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Best steam mops in Australia 2024

These are the best steam mops to keep your floors sparkling clean.

The best steam mops in Australia

A steam mop has a reservoir that heats water, sending a jet of steam to its pad and killing bacteria and dust mites more effectively than manual mops.

There are different steam mop options suited for any need. Some brands offer options specifically for hard floors, wood floors and tiles. Cordless models are also available if you want an easier tool to manoeuvre. Apart from price, you should factor in the water tank's capacity, heat-up time, cloth material and the mop's head shape when shopping.

For this list, we evaluated numerous steam mops available on Amazon. We picked models based on customer reviews and ratings and chose the units for each category based on key product features.

Read our full methodology below.

PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner

Best overall steam mop

PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Child- and pet-safe
  • Heats up quickly


  • Cord is too short for some customers
  • Small water tank

We picked the PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner as the best overall steam mop available online. On Amazon, it has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars from more than 39,000 reviews.

PurSteam's 10-in-1 steam mop is a multi-functional cleaning solution that makes housework easier and faster. It comes with a handheld steam cleaner and flexible hose that can reach all the hidden corners around your home. It's also effective for window and glass cleaning as well as for steaming clothes, making it an ideal appliance to have in any household.

This mop is pet-friendly, child-safe and chemical-free, allowing you to clean without worrying about harmful substances. It works on both tiles and hardwood floors and leaves them shiny and spotless.

Customers have praised PurSteam for its versatility, great value for money and simplicity of use. It's light and manoeuvrable with 3 adjustable modes that cover all levels of cleaning from light to heavy-duty jobs. It also features a wide steam trigger that lets yoy adjust the amount of steam produced for different surfaces or tasks.

Shark Klik n' Flip Automatic Steam Mop

Best steam mop for tiles

Shark Klik n' Flip Automatic Steam Mop
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Has 3 intelligent direct steam controls
  • Flip design lets you switch from different heads easily


  • A bit bulky
  • Some encountered durability issues

We recommend the Shark Klik n' Flip Automatic Steam Mop as the best option for tiles. On Amazon, it has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

This steam mop tackles the toughest messes, from sticky spills on hard floors to dirt-caked carpets. It heats up quickly, with steam ready in 30 seconds and offers a generous 25-foot cord for maximum reach. The flip mop design allows you to switch between 2 different head designs with patented microfibre mop pads for strong scrubbing power.

Apart from being lightweight, it comes with an adjustable handle that can be used in any orientation and with minimal effort, even on hard-to-reach areas such as stairs or furniture corners. It also offers several safety features including an automatic shutoff if left idle too long or when the tank is empty.

Karcher FC-5 Corded Hard Floor Cleaner

Best steam mop for wood floors

Karcher FC-5 Corded Hard Floor Cleaner
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Large water reservoir
  • Quiet motor


  • Expensive
  • Microfibre cloths included are difficult to clean

We recommend the Karcher FC-5 Corded Hard Floor Cleaner if you have wood floors. This steam mop offers an exceptional combination of convenience and performance, which makes it one of the most reliable hard floor cleaners out there.

It comes with a powerful motor that uses 1,500 watts of power, giving it the ability to deep clean your flooring with ease. The motor is quiet so it won't disturb you while you're cleaning. Plus, it has 2 rotating brushes for superior scrubbing action to dislodge dirt and grime from your floors.

There is also a large 1.3-litre tank for convenience during extended cleaning sessions. The machine itself is lightweight so you can move it around the house or up and down the stairs. It performs well on hard floors including tile, wood and laminate and doesn't just remove dirt and debris but handles messes such as spilled liquids too.

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BLACK+DECKER 1300W 5-IN-1 Steam Mop

Best budget steam mop

BLACK+DECKER 1300W 5-IN-1 Steam Mop
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Ready in just 30 seconds
  • Easy to manoeuvre


  • Small water tank
  • May not be powerful enough for heavy-duty cleaning

If you're looking for a budget-friendly steam mop, we recommend the BLACK+DECKER 1300W 5-IN-1 Steam Mop which has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

The BLACK+DECKER 1300W 5-IN-1 Steam Mop can be used on all surfaces, from hardwood to tile. It also has 5 different settings so you can customise each cleaning session according to the type of floor surface you're cleaning. Apart from a carpet glider attachment, its adjustable handle lets users tweak the length depending on their height and preferences.

Many buyers were impressed by the steam mop's lightweight design, ease of use and value for money. It offers heaps of attachments to help you tackle your cleaning tasks a lot easier. It heats up quickly in just 30 seconds and has a 0.5L water tank, which is enough for cleaning smaller areas. The handle is also ergonomic while the body is light enough to easily manoeuvre.

Euroflex Vapour M4S Hybrid Steam Cleaner

Best high-end steam mop

Euroflex Vapour M4S Hybrid Steam Cleaner
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Features a hotplate for better steaming power
  • Ideal for all types of flooring


  • Heavy at about 3.7kg
  • Slower heat-up time compared to other models

For the best high-end model, our team has selected the Euroflex Vapour Hybrid Steam Cleaner. This has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Appliances Online.

The Euroflex Vapour Hybrid Steam Cleaner combines steam and suction to make sure that whatever mess or dirt you're dealing with gets taken care of efficiently. It offers 1,500 watts of steam power with a dual tank system for both dry and wet cleaning. It also comes with attachments to customise your experience, including an adjustable floor nozzle, crevice tool, window squeegee attachment, nylon brush and scrubbing pad.

While the device is a bit heavy, it's still easy to move around thanks to its smooth wheels. There's a generous 20-foot cord so you can cover large areas without having to constantly re-plug the machine into new outlets. This cleaner also comes with an eco-friendly mode that claims to reduce consumption by 25% compared to regular steam cleaners.

BISSELL Vac & Steam 1997E

Best steam vacuum

BISSELL Vac & Steam 1997E
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Claims to eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria
  • User-friendly


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

If you're looking for the best steam vacuum, we recommend the Bissell Vac & Steam 1997E, which has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

The Vac & Steam 1997E is a highly effective vacuum cleaner that combines the power of vacuuming and steaming to ensure thorough, spotless cleaning results quickly. With its unique Drop It dirt tank system, this steam cleaner makes debris and hair disposal effortless.

Equipped with a 0.4L water tank and adjustable controls, this versatile device is perfect for busy households that don't have time to waste on traditional methods. It doesn't require any harsh chemicals yet still produces sparkling clean results. It has an extra-long cord for easy manoeuvrability and a mop head that easily picks up dust particles and dirt.

BISSELL SpinWave Cordless Hard Floor Expert

Best cordless steam mop

BISSELL SpinWave Cordless Hard Floor Expert
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Suitable for hard floors, tiles, vinyl and wood
  • Heaps of accessories to make cleaning easier


  • You need several passes to completely remove caked-on dirt
  • Subpar battery life

Our choice for the best cordless steam mop is the Bissell SpinWave Cordless Hard Floor Expert. On Amazon, it has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery, the SpinWave offers up to 20 minutes of cordless cleaning. Its on-demand spray allows you to control the amount of solution being applied to the surface. It suits sealed tiles, linoleum, vinyl and hardwood floors and comes with 4 soft-touch pads and 2 scrubby pads that allow you to address any needs.

With its superior performance and portability, the SpinWave is perfect for spot cleaning and quick clean-ups. It's cordless and lightweight so you can manoeuvre it around furniture or tight corners.

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Products compared
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Why you can trust our picks

For this list, we analysed steam mops listed on Amazon. We evaluated models from the following brands:

  • Black & Decker
  • Bona
  • Euroflex
  • H20
  • HAAN
  • Hoover
  • Karcher
  • Maxkon
  • PurSteam
  • Shark
  • Stealth
  • Vileda

We narrowed down our choices based on customer ratings and reviews (as of February 2023). We also considered each model's key product features such as capacity, price, heat-up time and design.

What is a steam mop?

If you've ever felt that your floors don't get properly cleaned with an ordinary mop, a steam mop is worth considering. Steam mops use steam to loosen dirt and grime and wipe them away with minimal effort.

Steam mops look similar to normal mops but have a water tank and a water boiler that produces steam released from the cleaning head. This process kills dust mites and bacteria without the nasty chemicals found in a lot of floor cleaners.

However, while they can clean and freshen up hard floor surfaces, steam mops are not suitable for cleaning up large spills nor should they be used for removing heavy stains. Even though a steam mop will pick up small bits of dust and dirt, you should still use a vacuum cleaner over your floors before steaming to pick up as much debris as possible first.

What floors do steam mops work on?

Steam mops are suitable to use on most hard floors such as stone, marble, ceramic tiles and linoleum. They are not recommended for unsealed timber or cork tiles as the steam can cause the wood to expand or buckle over time. Steam can also weaken the adhesive used for vinyl tiles.

Before using a steam mop, make sure to check the suitability of your specific type of flooring for your peace of mind. You can read more about our recommended steam mops for laminate, tile and hardwood floors.

How to compare steam mops

Consider the following points to compare different steam mop models.


Budget models cost around $50 while high-end models cost over $500. The more you spend on a steam mop, the more features you will get, but a mid-priced mop may be sufficient for your needs.

Water tank

The more water your steam mop holds, the more cleaning you will be able to do without needing to fill it up. If you have a larger home, you should look at one of the larger water tank capacities. Smaller homes should do fine with an average tank.

A water tank should be able to be filled up without having to wait for the steam mop to cool down so you can get through your cleaning without too much hassle.

Steam heat-up time

If you don't like to wait, a steam mop with a fast heating time is important to finish cleaning quickly. Look for a mop that says it will heat up in 30 seconds or less and with an indicator that lets you know when it's ready.

You should also check if there is a lock switch for continuous steam, rather than having to hold a button down.

Cloth material

The material that sits on the bottom of the mop can be made from different materials, but microfibre gives the best performance. It traps dirt better than other types, washes easily and lasts a long time.

Mop head shape

Your steam mop should have a swivel joint for the head so that you can manoeuvre it easily around furniture. A triangular head helps to get into tight corners so you can clean more effectively.

Power cord

So you can clean more of your house without having to plug and unplug the power cord often, look for a longer cord that will allow you to move freely from room to room. This is not necessarily a deal-breaker though as you can purchase an extension cord to use with your mop.

Adjustable telescopic wand

Having an adjustable telescopic wand makes cleaning easier for people of different heights. If you are tall, check that the wand can be extended to a length that will reduce your need to bend your back while cleaning the floors.

Attachments and accessories

Some attachments and accessories come with the steam mop when you purchase it or can be bought separately. These include the following:

  • Carpet glider. This lets you use your steam mop over your carpets to keep them fresh. For more effective cleaning, you can spray on a little carpet stain remover before steaming.
  • Pad rest. Leaving the steam mop sitting on the floor while you take a quick break can cause damage if left on, so ensure your model has a pad rest to hold the mop.
  • Window cleaner. For simple streak-free cleaning, some steam mops come with an attachment to make light work of windows, mirrors and glass.
  • Brush and jet nozzles. If you have a brush or jet nozzle to put onto the end of your mop, you can clean hard-to-reach places such as between tiles, ovens or shower cubicles.

3 things to consider

  1. If you live in a hard water area, you should make sure that your mop has a filter for the water tank. This will increase the life of the mop and reduce any build-up or blockages. If you don't have a water filter, use distilled water.
  2. Mop cloths can get dirty very easily, especially if you haven't cleaned your floors for some time. You should expect to use at least 2–3 cloths while doing a full clean of a large house, so it's worth having 4–6 cloths on hand at all times.
  3. Microfibre cloths should be washed regularly but they cannot be dried in sunlight as this can damage the material.

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