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Best window cleaners in Australia

Our team has read hundreds of customer reviews to find the 9 best window cleaners available in Australia.

The best window cleaners in Australia

A window cleaner helps remove dirt, grime, grease and other stains from mirrors, glass and car windshields. Frequent window cleaning is also important to help remove glass dullness and let natural light pass through.

There are a lot of window cleaning options in the market, including cleaning sprays, wipes and tools.

To help make your decision easier, we evaluated hundreds of window cleaners listed on Amazon. We then picked options based on customer reviews and ratings. We also chose cleaners for each category based on key product features such as price, ingredients or material, purpose and other functions.

Read our full methodology below.

Bosch GlassVAC Cordless Window Vac Solo Plus

Best overall window cleaner

Bosch GlassVAC Cordless Window Vac Solo Plus
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • There are cheaper options in the market
  • Battery charger sold separately


  • Streak-free and user-friendly according to reviews
  • Versatile

Why we chose it

Bosch's GlassVAC Cordless Window Vac Solo Plus is our pick for the best overall window cleaner. It has a 4.4 out of 5 rating from over 1,500 Amazon reviews.

This battery-operated window cleaner can clean up to 25 windows on a single charge. It comes with various cleaning attachments for windows, tiles, mirrors and showers. The brand says it features wiper blade technology for fast and streak-free clean-up. It is also small enough to fit in cramped spaces.

Customers gave positive feedback on the tool's ease of use, sturdy construction and versatility. It is lightweight and comes with replaceable blades and parts. Several reviews added that it easily sucks up spills, making it an ideal tool for the kitchen and bathroom as well. However, its battery charger is sold separately.

MR.SIGA Window Cleaning Combo

Best streak-free window cleaner

MR.SIGA Window Cleaning Combo
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Value for money
  • Streak-free results


  • Not user-friendly
  • Requires a pole to reach higher windows

Why we chose it

For a streak-free window cleaning experience, we recommend the MR.SIGA Window Cleaning Combo. It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

This tool includes a 35cm squeegee and a microfibre window washer. The washer carefully cleans the window surface and removes water in the process. The squeegee then removes excess water. Its handle is also lightweight and durable. It is compatible with MR.SIGA's telescopic pole for extra cleaning height as well.

Thousands of reviews were impressed by the product's affordability, streak-free results and sturdy materials. While it's not the easiest tool to use, this combo offers a quick clean-up once you get the hang of it. The microfibre is also removable and easy to wash, and the squeegee has a high-quality blade that is replaceable.


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Ajax Spray n' Wipe Triple Action Glass Cleaner

Best window cleaning spray

Ajax Spray n' Wipe Triple Action Glass Cleaner
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Quick-drying


  • Has a strong chemical smell
  • Not an effective anti-fog cleaner according to some

Why we chose it

For the best window cleaning spray, we chose Ajax's Wipe N' Spray Triple Action Glass Cleaner, which has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

This cleaning spray claims to clean windows without streaks. It also dries quickly, leaving glass shiny and clear for long periods. The product features a Triple Action Formula that the brands claim to be anti-fog, anti-scratch and ammonia-free. It is proudly made in Australia and comes in 100% recyclable packaging.

At under $3, you'll get a workhouse cleaning spray that easily removes dirt and stains on glass. Customers added that a couple of sprays is enough to clean a single window, while others loved that the spray produces a fine, even mist. Despite anti-fog claims, several reviews found it quite ineffective in removing fog.

Windex Glass and Surface Wipes

Best window cleaning wipes

Windex Glass and Surface Wipes
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Suitable for quick clean-ups
  • Streak-free


  • Doesn’t remove caked-on dirt and stains
  • A bit pricey

Why we chose it

We picked the Windex Glass and Surface Wipes in this category. It has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

This product is ideal for quick touch-ups around the house. It helps remove fingerprints and stains without leaving any streaks. It comes in a resealable pouch that preserves moisture when not in use. The wipes have biodegradable cleaners and don't contain phosphorus.

These window cleaning wipes leave a streak-free shine on glass surfaces. It is perfect for cleaning car windows, picture frames and mirrors. It also works great on bigger windows, but you might need multiple wipes to achieve a streak-free result. Customers said it has a light and pleasant scent, but others find it irritating.

Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner

Best robotic window cleaner

Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Easy to use
  • Comes with mobile app and remote for controls


  • Requires multiple passes for streak-free results
  • Pricey

Why we chose it

Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner is our pick for this category. On Amazon, it has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

This robotic window cleaner features Gladwell's intuitive cleaning technology that helps detect edges and uses an advanced algorithm to scrub every part of the window. It has strong suction, so you don't have to worry about the tool falling off. It can also be operated using remote controls or its mobile app. Its microfibre pads are removable and washable too.

Despite its hefty price, numerous reviews were impressed and satisfied with this automatic window cleaner. Its remote controls and mobile app are both easy to use and connect. The tool deeply cleans windows, removing fog, dirt and other strains. However, some users found that you need to do multiple passes to achieve a truly streak-free shine.

Tyroler Bright Tools D-4 Magnetic Window Cleaner

Best magnetic window cleaner

Tyroler Bright Tools D-4 Magnetic Window Cleaner
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Instructions are clear and easy to follow
  • Adjustable magnet strength


  • Some customers said it doesn’t work on triple-glazed windows
  • Several reviews wish it had a better-looking design

Why we chose it

For this category, we chose the Tyroler Bright Tools D-4 Magnetic Window Cleaner, which has an Amazon rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars.

This product has a strong magnetic force that helps clean both sides of your windows. It features an adjustable magnetic strength that you can customise using its quick-adjust knob. This function also ensures that the tool works seamlessly on any type of single-glazed, double-glazed or triple-glazed windows with a thickness of 2–40mm. It also comes with 2 ultra-absorbent microfibre cloths for removing dirt and stains.

Hundreds of customers were impressed by the product's durable construction, strong magnet and ease of use. It comes with a detailed user manual too. The tool also produces streak-free results with minimal effort. There were complaints about the product not working on triple-glazed windows as advertised, but this seems to be an isolated issue.

Windex Outdoor All-In-One Glass and Window Cleaner Tool Starter Kit

Best outdoor window cleaner

Windex Outdoor All-In-One Glass and Window Cleaner Tool Starter Kit
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Prevents water spots
  • Reaches up to 11 feet


  • Only comes with 1 cleaning pad
  • Pole is a bit difficult to assemble

Why we chose it

Windex's Outdoor All-In-One Glass and Window Cleaner Tool Starter Kit is our recommendation for the best outdoor window cleaner. It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

This kit comes with a cleaning head, 4 1-foot pole sections and 1 cleaning pad. It reaches up to 11 feet for easy and ladder-fee cleaning. The manufacturer says that each pad also cleans up to 20 windows. This kit is suitable for outdoor windows, glass patio furniture and outdoor doors.

Windex's window cleaning kit is an easy-to-use outdoor tool perfect for hard-to-reach areas. You can clean high windows and surfaces with ease. The pad removes dirt and other impurities for a shiny and streak-free result. Its cleaning solution helps prevent water spots as well.

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How did we pick this list?

Brands considered
Products compared
Best products chosen

Why you can trust our picks

For this list, we examined hundreds of window cleaners listed on Amazon. We evaluated options from the following brands:

  • Ajax
  • Black+Decker
  • Bofimer
  • Bosch
  • Chemical Guys
  • Dolity
  • Gladwell
  • Hiware
  • Invisible Glass
  • Karcher
  • Mamibot
  • Method
  • Northfolk
  • Pullman
  • Sophinique
  • Tyroler Bright Tools
  • Windex
  • Window Mates

We then narrowed down our picks based on customer ratings and reviews (as of February 2023). We also considered each product's key features, such as price, ingredients or materials, purpose and other functions. We came up with what we believe are the 9 best window cleaners you can get right now in Australia.

Do I need a window-specific cleaner?

Not necessarily. Most all-purpose or multi-purpose surface sprays are fine to use on your windows. Using a multi-purpose cleaner is practical because you only need 1 product for a variety of cleaning jobs. However, window cleaners are specifically formulated for the task at hand. They have been designed to reduce streak marks and ensure that glass is shining and spotless.

If you want to use your window cleaner to clean something other than glass, be sure to do a spot test as some formulas can discolour and damage wooden and acrylic surfaces.

When should I hire a professional?

If you need to clean windows that are 2 storeys off the ground or higher, you should consider hiring a professional.

The cost of hiring a professional window cleaner depends on the following factors:

  • Number of windows
  • Window size
  • Height
  • How clean they are
  • Type of glass
  • How easy the windows are to access

How safe are window cleaners?

While they are generally safe to use, window cleaning liquids can be damaging if consumed. Window cleaners should be kept out of the reach of children and animals. Many window cleaner bottles are designed with an off switch or a lock function that should be engaged when not in use.

Most window cleaners come with a material safety data sheet (MSDS), often available on a manufacturer's website. This contains information on the composition of the spray, dangerous substances in the formula and any potential health and safety impacts. An MSDS also provides suggestions on appropriate storage and disposal.

Is ammonia dangerous?

Ammonia is a colourless gas that dissolves into water and makes for an effective glass cleaner. Some people prefer to avoid it as there have been reports of people experiencing dry eyes, headaches, nausea and dizziness when using ammonia. However, it is considered safe if used correctly in ventilated areas.

If you are concerned about the dangers of ammonia, look for an ammonia-free formula or consider an all-natural alternative. Window cleaners should state clearly on the bottle whether or not they are ammonia-free.

Types of window cleaners and tools

  • Window cleaning sprays. These products are often formulated with cleaning ingredients meant to remove dirt, fog and other stains on windows and other glass surfaces. Most brands offer sprays that don't leave residue or streak for a shiny result.
  • Window cleaning wipes. These cleaning pads are soaked in a window cleaning solution and are meant for a quick touch-up. They are best for smaller windows, mirrors and picture frames.
  • Eco-friendly cleaners. Eco-friendly window cleaners can be in the form of wipes, sprays or tools. More often than not, these products are made of biodegradable, plant-based or recycled materials. They are also free from ammonia or phosphorus.
  • Car window cleaners. Car window cleaners are specifically formulated to be anti-glare and anti-fog, leaving your car's windows clear and streak-free without breaking the tint.
  • Magnetic window cleaners. Magnetic window cleaners uses magnets to lock both sides of the window through the glass. They are great for cleaning both sides at once. These are also recommended for double- and triple-glazed windows.
  • Robotic window cleaners. Robotic window cleaners are smart devices that make window clean-ups a breeze. They can clean hard-to-reach areas at a touch of a button. Robotic window cleaners are often operated using a mobile app or remote controls. They're also more expensive than traditional window cleaning tools.
  • Squeegees. These have a rubber edge that helps remove water from windows after washing. They work well for removing excess water and cleaners on windows. Squeegees are also versatile and can be used on mirrors, car windows, outdoor windows and other surfaces.
Natural window cleaners

Some people prefer all-natural alternatives to window cleaning sprays. These natural cleaners are often made of a vinegar mix or a combination of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, both of which are biodegradable cleaning agents.

You can purchase all-natural cleaners in-store, online or mix them yourself with ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen. They are helpful for people who struggle with allergies or are sensitive to chemical smells and substances. However, they may not produce the same streak-free results as a typical window cleaner and it may take some trial and error to find the best formula.

What is a window cleaner?

A window cleaner helps remove dust, dirt and other substances on windows and other glass surfaces. It can be in the form of a cleaning spray, wipes, brush, squeegee or other tools. It removes fogginess and leaves a streak-free result to let natural light pass through windows.

What's the importance of window cleaning?

Regularly cleaning your windows will allow more natural light inside your home. Window glasses become dull due to oxidation, acid rain and other impurities, preventing natural light from entering. It can make your home appear darker than it is. Dirt and other impurities can also settle on windows over time, increasing allergen growth. Frequent cleaning can help improve this problem and minimise irritation and sensitivities.

How to compare window cleaners

Consider the following factors when choosing a window cleaning product or tool:


If you're looking for a cleaning spray or wipe, choose a product specifically formulated for your needs. For example, regular window cleaners may not work for car windows and vice versa. For car windows, it is best to pick a product that has anti-glare and anti-fog features. For outdoor cleaning, choose one that is made for outdoor patio furniture, glass surfaces and bricks.

Product type

Consider where you want to use a window cleaner. For quick clean-ups, window cleaning wipes might do the trick. To remove caked-on stains and dirt, heavy-duty sprays are better.

Tool type

Just like picking a cleaning solution, it is best to consider where you're using a window cleaning tool. For high areas, window cleaners with a long pole are best. Squeegees with a bent design are ideal for rounded corners and other hard-to-reach areas.


This is important if you're looking for robotic window cleaners. Consider the tool's mechanism and controls, and choose a product that is easy to set up and control using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Other features

Other features include the cleaner's eco-friendliness, price point and versatility. Most window cleaning solutions can be used on different surfaces. Tools can also be multi-purpose and can be used to clean different parts of your household.

How to clean windows without leaving any streaks

  • Consider using solutions without ammonia or alcohol as these ingredients can leave a film or residue that attract dirt and moisture.
  • Never use a razor to remove caked-on dirt and impurities. This can cause permanent damage to your windows.
  • Use a soft microfibre cloth when rubbing the cleaning solution of your choice to avoid streaks.
  • Don't use water with minerals and other elements when rinsing your windows. This might leave streaks and water spots.

How to prevent streak marks

Even the best sprays can leave behind streak marks no matter how hard you try to avoid them. However, by using specific tools and techniques, you can have streak-free windows for good.

Here are our top tips to achieve this:

  1. Don't go too heavy on the spray. Many of us make the mistake of thinking the more spray we use, the cleaner the window will be, but this can be a mistake. The extra liquid and foam can leave behind streak and drip marks if not entirely soaked up. Use only what you need.
  2. Don't use paper towels. Many of us have paper towels within arm's reach, so it makes sense to grab one to wipe down our windows, but this is another common mistake. Paper towels can disintegrate quickly and often leave behind pieces of lint. Try a microfibre cloth or a squeegee instead.
  3. Buff it out. If all else fails, a good old-fashioned buff with a clean and dry cloth should see to those remaining streaks.

If you're looking to clean your windows faster and keep them clean for longer, start comparing window cleaners today.

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