my size, it was quick to accelerate and had the space and height my body was after. That said, at nearly 25kg, it's a bit of a weight to lift into, say, an office. Even if it folds in half nicely.

I think the safety and smart features make the G2 Max feel personalised and modern. But the riding experience feels better suited to confident individuals. While the suspension additions work a treat to give a spongy feel to bumpy surfaces, it also imparts a loose feeling underfoot. It's not loose, but compared to the stiffer suspension in the lesser models, you don't feel as sturdy and it plays on your mind at speed.

The model I was on was overclocked and it did highlight what a shame the 25km/h speed limit is. I felt more than comfortable near its top speed of 35km/h.

I do think a bit more could have been done with the screen, which is a little on the small side given its 2023 and not a cheap scooter.

Segway Ninebot Electric KickScooter F2 Plus

Best Segway for commuting

Segway Ninebot Electric KickScooter F2 Plus
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Designed with commuters in mind
  • Great safety features


  • Need to upgrade to F2 Pro for suspension
  • Long charge time for a small engine

The middle entry in the second generation of F-series Segway scooters catches the eye at just a tickle over $1,000. As well as the new 2023 additions mentioned at the top of this article, you'll also find a wider handlebar, leaving space for a phone holder.

Handy for commuting!

The new 800W brushless motor, which uses hall effect sensors, can take even big blokes like me up to that 25km/h ceiling without worry. The 20-degree incline will deal with most hills. And the 55km maximum range should be right for most people to get to and from work without a charge, too.

If you live very close to your daily destination, you might be able to get away with the F2, but you'll also take a hit on acceleration and incline limit.

All F-series models get the traction control and dual brakes (disc on the front, electronic ABS on the back). But only the F2 Pro gives you suspension, albeit only on the front and in spring form. So, if you expect a bumpy ride, it might be worth the upgrade to the F2 Pro.

Segway F2 Plus review

While thrillseekers may not be overly excited by the riding experience of the F-series range, if you're in this for pure function, it's still going to deliver. I found the F2 Plus to be a little sluggish on the throttle, but there's something to be said for the smooth way it goes about its business.

I also found that while the lack of suspension does impact comfort, if you're riding on roads or pathways predominantly, it actually feels sturdier underfoot and gives you more confidence than those with a spongy feel underfoot.

At 17.7kg, it's not too heavy and can be lifted without trouble at either end of your commute. The self-sealing tyres are also a peace-of-mind inclusion at this price.

Segway Ninebot Electric KickScooter E2 Plus

Best Segway for teenagers

Segway Ninebot Electric KickScooter E2 Plus
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Great price point
  • Light and easy to pack away


  • Long charge time for short range
  • Too underpowered for big kids

At $699, the Segway E2 Plus KickScooter is an affordable option for teenagers and even young adults looking for a more mobile life. At that price, there are some limitations and a reduction in features compared to Segway's higher-tiered models, but it still delivers in most of the key places.

The main difference between the E2 and E2 Plus is the top speed. Thanks to a slightly bigger, 500W electric engine, the E2 Plus can reach that 25km/h speed limit and at a slightly faster clip. It costs you an extra $100 for the privilege, but it's worth it. As soon as you hit that 20km/h or below mark with e-scooters, they just feel too slow.

Let's be realistic, most teenagers can run faster than that!

The 25km range is enough to get teenagers to and from sport, the beach, friends' houses and local jobs. But the 7.5-hour charge time is a bit steep given the distance you get. And the 12-degree incline limit could also create issues depending on where you live.

That said, the 2-step folding and light 14.4kg strong, steel frame makes it easy to handle and pack away. It still retains 2 brakes (although it's an electronic front and a drum rear – not disc). And there's a greater sense of pizzazz with the scooter's design. I was told they wanted it to feel like a surfboard and the bigger 2.8" LED display and flashy lights help achieve that goal.

Segway E2 Plus review

The E2 Plus doesn't extend itself well into bigger humans or those who want to use it to commute. As long as you go into this purchase with the understanding it's for a very certain type of lifestyle and use case, the E2 Plus hits the mark.

I'm neither. I found the E2 Plus sluggish, pedestrian and too small. But I'm 10kg over its weight limit, so take that only as a relative comparison to the other models detailed in this article.

Parents can gain confidence from the fact it's not touchy and quick to throttle up. And it feels like a foot scooter in terms of its steadiness. It's a nice touch that the LED screen can be tilted, helping users of all heights make the most of it. And the puncture-proof inner hollow tyres will keep maintenance to a minimum.

As a parent, I would have loved to see disc brakes and traction control, which have been lost in the pursuit of a nice price point. And not having Apple's Find My support is a swing and a miss when dealing with the adolescent market.

Segway Ninebot GT2 SuperScooter

Best premium Segway e-scooter

Segway Ninebot GT2 SuperScooter
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Incredible speed and power on-road or off-road
  • Premium feature set


  • Best features nerfed in Australia
  • Very expensive

Initially I was tempted to put the GT1 here due to speed limits in Australia. Both the GT1 and GT2 do well over the 25km/h limit (60km/h and 70km/h, respectively), but that's of little use unless you overclock it (making it not street legal and potentially breaking your warranty).

But if you're looking at this level of Segway, I realised that's probably your intent. And the GT2 is ridiculous.

If you do want to save a few thousand, many impressive features are shared between the GT1 and GT2. The 11" self-sealing tyres, front and rear disc brakes, 9W LED headlight, front double wishbone suspension, rear trailing arm suspension, dynamic traction control systems and an aircraft grade aluminium build. The 15-level adjustable front and rear hydraulic shocks give you control to personalise them for each experience, too.

But then the GT2 goes nuts from there. It has 2 (not 1) 3,000W batteries. This allows for an all-wheel-drive approach and better traction. It accelerates at nearly twice the pace and can tackle hills with a 30-degree incline, too. Plus, both batteries can fast-charge simultaneously.

It can go further and faster. It also has a transparent PM-OLED screen, which is a first. It does take a hit with weight as a result and at 53kg, is pretty heavy to lift.

Segway GT2 review

My time riding the GT2, which was overclocked to full speed, was both exhilarating and terrifying. The power is absolutely nuts, to the point where it can be very hard to control the throttle with enough finesse to not send you flying. I nudged it to 65km/h on a pathway and felt like I was hanging on for dear life.

It was a stack of fun, don't get me wrong. I was grinning like a Cheshire cat. I just felt like I had rolled the dice and got away with it.

There's no doubt that the GT2 felt fantastic and its premium build features and wealth of high-end components justify the price. But I just don't know when you'd need or would risk making the most of what it has to offer. I felt like I needed a proper MotoGP suit on, not shorts and a T-shirt.

So, take that as you will. An e-scooter that's too awesome, unless you have the money and the loose screws required to justify all it can offer.

I'd also be slightly wary of an upgrade coming in the near future. As of mid-2023, the GT2 is heavily discounted. And it's odd that the premium e-scooter in Segway's range is lacking the app support, Find My features and BMS safety system. A GT2 Pro or GT3 may be on the horizon.

Segway Ninebot eKickScooter ZING C20

Best Segway scooter for kids

Segway Ninebot eKickScooter ZING C20
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Just the right amount of power
  • Light and easy to store


  • No app support
  • They’re going to grow out of it

Segway only has one model for kids in Australia, the Zing C20. With a weight range of 40kg to 60kg, I've had way too many pies across my lifetime to give it a decent test ride. It's also got a much lower handle bar and thinner footboard. Plus, some flashy LED lighting for extra cool.

It's amazing how much it looks like a traditional foot-powered scooter. It even has a bike-like brake lever, with a cable wrapping down the stem. Yet it has some zip: plenty for kids. A top speed of 16km/h and a range of 20km is all they need and there's no reason to over-pay for something that can do more.

The only place its 260W engine really shows its lack of tug is on hills, with only a 5-degree incline recommended. The small 108Wh engine will really start to fade quickly with a heavy kid and plenty of hills. But at least it only takes 5 hours to charge. And the relatively light 10kg weight makes it easy for parents to transport.

Sadly, none of the 2023 feature upgrades are in place. I would have loved to have seen at least Find My, given kids are always losing stuff.

In overseas markets, there's a C2 and C2 Pro you may come across. There's not too much difference between them, so I'm unsure if they will reach our shores. The C2 Pro does have a Bluetooth speaker and app support. As well as an LED screen, which would indeed be a sweet addition. Both the C20 and C2 Pro lack a LED headlight, which is unfortunate.


Our technology expert attended an event hosted by Segway and was given an opportunity to test every model in the range along the pathways of the Gold Coast. That time, in conjunction with analysing the specifications, prices and history of the range, as well as consumer reviews, was used to determine our best category winners.

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