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Where to buy professional COVID tests online in Australia

Here's where you can source point of care RATs and PCR tests for professional use online.

Mass workplace testing is a must if we want our work environments to return to some semblance of normality. COVID-19 transmits more easily indoors. This means a huge number of workplace settings are considered high-risk.

From offices and warehouses to grocery stores, high-street staples and beyond, there are many key roles that are being impacted by self-isolation rules and close-contact tracking. Now COVID testing providers have recognised the need for additional testing in places of business.

If you need to source some COVID tests for your place of business, look no further than the providers listed below. These PoC (point of care) testing products have been TGA-approved for workplace testing under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

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Buy COVID-19 tests for business online

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Little Whales

Little Whales

Little Whales is selling Wondfo COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Tests in packs of 20 for $220 plus GST. This provider is also offering SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests in packs of 20 for $154 plus GST.

  • Dispatch next business day
  • Discounts available for bulk orders and pre-orders
  • 20 packs per box – for professional use only
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Bodycare specialises in COVID-19 screening for businesses. This provider services many workplace sectors including manufacturing and logistics, offices, schools, shopping centres and more. Its tests have achieved 99.3% accuracy based on specificity.

  • TGA-approved
  • Rapid antigen and PCR testing available
  • Fill out the online contact form to learn more about Bodycare services
Respond Global

Respond Global

Respond Global has responded to the demand for additional testing in workplace settings by offering professional rapid antigen testing services. Submit a contact form through the website to retrieve a quote for the services needed to protect your business.

  • Results within just 15 minutes
  • Specialises in RATs for aged-care settings
  • Support and preparation training for potential future outbreaks also available

Oral vs nasal rapid antigen tests

There are 2 types of RATs available in Australia: oral testing kits and nasal testing kits.

Nasal tests involve inserting a nasal swab into your nose. You then twirl it around for a few seconds allowing the soft bristles to collect a sample of the cells and fluids present to be analysed. The nasal swab needs to be inserted quite far in order to collect a good specimen for an accurate test result. Some people find nasal RATs extremely uncomfortable. But, it's all over in a few seconds.

Oral or saliva tests are much less invasive and can be performed in 2 different ways depending on the provider. Some tests will require you to spit into a tube, while others instruct you to suck on the bristled end of a swab just like the ones you'd find in a nasal testing kit.

Both tests detect the presence of the virus that causes COVID-19 and are deemed to be equally effective at detecting the virus. A range of both types of tests has been TGA-approved.

At the end of the day, which test you want to carry out is completely up to you.

Consumer vs professional COVID-19 testing

If you want to keep your business running as usual and your employees free from the threat of catching COVID, there are different testing options available.

But what is the difference between COVID testing for home use and those intended for business use? Mimi Ho, clinical director at Little Whales Wellbeing Centre explains that "The major difference is the packaging. Home tests have individual packages, individual buffers, separate instruction sheets/cards." Mimi Ho went on to state that supervision is key "when you need to perform the test for the workplace. We focus on work health safety. The supervision by a health professional can help to stop the spread much faster."

So, while there is no real difference between at-home and workplace RAT kits, it is proving that performing the test under the supervision of a dedicated healthcare professional can ensure that highest levels of accuracy are achieved. This will help to keep your employees safe and your business running smoothly. As such, the TGA has deemed it essential that all PoC tests be overseen by a healthcare practitioner.

In contrast, at-home RATs do not need to be supervised.

NOTE: Workplace testing does not remove the need for COVID-safe practices. Hand sanitising, wearing a face mask and following social distancing guidance are all key in slowing the spread of this virus.

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