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Canon PowerShot V10 hands-on and key features


The Canon PowerShot V10 is a departure from almost everything in the social, creator and blogger video camera space. Does it hit the mark?

Canon has just announced a new category of cameras within its vast range, this time focused on creators. Starting with the V10, its unique design is a departure from not just Canon's famed form factor, but also from just about any vlogging camera in the market. Ahead of the announcement, Finder's technology expert Chris Stead was able to get some hands-on time with the device and run-through its features. Here is everything you need to know.

Canon PowerShot V10 Australian release date

The PowerShot V10 will hit Australian shores on 11 June 2023. An exact date wasn't disclosed in the press release, but this was the date indicated at the briefing. It's absence from the press release suggests it may slip slightly.

How much is the Canon PowerShot V10?

In Australia, the Canon PowerShot V10 will retail for $699. Interestingly, rival creator camera GoPro Hero11 was dropped to $649.95 on 10 May 2023, the day prior to the V10's announcement. Cue conspiracy theory.

Canon PowerShot V10 7

Why did Canon make the PowerShot V10?

During the briefing for the new camera, Canon revealed that 1 in 4 Australians now consider themselves to be creators. That's doubled since COVID, with 6 million Aussies now in this category, half of whom do it solely for fun. It's not about monetisation.

The PowerShot V10 is aimed squarely at this market. Unlike Canon's traditional cameras, led by the impressive mirrorless EOS R range, the PowerShot V10 takes a video-first approach. It also sees its market being Generation Z, and in particular those who have experimented in the blogger and social media space with their phone, but are keen to take the next step with something more powerful and flexible.

The PowerShot V10 was described to me as taking the best features of the super popular Canon PowerShot G2, and making it video-first.

Canon PowerShot V10 1

PowerShot V10 specifications

  • Wide-angle 19mm video lens (18mm for stills)
  • 1-inch sensor CMOS
  • 6mm focal length
  • f/2.8 maximum aperture
  • 4K at 30fps
  • HD at 60fps
  • 14 aspect ratio guidelines
  • 20MP stills
  • 3 x digital zoom
  • Face-tracking auto-focus
  • Auto ND filter
  • 5 levels of smooth skin in movie shooting mode
  • 2" rotatable touchscreen
  • Built-in stand with 30-degree tilt
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, webcam [UVC/UAC] connectivity
  • Wireless stream to Facebook and YouTube
  • Omni direction, low noise dual-mic
  • 1" CMOS sensor
  • 90-minute fast charging
  • Battery life = 2-hours shooting HD
  • Battery life = 55-minutes shooting 4K
  • 14 x colour filters
  • Plastic free packaging
  • 211g

Canon PowerShot V10 5

Canon PowerShot V10 review impressions


When the PowerShot V10 first landed in my hands I couldn't help but cock an eyebrow. I'm a long time Canon user and have reviewed no shortage of vlogging cameras over the years, but its unique design is striking. Yet, it's also purposeful.

The PowerShot V10 is smaller than my wallet. It easily fits in my pocket, and at just 211g, certainly doesn't weigh you down. Not as compact as a GoPro, but far more subtle than the Sony Alpha ZV-E10. The built-in stand is very smartly designed, and both it and the screen – which can be rotated upwards so it can be seen while you're in front of the lens – use strong hinges that hold them at the desired spot with confidence.

The screen and the lens itself do protrude from the chassis, however. This does cause them to catch slightly at times. And with no protective case or cover, I'm worried about scratches and damage over time. Especially as they bang around in my pocket against car keys and loose change.

I also think the PowerShot V10 misses a trick by not allowing you to stand the camera effectively in portrait mode. You can stand it in portrait, but you can't angle it – so it effectively points at your belly button when placed on a desk.

The lack of a tilt ability for the favoured aspect of channels like TikTok is a bummer. But you can still hold it in this direction with your hand. And the inclusion of guides for 14 different aspect rations means you can frame yourself up correctly, even if cutting to those dimensions needs to happen in post.

Canon PowerShot V10 2


Navigation is perhaps the most Canon part of the design, and will be familiar to regulars. Including a touchscreen is nice in this price range, and makes it a lot more user-friendly. Borrowing the brands face-tracking, auto-focus, auto ND filter and digital zoom technology is a boon. Although I'd argue that the 20MP cap on stills is a bit underwhelming.

In a straight shot comparison with other video-first vlogging cameras in the market, like the GoPro Hero11 and Osmo Action 3, the specs aren't spectacular. Capping out at 4K/30fps is on the low-side, but I agree with Canon's sentiment that most vloggers – especially in the audience they are targeting – are sticking with HD in most cases. And I'm happy with the ability to connect the camera to your desktop so it can double as a 1-inch webcam.

Indeed, the connectivity works well for this target audience. Streaming via wi-fi direct to Facebook and YouTube (albeit via the Canon app) adds useful flexibility. There is a 3.5mm audio jack, too, allowing you to build on the in-built mics with something of higher quality. Sadly, you can't use the USB-C port for external mics, which as a user of the popular (and excellent) Rode Wireless Go II is disappointing.

The battery life at around 120-minutes when shooting in HD is on par with the key competition. It feels low, but in this size, it's understandable.


I am fascinated by the Canon PowerShot V10. I really love that Canon has acknowledged this audience exists and is bending some of its technical might towards the vlogging camera space. There are some daring design choices here that work well, even if there is room for improvement. It certainly separates itself from the best vlogging cameras currently on the market. And flexibility in the connectivity and features do hit the mark with its target audience.

As I spend more time with the Canon PowerShot V10 I will update this article with further impressions. But in my brief time with it thus far, it's certainly a video camera worth considering.

Canon PowerShot V10 images

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