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Curiosity Stream: Price, features and content

Stay curious and enjoy access to thousands of documentaries without breaking the bank.

A niche streaming platform, Curiosity Stream gives users access to numerous documentary series and features that cover a wide variety of topics. Whether you're interested in the secret life of pets or ancient civilisations, technology breakthroughs or lifestyle topics, there's something on the service to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Even better, you can explore new topics meant to both inspire and entertain.

Curiosity Stream is available to watch worldwide, which makes it a great resource for frequent travellers. It also comes with several features meant to make streaming a breeze, from solid device compatibility to offline viewing. Here's everything you need to know to get started with the service in Australia.

What is Curiosity Stream?

Curiosity Stream is an on-demand streaming platform like Netflix. However, it only hosts documentaries, both series and features.

You pay a set monthly price and you gain access to the entire library of content. There are no lock-in contracts so you can cancel your subscription at any time.

How much does Curiosity Stream cost?

A subscription to Curiosity Stream costs US$5.99 a month or US$39.99 a year. This is the standard plan that lets you watch videos in HD quality.

A 4K-quality plan is also available for US$$9.99 a month or US$69.99 a year. The platform often runs special promotions so you might score a discount when you sign up.

Curiosity Stream content is also available as an add-on option through Amazon Prime Video channels in the US, but it isn't in Australia at the time of writing.


Sign up to Curiosity Stream for hundreds of documentaries

Stream documentaries from across the globe from US$2.99 a month.

Does Curiosity Stream have a free trial?

Not at the moment, but the service used to offer a 7-day free trial that may be available again in the future. At the time of writing, you can benefit from 40% off when subscribing to an annual plan.

What content is on Curiosity Stream?

As Curiosity Stream specialises in documentaries, you'll find thousands of titles from multiple categories available to stream, both as docuseries and movies. The available categories are science, history, technology, nature, society, lifestyle, kids and crash courses. The latter offers bite-sized information on various topics.

Popular docos include The History of Home, Butterfly Effect, Into the Jungle and more. The service streams content from various providers, but also produces originals such as Destination Pluto, Curious Minds and Big Picture Earth.

Check out everything you can watch on Curiosity Stream.

There are 847 titles on CuriosityStream.
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1994: The Bloody Miracleshow2014HistoryWatch now
2023: A Space Odysseymovie2023ScienceWatch now
2077 - 10 SECONDS TO THE FUTUREshow2017TechnologyWatch now
42 - The Answer to Almost Everythingshow2022TechnologyWatch now
6000 Years of Religion (in 60 minutes)movie2020HistoryWatch now
A Brief History of Time Travelmovie2018HistoryWatch now
A Day in the Life of Earthshow2019ScienceWatch now
A World Without NASAshow2019HistoryWatch now
A.I. & the Destiny of Mankindshow2017TechnologyWatch now
ACES & KNAVESmovie2019SocietyWatch now
AI Tipping Pointmovie2023TechnologyWatch now
APOCALYPSE: WWIshow2014HistoryWatch now
APOCALYPSE: WWIIshow2009HistoryWatch now
Afghanistan: The Wounded Landshow2020HistoryWatch now
Africa's Deadly Lakeshow2020NatureWatch now
Africa's Desert Rivermovie2016NatureWatch now
Africa's Desert Stormsmovie2016NatureWatch now
African Animal Rescuemovie2019NatureWatch now
Age Of Big Catsshow2018ScienceWatch now
Alien Takeovershow2020NatureWatch now
Aliens In the Pondmovie2020NatureWatch now
Almost Almost Famousmovie2019SocietyWatch now
Amazing Dinoworldshow2019HistoryWatch now
Amazing Dinoworld 2show2023NatureWatch now
Amazing Isfahan - Paradise in the Heart of Iranmovie2018SocietyWatch now
Amazon Adventuremovie2017HistoryWatch now
Amazon Burningshow2019NatureWatch now
America's Musical Journeymovie2018SocietyWatch now
America's National Parksshow2015NatureWatch now
America's Wildest Cat & Dog Rivalryshow2020NatureWatch now
America's World War I Centennialmovie2017HistoryWatch now
American Forest Firesshow2022HistoryWatch now
American Iconsshow2019HistoryWatch now
American Presidents: The Best, The Worst, & All the Restmovie2021HistoryWatch now
Ancient Earthmovie2022NatureWatch now
Ancient Earth
  • Season 1
show2017HistoryWatch now
Ancient Egypt: Drama, Spectacle, and Remarkable Charactersmovie2021HistoryWatch now
Ancient Oceansshow2019HistoryWatch now
Ancient Yellowstoneshow2020ScienceWatch now
Animal Anarchistsshow2016KidsWatch now
Animal Arms Raceshow2018NatureWatch now
Animal Embassyshow2019KidsWatch now
Animal Talesshow2020NatureWatch now
Animals Of The Biblemovie2021KidsWatch now
Animals That Changed Historymovie2020KidsWatch now
Animals in Superstitionmovie2021KidsWatch now
Animals of Thanksgivingmovie2018HistoryWatch now
Antarctica Science Below Zeroshow2019NatureWatch now
Antelopes – The Unsung Heroesmovie2021KidsWatch now
Apocalypse 101movie2019ScienceWatch now
Artemis: First Launchmovie2021ScienceWatch now
As We Forgivemovie2010HistoryWatch now
Asia's Deadliest Snakesmovie2010NatureWatch now
Asteroid Belt Discoveryshow2017ScienceWatch now
Asteroid Rushshow2022TechnologyWatch now
Asteroid or Alien Tech?show2019ScienceWatch now
Asteroids, Comets, and Meteorsshow2015ScienceWatch now
Asteroids: The Source of Life?movie2019ScienceWatch now
Attack of the Zombie Fungusmovie2023NatureWatch now
Bag Itmovie2010SocietyWatch now
Bahama Blueshow2015NatureWatch now
Bastions of Powershow2019HistoryWatch now
Battle Factoryshow2014HistoryWatch now
Battle Of Kings: Bannockburnmovie2014HistoryWatch now
Battle of Jutlandmovie2016HistoryWatch now
Bay of Crocsshow2020NatureWatch now
Bear Cub Rescueshow2019NatureWatch now
Becoming Humanshow2019TechnologyWatch now
Becoming Martianshow2020ScienceWatch now
Behind The Scenes: Madame Tussaud's New Yorkshow2016SocietyWatch now
Besieged Fortressesshow2018HistoryWatch now
Bessie Coleman: Queen of the Skiesmovie2021HistoryWatch now
Beyond Coldshow2020ScienceWatch now
Beyond Gravityshow2015ScienceWatch now
Beyond the Spotlightshow2020HistoryWatch now
Big World In A Small Gardenshow2016NatureWatch now
Big is Beautifulmovie2017KidsWatch now
Bird Brainmovie2014NatureWatch now
Birdmen Chroniclesmovie2011SocietyWatch now
Birth Of The Internetshow2016TechnologyWatch now
Birth Of The Solar Systemmovie2017ScienceWatch now
Black Holesshow2015ScienceWatch now
Black Holes: Messages from the Edge of the Universemovie2017ScienceWatch now
Blindspotsshow2023TechnologyWatch now
Blockchain Revolutionmovie2019TechnologyWatch now
Blood Moneyshow2020HistoryWatch now
Bombamovie2023HistoryWatch now
Brave New Wilderness Kakapomovie2020NatureWatch now
Bridge Brothersmovie2017HistoryWatch now
Bridging the Expanseshow2019TechnologyWatch now
British Garden: Life And Death On Your Lawnmovie2017KidsWatch now
Brown Bears - Teddy Bears Picnicmovie2020NatureWatch now
Bucket List Africamovie2021KidsWatch now
Bucket List Australiamovie2020NatureWatch now
Bucket List Europemovie2020NatureWatch now
Bucket List South Americamovie2020NatureWatch now
Bugs! A Rainforest Adventuremovie2003KidsWatch now
Building The James Webb Telescopemovie2021ScienceWatch now
Building The Sun: The 250 Million Degree Problemshow2017ScienceWatch now
Butterfly Effect
  • Season 4
show2019ScienceWatch now
Cactus Hotelmovie2023NatureWatch now
Californiashow2023HistoryWatch now
Call To Arms: Battle For Goose Greenmovie2012HistoryWatch now
Can We Colonize Mars?show2015KidsWatch now
Can You Learn to Be Funny?show2019SocietyWatch now
Can a Computer Write a Hit Musical?movie2016TechnologyWatch now
Cape Town: Approaching Day Zeromovie2020NatureWatch now
Capturing A Black Hole In Our Milky Waymovie2022ScienceWatch now
Cassini: The Grand Finaleshow2017ScienceWatch now
Cat Nationmovie2020NatureWatch now
Catching Florida's Apex Predatorshow2020NatureWatch now
Celts: The Untold Storyshow2022HistoryWatch now
Changing Ocean Asiashow2021ScienceWatch now
Chasing Quakesmovie2017NatureWatch now
Cheetah: Beating the Oddsmovie2020NatureWatch now
Chemistry Shortsshow2023ScienceWatch now
Chernobyl Fukushima: Living With The Legacymovie2016SocietyWatch now
Children of the Sun - Wild Bees & Butterfliesshow2017NatureWatch now
China's Hidden Monkeysmovie2014KidsWatch now
China's Last Little Trainmovie2014SocietyWatch now
Christmas in America: What’s Going on Here?movie2022HistoryWatch now
Chungungo: The World's Smallest Ottershow2019NatureWatch now
Citizen Codeshow2017KidsWatch now
Claude Dornier - Pioneer of Aviationshow2018HistoryWatch now
Clean Up Crewmovie2021NatureWatch now
Climate Change and Global Warming: What We Really Know (and What We Don't)movie2018ScienceWatch now
Climate Crisismovie2019NatureWatch now
Climate Impact Asiamovie2019NatureWatch now
Clydesdale: Saving The Greatest Horsemovie2020NatureWatch now
Coasts: Rolling with the Wavesmovie2020NatureWatch now
Coffee Buzzshow2019SocietyWatch now
Combat Obscuramovie2019SocietyWatch now
Conflict and Conquest in the American Westmovie2021HistoryWatch now
Connected: How Kevin Bacon Cured Cancermovie2009ScienceWatch now
Container Ship XXLmovie2020TechnologyWatch now
Cooking the Perfect Burgershow2019SocietyWatch now
Cornfield Shipwreckmovie2019HistoryWatch now
Coronavirus: Combating the Outbreakmovie2020ScienceWatch now
Coronavirus: Don't Blame Batsmovie2020ScienceWatch now
Coronavirus: Psychology of a Pandemicshow2020ScienceWatch now
Coronavirus: Race For a Vaccineshow2020ScienceWatch now
Coronavirus: Treating the Diseaseshow2020ScienceWatch now
Cosmic Encountersmovie2012ScienceWatch now
Costa Concordia: The Whole Storyshow2014HistoryWatch now
Costa Rica: Wildlife under the Rainbowmovie2018NatureWatch now
Could Robots Rule The World?show2016KidsWatch now
Crash Course Chemistryshow2013ScienceWatch now
Crash Course European Historyshow2018HistoryWatch now
Crash Course History of Scienceshow2018ScienceWatch now
Crash Course World Historyshow2012HistoryWatch now
Crash Course: Anatomy & Physiologyshow2015ScienceWatch now
Crash Course: Big Historyshow2014HistoryWatch now
Crash Course: Big History 2show2017HistoryWatch now
Crash Course: Biologyshow2012ScienceWatch now
Crash Course: Ecologyshow2012ScienceWatch now
Crash Course: Navigating Digital Informationshow2018TechnologyWatch now
Crash Course: Psychologyshow2012ScienceWatch now
Crash Course: Recessshow2018HistoryWatch now
Crash Course: Statisticsshow2018ScienceWatch now
Crash Course: World History 2show2014HistoryWatch now
Creativity Or Madnessshow2016KidsWatch now
Crisis On Apollo 13movie2020ScienceWatch now
Crocodile Kingdommovie2020NatureWatch now
Crocodiles: Caring Killersmovie2011NatureWatch now
Curiosity Retreats 2016 Lecturesshow2016ScienceWatch now
Curious Minds: Paul Reed Smithshow2015ScienceWatch now
Curious Minds: The Science of Sleepshow2015ScienceWatch now
Cyborgs: Human Machinesmovie2017TechnologyWatch now
D-Day: Wings of Victorymovie2020HistoryWatch now
  • Season 1
show2014HistoryWatch now
  • Season 1
show2016KidsWatch now
Dark Secrets Of The Cosmosshow2015ScienceWatch now
Dark Web: Fighting Cybercrimemovie2018TechnologyWatch now
DeBuggedmovie2018NatureWatch now
Deadly Roadsshow2019SocietyWatch now
Deadly Scienceshow2022HistoryWatch now
Death On The Matterhornmovie2015HistoryWatch now
Death in Handsmovie2018HistoryWatch now
Decoding Megalodonmovie2021HistoryWatch now
Decommissioning Fukushima: Chernobyl Excerptshow2014TechnologyWatch now
Decommissioning Fukushima: The Battle to Contain Radioactivitymovie2014TechnologyWatch now
Deep Ocean Narrated by David Attenboroughshow2018ScienceWatch now
Deep Time Historyshow2016ScienceWatch now
Defenders of the Wildshow2021NatureWatch now
Desertsmovie2021NatureWatch now
Desperate Hoursshow2015NatureWatch now
Destination: Jupitershow2017ScienceWatch now
Destination: Moonshow2016ScienceWatch now
Destination: Plutoshow2015ScienceWatch now
Destination: Pluto Beyond The Flybymovie2016ScienceWatch now
Destruction Decodedshow2023NatureWatch now
Did the Dinosaurs All Die in One Day? Drilling for Clues About What Really Happenedmovie2020NatureWatch now
Digital Transcendencemovie2015TechnologyWatch now
Dingomaro - Iran's Black Southmovie2013SocietyWatch now
Direct From An Asteroidshow2019ScienceWatch now
Dog’s Best Friend
  • Season 1
show2015NatureWatch now
Doomsday – World War Ishow2013HistoryWatch now
Dragons & Damselsmovie2019NatureWatch now
Dream Big: Engineering Our Worldmovie2017TechnologyWatch now
Drilling For Marsquakes: Mars InSightshow2018ScienceWatch now
Drones in Space: Mars to Titanshow2021ScienceWatch now
Dynamic Genomesshow2019ScienceWatch now
ECHO: The Penguin’s Bodyguardshow2023TechnologyWatch now
Earth's Survivalmovie2014NatureWatch now
Earth: The Nature Of Our Planetshow2018NatureWatch now
Easter: The Start Of Something Bigmovie2020SocietyWatch now
Ebony: The Last Years Of The Atlantic Slave Trademovie2016HistoryWatch now
Eclipse Across Americashow2017ScienceWatch now
Eclipse: Science and Awemovie2018ScienceWatch now
Economics Explained
  • Season 5
show2023SocietyWatch now
Edward Snowden: Whistleblower Or Spy?movie2019HistoryWatch now
Egypt's Lost Cityshow2021HistoryWatch now
Electing Lincolnshow2020HistoryWatch now
Elephant Kingmovie2013NatureWatch now
Elephants - Changing Livesmovie2021NatureWatch now
Embittered Citymovie2012HistoryWatch now
Emperor’s Lost Harbourmovie2011HistoryWatch now
Empire of Mirrorsmovie2018SocietyWatch now
Empires of Silvershow2018HistoryWatch now
Enemies Of The Peoplemovie2010HistoryWatch now
Engineering A Proshow2020ScienceWatch now
Engineering the Futureshow2020ScienceWatch now
Entangledmovie2020NatureWatch now
Escaping Rip Currentsshow2019NatureWatch now
Essequibo - Hidden Rivershow2014NatureWatch now
Eternal Egyptshow2020HistoryWatch now
Europe's Forgotten Bordermovie2022HistoryWatch now
Europe's Forgotten Dictatorshipsshow2021HistoryWatch now
Eva Braunshow2015HistoryWatch now
Evolution of Flavorshow2020SocietyWatch now
Exoplanetsshow2017ScienceWatch now
Expedition Antarcticashow2016ScienceWatch now
Expedition Europeshow2019ScienceWatch now
Expedition Wallaceamovie2007NatureWatch now
Expedition: Black Sea Wrecksshow2018HistoryWatch now
Exploring Quantum History With Brian Greeneshow2015ScienceWatch now
Explosion of Lifeshow2019NatureWatch now
Extinction: Going, Going, Gonemovie2020NatureWatch now
Extraordinary Humans
  • Seasons 2
show2017ScienceWatch now
Extraterrestrialsshow2015ScienceWatch now
Extreme Wildfire Combatmovie2019NatureWatch now
Eye in the Sky: Africamovie2020NatureWatch now
Eyes Wide Open: VR Journalismshow2017TechnologyWatch now
Face to Faceshow2014HistoryWatch now
Fascia: Secrets under the Skinmovie2017ScienceWatch now
Fascinating New Zealandmovie2020NatureWatch now
Fatal Forecastshow2021TechnologyWatch now
Fighting For Lincoln: Behind The Scenesshow2020HistoryWatch now
Fighting For Lincoln: The Wide Awakesmovie2020HistoryWatch now
Finding the Graf Zeppelinmovie2017HistoryWatch now
Fire Ant Invasionshow2020NatureWatch now
First Contact: Lost Tribe of the Amazonmovie2016SocietyWatch now
First Human Linkmovie2021HistoryWatch now
First Images: The James Webb Telescopemovie2022TechnologyWatch now
First In The Skyshow2020HistoryWatch now
Fixing A Broken Heartshow2019ScienceWatch now
Flexible Buildingsmovie2019TechnologyWatch now
Flight of the Dragon (Mission Update)movie2020ScienceWatch now
Floodgates of Venicemovie2018NatureWatch now
Florida's Garden of Edenshow2020NatureWatch now
Flower Powermovie2017KidsWatch now
Follow Your Catmovie2016NatureWatch now
For the Animalsmovie2023NatureWatch now
Forecasting the Big Onemovie2023ScienceWatch now
Forensics - The Science of Crimeshow2019ScienceWatch now
From Hell to Heaven – Lusatiamovie2013NatureWatch now
From The Frontlines Of Covid19show2020ScienceWatch now
Frozen Obsessionmovie2020SocietyWatch now
Frozen Secretsmovie2019NatureWatch now
Fusion: Harnessing the Power of Starsshow2023TechnologyWatch now
Future Warfareshow2020TechnologyWatch now
Future of Mobilityshow2017TechnologyWatch now
Gallipoli 1915movie2015HistoryWatch now
Germany's Mystic Forestmovie2020NatureWatch now
Germany's Wild Amazonmovie2017KidsWatch now
Germany's Wild Wolves - As They Really Aremovie2012KidsWatch now
Glorious Grasslandsmovie2021NatureWatch now
Go Apemovie2017KidsWatch now
Going Nuts: Tales from Squirrel Worldmovie2018NatureWatch now
Gold Rush in the Deep Seamovie2016TechnologyWatch now
Gorillas Rumble In The Junglemovie2020NatureWatch now
Gravitational Wavesshow2016ScienceWatch now
Gravitational Waves: A New Universemovie2023ScienceWatch now
Gravitational Waves: Rewinding Timeshow2017NatureWatch now
Great British Aircraftmovie2014TechnologyWatch now
Great Moments in Evolutionshow2016NatureWatch now
Greece: The Wild Sideshow2018NatureWatch now
Green Tree Ants: Friend Or Foe?movie2013KidsWatch now
Greenland is Meltingshow2019NatureWatch now
Growing up Hadzashow2019SocietyWatch now
HI$TORYshow2019HistoryWatch now
HITLER'S GOLDshow2020HistoryWatch now
Hack the Moon: Unsung Heroes of Apollomovie2019ScienceWatch now
Hacking our Microbiomeshow2019ScienceWatch now
Hayabusa2: Asteroid Explosionshow2019ScienceWatch now
Heavy Liftshow2015TechnologyWatch now
Henry V: Leader For The Agesmovie2015HistoryWatch now
Herculaneum Scrolls: Unraveling Historymovie2019HistoryWatch now
Heroes of the Deepshow2021HistoryWatch now
Hidden Australiamovie2020NatureWatch now
Hidden Germanymovie2021NatureWatch now
Hidden High Techmovie2019TechnologyWatch now
Hidden Japanmovie2020NatureWatch now
Hidden Pacificmovie2019KidsWatch now
Hidden Russiamovie2020NatureWatch now
Hidden Spainmovie2020NatureWatch now
Hidden UKmovie2021SocietyWatch now
High Life: Forest Canopymovie2021KidsWatch now
High Tech Trucksmovie2016TechnologyWatch now
Highway To The Arctic – Canada's Ice Roadsmovie2016SocietyWatch now
Hippocraticmovie2017ScienceWatch now
History Of Life On Earthshow2020ScienceWatch now
History Uncoveredshow2018HistoryWatch now
History by the Numbersshow2018HistoryWatch now
Hitler's Englandmovie2016HistoryWatch now
Hitler's Peopleshow2015HistoryWatch now
Hitler's Secret Sciencemovie2010HistoryWatch now
Hitler’s Circle of Evilshow2017HistoryWatch now
Homo Naledishow2017HistoryWatch now
Hot Tunamovie2012NatureWatch now
How Cities Workshow2013TechnologyWatch now
How Climate Made Historyshow2015HistoryWatch now
How Not to Get Cancershow2014ScienceWatch now
How To Go Viralmovie2018TechnologyWatch now
How World War II Changed Americamovie2022HistoryWatch now
How to Build a Humanmovie2013TechnologyWatch now
Human By Chance?movie2020NatureWatch now
Hummingbirds: Jewelled Messengersmovie2012NatureWatch now
Humpback Whalesmovie2015KidsWatch now
Hunters of the Forestmovie2021NatureWatch now
Hunting For Martian Life: The Perseverance Rovermovie2020ScienceWatch now
ICARUS: Tracking Creatures From Spacemovie2021NatureWatch now
Iberian Lynx: Saving the World's Most Endangered Catshow2020NatureWatch now
Ice Breakersmovie2015SocietyWatch now
Ice Dogsmovie2016NatureWatch now
Ice Stars
  • Season 1
show2015KidsWatch now
Icemen: 200 years in Antarcticamovie2019NatureWatch now
Icy Coastmovie2020NatureWatch now
  • Season 1
show2015ScienceWatch now
Immortal Alligatorsshow2021NatureWatch now
Impossible Escapes: Civil Warshow2022HistoryWatch now
In the Mind of a Poker Playermovie2016SocietyWatch now
Infinite Rainbowsmovie2018NatureWatch now
Insect Apocalypsemovie2020NatureWatch now
Insect Worldmovie2017KidsWatch now
Into The Dragon's Lairmovie2010KidsWatch now
Into the Volcanoshow2022NatureWatch now
It Ain’t Necessarily So
  • Season 1
show2001HistoryWatch now
It's A Wild Christmasmovie2018NatureWatch now
JAGO: A Life Underwatermovie2015NatureWatch now
Jaguar: King of the Junglemovie2020NatureWatch now
Jason Silva: The Road To The Singularitymovie2016TechnologyWatch now
Jason Silva: Transhumanismshow2016TechnologyWatch now
Java in Jeopardy - Exploring the Volcanomovie2015NatureWatch now
Jerusalemmovie2014HistoryWatch now
Jesus’ Female Disciplesmovie2018HistoryWatch now
Johannes Kepler - Storming the Heavensmovie2019ScienceWatch now
John Philip Holland: Inventor Of The Submarinemovie2017TechnologyWatch now
John Rabe – The Schindler of Nankingmovie2008HistoryWatch now
Journey to a New Earthshow2022NatureWatch now
Juneteenth Explained: A Tradition of Remembrance and Revivalmovie2021HistoryWatch now
Jungle Guardianmovie2020NatureWatch now
Jupiter's Moons and the Search for Lifemovie2023ScienceWatch now
Just Animals
  • Season 1
show2018NatureWatch now
KGB: The Sword and the Shieldshow2018HistoryWatch now
Karelia: Russia's Primeval Forestsmovie2016KidsWatch now
Ketamine: From Street Drug to Lifesavershow2019ScienceWatch now
Kids Meetshow2017KidsWatch now
Kids: An Instruction Manualshow2020ScienceWatch now
Killer IQ - Lion Vs. Hyenashow2014ScienceWatch now
Killing the Shepherdmovie2021NatureWatch now
King of the Mountains - Golden Eaglemovie2015NatureWatch now
King of the Seas - The Sea Eaglemovie2015NatureWatch now
Kings of Bajamovie2014NatureWatch now
Kurdistan: the Untold Story of Mesopotamiamovie2017HistoryWatch now
Lake Magicmovie2021NatureWatch now
Last Stand Of The Javan Rhinoshow2020NatureWatch now
Last Treasures of the Earthmovie2019SocietyWatch now
Leaps In Evolutionshow2015ScienceWatch now
Learning From the Roman Empire: Are we Repeating their Rise and Decline?movie2020HistoryWatch now
Legends of Speedshow2015TechnologyWatch now
Libya - Rising from the Ashesmovie2018SocietyWatch now
Life in Outer Spacemovie2022ScienceWatch now
Life’s a Beachmovie2020NatureWatch now
Lift the Iceshow2022ScienceWatch now
Lionfish: Alien of the Seashow2020NatureWatch now
Lions Rulemovie2020NatureWatch now
Lions: Africa's Super Powermovie2020NatureWatch now
Little Catsmovie2021NatureWatch now
Little Dogs, Big Personalitiesmovie2021NatureWatch now
Little Foot: Exploring Our Originsmovie2019HistoryWatch now
Live Long & Prospershow2015ScienceWatch now
Living with Lionsmovie2022NatureWatch now
Locust Swarmmovie2020NatureWatch now
Lost Kingdoms Of Africa
  • Season 1
show2010HistoryWatch now
Lost: MH370movie2014HistoryWatch now
Love Thy Naturemovie2017NatureWatch now
MIA: Hunt for a WWII Planemovie2020HistoryWatch now
Magic Campmovie2013KidsWatch now
Magic Moments of the Stone Agemovie2018KidsWatch now
Magical Fjordsmovie2020NatureWatch now
Making Babiesshow2019ScienceWatch now
Making Money In The 21st Centuryshow2016TechnologyWatch now
Mama Rwandamovie2016SocietyWatch now
Mammoths: Giants Of The Ice Agemovie2014HistoryWatch now
Manatees On The Movemovie2021KidsWatch now
Marine Mammals - Born to Swimmovie2017KidsWatch now
Mars InSight: Seven Minutes to Touchdownshow2018ScienceWatch now
Mars Perseverance: The Hunt Beginsmovie2021ScienceWatch now
Mars: The Journeymovie2015ScienceWatch now
Masai Mara: The Big Huntmovie2017NatureWatch now
Meet the Marsupialsmovie2020NatureWatch now
Meet the Meerkatsmovie2020NatureWatch now
Meet the Mustelidsmovie2020NatureWatch now
Meet the Pigsmovie2021NatureWatch now
Megapolis: The Ancient Worldshow2020HistoryWatch now
Megastructures: Gardens By The Baymovie2011HistoryWatch now
Meltdown: Analyzing the Radiation Leaksmovie2014TechnologyWatch now
Message From Space?show2019ScienceWatch now
Meteorite Men
  • Season 1
show2021TechnologyWatch now
Miami Beach Underwatershow2017NatureWatch now
Migrations: Frequent Flyersmovie2020NatureWatch now
Migrations: Herds on the Movemovie2020NatureWatch now
Migrations: The Big Swimmovie2020NatureWatch now
Miniversemovie2017ScienceWatch now
Miracles Of Natureshow2012ScienceWatch now
Modern Day Killer Asteroidshow2019ScienceWatch now
Modern Stone Age Familyshow2019HistoryWatch now
Monkey Islandshow2020NatureWatch now
Monkey Mayhemmovie2020NatureWatch now
More Than a Medalmovie2022HistoryWatch now
Mother Of The Evergladesshow2020NatureWatch now
Mountain Lion: The Ghost Catmovie2020NatureWatch now
Mountains: Gateways To The Heavensmovie2020NatureWatch now
Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohsmovie2007HistoryWatch now
Music Moves Our Soulsshow2016SocietyWatch now
My Cat from Damascusmovie2022NatureWatch now
My Music Brainmovie2009ScienceWatch now
Myanmar's Secret Gardenmovie2013SocietyWatch now
Mystery Signal from Spacemovie2018ScienceWatch now
NYC Revealed
  • Season 1
show2021TechnologyWatch now
Nanomedicine Revolutionshow2016KidsWatch now
Nature Knows Best
  • Season 2
show2016KidsWatch now
Nature Through Her Eyesmovie2020NatureWatch now
Nature's Cutestmovie2021NatureWatch now
Nature's Greatest Secret - The Coral Triangleshow2013NatureWatch now
Nature's Hidden Miraclesshow2023NatureWatch now
Nature's Mathematicsshow2017ScienceWatch now
Nature’s Most Dangerousmovie2021NatureWatch now
Nature’s Weirdestmovie2020NatureWatch now
Nazi Secret Weaponsmovie2010HistoryWatch now
Never Home Alone: The Wildlife of Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Beyondmovie2020NatureWatch now
Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentarymovie2019SocietyWatch now
New Firefighting Techshow2019TechnologyWatch now
New Horizons: The Kuiper Belt Targetshow2019ScienceWatch now
New Spacemovie2022SocietyWatch now
Nigel Latta Blows Stuff Upshow2015ScienceWatch now
Nigel Marven’s Wild Philippinesshow2017NatureWatch now
Night At The Aquariumshow2020NatureWatch now
Nikita Khrushchev - The Red Tsarmovie2017HistoryWatch now
Noah's Ark for the Humansshow2021ScienceWatch now
Nuts About Squirrelsmovie2021KidsWatch now
OSIRIS-REx: Asteroid Huntershow2019ScienceWatch now
OSIRIS-REx: The Returnmovie2023ScienceWatch now
Ocean Resurrectionshow2015NatureWatch now
Ocean Twilight Zonemovie2021NatureWatch now
Octopus Encountersshow2019NatureWatch now
Oddly Satisfying Scienceshow2022ScienceWatch now
Of Whales and Turtlesmovie2020NatureWatch now
One Hour That Changed The World: Moon Landingmovie2019ScienceWatch now
Operation Lusty: Hunt for the First Nazi Jetmovie2023HistoryWatch now
Operation Wolf Patrolmovie2021NatureWatch now
Opportunity: A Life on Marsmovie2019ScienceWatch now
Orient Express - A Train Writes Historymovie2020SocietyWatch now
Origin of the Speciesmovie2021TechnologyWatch now
Osama Bin Laden - Up Close and Personalmovie2016HistoryWatch now
Our Declarationmovie2015HistoryWatch now
Our Infinite Universemovie2019ScienceWatch now
Our Violent Sunmovie2017ScienceWatch now
Out of the Cradlemovie2018HistoryWatch now
Out of the Cradle - Behind The Scenesmovie2018HistoryWatch now
Owls: Masters of the Nightmovie2020NatureWatch now
Parasite Planetshow2019ScienceWatch now
Past, Present, Futureshow2022TechnologyWatch now
Path to the Prosshow2019ScienceWatch now
Penguin Centralmovie2019NatureWatch now
Penguin Partymovie2021KidsWatch now
Peru's Mysterious Cloud Warriorsshow2020HistoryWatch now
Pick It Up! Ska in the ‘90smovie2019SocietyWatch now
Pig Talesmovie2014NatureWatch now
Pink Ribbons, Inc.movie2006SocietyWatch now
Pioneering The American Frontiershow2015HistoryWatch now
Pioneers In Aviationshow2014HistoryWatch now
Planet Insectshow2020ScienceWatch now
Planet Parrotmovie2012NatureWatch now
Polar Bearsmovie2020NatureWatch now
Pompeii: Behind the Scenesmovie2019SocietyWatch now
Pompeii: Disaster Streetmovie2020HistoryWatch now
Power & Tech
  • Season 2
show2017TechnologyWatch now
Predicting A Proshow2019ScienceWatch now
Preparing for Hurricanesshow2020NatureWatch now
Prescription: Nutritionmovie2017ScienceWatch now
Prescription: Nutritionshow2017ScienceWatch now
Private Moonshotshow2019ScienceWatch now
Project Nazi: Blueprints of Evilshow2017HistoryWatch now
Proof of Conceptshow2022ScienceWatch now
Puma!movie2012NatureWatch now
Pyramids Builders: New Cluesmovie2019HistoryWatch now
Quest for the Perfect Athletemovie2015SocietyWatch now
Quest for the True Crossmovie2001HistoryWatch now
Quick Connections with Alie Wardshow2023HistoryWatch now
Radioactive Forest - 10 Years Aftermovie2022NatureWatch now
Raider Of The Lost Art
  • Season 1
show2014HistoryWatch now
Rainforest Homemovie2020NatureWatch now
Raising A Geniusshow2019ScienceWatch now
Raising Dinos From The Deadmovie2020HistoryWatch now
Rapidly Evolving Human with Spencer Wellsmovie2018ScienceWatch now
Rat Racemovie2017KidsWatch now
Rebirth of an Underwater Forestshow2019NatureWatch now
Recovering From Extinctionmovie2019HistoryWatch now
Rediscovering T.REXmovie2017NatureWatch now
Reefs of Hopeshow2022NatureWatch now
Reinventing New Yorkmovie2019TechnologyWatch now
Remembering Tina Turnermovie2023SocietyWatch now
Rent a Family Inc.movie2012SocietyWatch now
Resurrecting Tasmanian Tigersmovie2019NatureWatch now
Return Of The Buffalo - Restoring The Great American Prairiemovie2010NatureWatch now
Return of the Wolvesmovie2019NatureWatch now
Return to the Moonmovie2018ScienceWatch now
Reverend Gadget's Garageshow2022SocietyWatch now
Reversing Alzheimer'sshow2018ScienceWatch now
Revolution In Colourshow2015HistoryWatch now
Rewilding: Back to Naturemovie2021NatureWatch now
Rio, The Great Sagamovie2016SocietyWatch now
Rivers Lifebloodmovie2020NatureWatch now
Roman Megastructuresshow2018HistoryWatch now
Rome: The World’s First Superpower
  • Season 1
show2015HistoryWatch now
Rosa Parks: Her True Story and Legacymovie2021HistoryWatch now
Russia's Hidden Paradisesmovie2018KidsWatch now
SCIENCE OF EMOTIONSshow2020ScienceWatch now
SPACE GREEDshow2021ScienceWatch now
Saber-Tooth Brawlshow2019HistoryWatch now
Sagrada Familia: The Gaudi Revolutionmovie2022SocietyWatch now
Sailing to the Starsshow2019ScienceWatch now
Saturn: The Moon Kingshow2020ScienceWatch now
Savage Island Giantsmovie2019NatureWatch now
Saving Tokyoshow2020NatureWatch now
Saving Veniceshow2019NatureWatch now
Saving our Citiesshow2020TechnologyWatch now
Saving the Right Whalemovie2021NatureWatch now
School for Sommeliermovie2016SocietyWatch now
School for Whalesshow2019NatureWatch now
SciShow Psychshow2017KidsWatch now
SciShow Spaceshow2014KidsWatch now
Science of Soundshow2022ScienceWatch now
Science of Thrillsshow2016TechnologyWatch now
Sea Lion Medicsshow2018NatureWatch now
Seals - Bullies in Blubbermovie2017KidsWatch now
Seals - Clowns of the Seamovie2021NatureWatch now
Search for Earth’s Lost Moonmovie2023ScienceWatch now
Search for Japan's Lost Supersubmovie2019HistoryWatch now
Search for Our Sun's Lost Planetmovie2019ScienceWatch now
Searching For Meteorsshow2016KidsWatch now
Seasons of the Forestmovie2020NatureWatch now
Seasons of the Ottermovie2020NatureWatch now
Secret Life Undergroundshow2015ScienceWatch now
Secret Life of 4, 5, 6 Year Olds
  • Season 1
show2015ScienceWatch now
Secret Lives of Sharksmovie2018NatureWatch now
Secret Underwater Planetshow2019NatureWatch now
Secretariat’s Jockeymovie2013SocietyWatch now
Secrets Of The Hivemovie2015NatureWatch now
Secrets of Squirrelsmovie2018NatureWatch now
Secrets of Your Airline Foodmovie2020SocietyWatch now
Secrets of a Dog's Nosemovie2021NatureWatch now
Secrets of the Brain
  • Season 1
show2016ScienceWatch now
Secrets of the Mega Landfillmovie2020SocietyWatch now
Secrets of the Third Reich
  • Season 2
show2013HistoryWatch now
Seeking Sapphoshow2017KidsWatch now
Sema's Labshow2019KidsWatch now
Shackleton's Captainmovie2012HistoryWatch now
Shark Family Treeshow2019NatureWatch now
Sharks: The Big Fivemovie2013KidsWatch now
Shipping The Worldshow2016TechnologyWatch now
Silly Sustainabilityshow2021TechnologyWatch now
Six People Who Built Americamovie2019HistoryWatch now
Siyaya – Come Wild With Usshow2015KidsWatch now
Size Mattersshow2019ScienceWatch now
Skinny Genesshow2019ScienceWatch now
Sky River of the Himalayasshow2017NatureWatch now
Sloth Bears: Birth of a Princemovie2020NatureWatch now
Slow Down And Enjoy Lifemovie2020NatureWatch now
Sounds of Naturemovie2017KidsWatch now
Sovereign Soilmovie2019SocietyWatch now
Space Junk Dangersshow2019ScienceWatch now
Space Phenomenashow2019ScienceWatch now
Space Probes!show2016ScienceWatch now
Space Robot Revolutionmovie2015ScienceWatch now
Spies of Warshow2019HistoryWatch now
St. Martin: The Real Martin of Toursmovie2016HistoryWatch now
St. Patrick's Greatest Giftmovie2020SocietyWatch now
Stalin's Daughtermovie2015HistoryWatch now
Stalin's James Bondmovie2017HistoryWatch now
Stalking Hitler's Generalsmovie2011HistoryWatch now
Stephen Hawking's Favorite Placesshow2018ScienceWatch now
Stories of Warshow2020NatureWatch now
Storm Chaser's Guideshow2018ScienceWatch now
Story of Electricityshow2011ScienceWatch now
Super Sea Slugsshow2019NatureWatch now
Super Sensesmovie2021KidsWatch now
Super Spider Silkshow2021NatureWatch now
Super-Volcanoesshow2015ScienceWatch now
Superfishmovie2008NatureWatch now
Superintelligence - Beyond Humanmovie2019TechnologyWatch now
Supersapiens: Rise of the Mindshow2017TechnologyWatch now
Supersonic: The Great Adventuremovie2019TechnologyWatch now
Suppressed Scienceshow2021ScienceWatch now
Supreme Human Machineshow2016KidsWatch now
Surviving The Teenage Brainmovie2011ScienceWatch now
T-Rex Timelineshow2019HistoryWatch now
T-Rex: An Evolutionary Journeymovie2016NatureWatch now
Tastes Like T-Rexshow2019HistoryWatch now
Tech Toys
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show2011TechnologyWatch now
The Amazing World Of Aviationshow2014TechnologyWatch now
The Amazing World Of War Machinesshow2014TechnologyWatch now
The Amazing World of Automobilesshow2015SocietyWatch now
The Amazing/Terrifying Future of Medicinemovie2021ScienceWatch now
The Amazon of the Eastshow2016NatureWatch now
The American Führermovie2022HistoryWatch now
The Apollo Moon Landingsmovie2015ScienceWatch now
The Ark of the Covenant Revealedmovie2004HistoryWatch now
The Art Of Discoverymovie2015TechnologyWatch now
The Ascent of Womanshow2015HistoryWatch now
The Auctioneers: Profiting From the Holocaustmovie2018HistoryWatch now
The Balkans in Flamesshow2017HistoryWatch now
The Beasts Of Halloweenmovie2020SocietyWatch now
The Beginning and End of the Universeshow2016ScienceWatch now
The Berlin Wall: From Construction to Demolitionmovie2021HistoryWatch now
The Biblical Plaguesshow2014ScienceWatch now
The Birth Of Mar-a-Lagoshow2020SocietyWatch now
The Bodyshow2018ScienceWatch now
The Body vs. Coronavirusmovie2020ScienceWatch now
The Boston Tea Party: Tempest in a Tea Potmovie2021HistoryWatch now
The Celts: Blood, Iron & Sacrificeshow2015HistoryWatch now
The China Missionshow2017HistoryWatch now
The Coronavirus Epidemicmovie2020ScienceWatch now
The Creative Brainmovie2015ScienceWatch now
The Curse Of The Gothic Symphonymovie2011SocietyWatch now
The Demolition Manshow2016TechnologyWatch now
The Earliest Americansmovie2017HistoryWatch now
The Eighth Continent: Zealandiashow2017NatureWatch now
The Enchanted Forestmovie2020NatureWatch now
The End of a Superpower: The Collapse of the Soviet Unionmovie2021HistoryWatch now
The End of the War in Colourshow2020HistoryWatch now
The Enigma of the Celtic Tombmovie2017HistoryWatch now
The Essence of Watermovie2019ScienceWatch now
The Fireball of Tutankhamunmovie2006HistoryWatch now
The First Picture of a Black Holeshow2019ScienceWatch now
The First World War: The People’s Storyshow2014HistoryWatch now
The French Revolutionshow2020HistoryWatch now
The Future Of Logisticsmovie2019TechnologyWatch now
The Giant Killermovie2018HistoryWatch now
The Great Apesmovie2015KidsWatch now
The Great Seaweed Invasionmovie2023ScienceWatch now
The Great Underground Warshow2014HistoryWatch now
The Great Waymovie2020HistoryWatch now
The Greatsshow2008HistoryWatch now
The Health Of Our Oceansmovie2016NatureWatch now
The High Frontier: The Untold Story of Gerard K. O'Neillmovie2021ScienceWatch now
The History of Englishmovie2018SocietyWatch now
The History of Foodshow2018HistoryWatch now
The History of Home Narrated by Nick Offermanshow2020HistoryWatch now
The History of Home Presents... History's Greatest Homesshow2020TechnologyWatch now
The History of Mossadshow2020HistoryWatch now
The History of the VW Camper Vanmovie2011SocietyWatch now
The Hunt For Dark Mattermovie2017ScienceWatch now
The Hunt for the Slave Ship Guerreromovie2018HistoryWatch now
The Impossible Presidencymovie2019HistoryWatch now
The Invasion: The Outbreak of WWIIshow2013HistoryWatch now
The Kaiser's Piratesmovie2015HistoryWatch now
The Kingdom: How Fungi Made Our Worldmovie2017NatureWatch now
The Last Hours of Jesus Christshow2020HistoryWatch now
The Last Man on the Moon: Apollo 17movie2022ScienceWatch now
The Lightbulb Momentshow2021HistoryWatch now
The Lost DNAshow2020HistoryWatch now
The Lost Empires of Turkmenistanmovie2020HistoryWatch now
The Magic of Mangrovesmovie2020NatureWatch now
The Many Worlds of Quantum Mechanicsmovie2019ScienceWatch now
The Mona Lisa Mysterymovie2014SocietyWatch now
The Moon Landing and the Nazismovie2018ScienceWatch now
The Moon's Spell On The Great Barrier Reefmovie2014NatureWatch now
The Moon: Our Gateway To The Universemovie2018ScienceWatch now
The Moormovie2013NatureWatch now
The Moose Moviemovie2020NatureWatch now
The Most Important Day in History? D-Day: June 6, 1944movie2020HistoryWatch now
The Mystery Of The Longest Living Vertebrateshow2016ScienceWatch now
The Mystery of the Giant Birdsmovie2023NatureWatch now
The Mystery of the Shroudmovie2002HistoryWatch now
The Nation That Never Was: Reconstructing America’s Storymovie2022HistoryWatch now
The Nazi Gold Trainmovie2016HistoryWatch now
The Nazi Whaling Squadronmovie2020HistoryWatch now
The Neanderthals' Dark Secretmovie2012HistoryWatch now
The New Frontier
  • Season 1
show2015ScienceWatch now
The Nile: 5000 Years of Historyshow2019HistoryWatch now
The Olympic Dream: 1936 Nazi Gamesmovie2016HistoryWatch now
The Origami Codemovie2015TechnologyWatch now
The Oxygen Experiment: Hypoxiashow2020ScienceWatch now
The Pet Rescuers
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show2021KidsWatch now
The Political Genius of Franklin D. Rooseveltmovie2019HistoryWatch now
The Power of Fire - Our Earth Is Burningmovie2019NatureWatch now
The Power of Soundshow2019NatureWatch now
The Race to Forecast Weathershow2020NatureWatch now
The Racing Yearsshow2015SocietyWatch now
The Real Wild Westshow2022HistoryWatch now
The Renaissance Factorshow2017HistoryWatch now
The Rise & Fall Of T-Rexmovie2015HistoryWatch now
The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: Four Surprising New Discoveriesmovie2021NatureWatch now
The Rise of Lincolnmovie2022SocietyWatch now
The Road To Floridashow2020SocietyWatch now
The Royals, the British Aristocracy and the Nazismovie2018HistoryWatch now
The Science Of Deceptionshow2017ScienceWatch now
The Science of Cutemovie2019NatureWatch now
The Science of Successmovie2019SocietyWatch now
The Scientific Genius of Marie Curiemovie2019HistoryWatch now
The Search for the Perfect Pearlshow2020SocietyWatch now
The Secret File of Marco Polomovie2014HistoryWatch now
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The Secret Life Of Deermovie2013NatureWatch now
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The Silicon Valley Revolution - How a Bunch of Nerds Changed our Livesshow2017TechnologyWatch now
The Silk Roadshow2016HistoryWatch now
The Six Wives of Henry VIII (Their Real Stories)movie2022HistoryWatch now
The Solomon Treasuresmovie2010HistoryWatch now
The Spy Who Stole the Atom Bombmovie2016HistoryWatch now
The Spying Game: Tales from the Cold Warshow2019HistoryWatch now
The Stonewall Riots Explained: The Power and Problemmovie2021HistoryWatch now
The Story of Europe with Historian Dr. Christopher Clarkshow2018HistoryWatch now
The Story of German Beermovie2016SocietyWatch now
The Sun: Inferno In The Skymovie2018ScienceWatch now
The Sweet & Sour Of Florida Sugarshow2020SocietyWatch now
The Tomb of Genghis Khan: The Secret Revealedmovie2016HistoryWatch now
The Tracker's Diary: Bears of Katmaishow2021HistoryWatch now
The True Story of Piratesmovie2022HistoryWatch now
The Truth About Franco: Spain's Forgotten Dictatorshipshow2017HistoryWatch now
The Tulip Bubblemovie2013NatureWatch now
The Underdogsmovie2017KidsWatch now
The Universeshow2015ScienceWatch now
The Untold Story of the Vaticanmovie2020HistoryWatch now
The Upside Down Treemovie2018KidsWatch now
The Virus Within Usmovie2021ScienceWatch now
The West is Burningmovie2020NatureWatch now
The Whale & The Ravenmovie2019NatureWatch now
The Wonderful World of Goatsmovie2020SocietyWatch now
The Woodstock Busmovie2019SocietyWatch now
The Woodstock Bus - Extendedmovie2019SocietyWatch now
The World from Abovemovie2020NatureWatch now
The World of Bridgesshow2019TechnologyWatch now
The Wright Brothers: Braveryshow2019TechnologyWatch now
These Birds Were Made For Walkingmovie2020NatureWatch now
Ticket to the Future - The Evolution of Travelmovie2017TechnologyWatch now
Time Fliesmovie2020NatureWatch now
Time Tellersshow2015HistoryWatch now
Tiny House: Living Off the Gridshow2019SocietyWatch now
Tombs of Egypt: The Ultimate Missionshow2021HistoryWatch now
Tomorrow's Flying Carsshow2022TechnologyWatch now
Top 10: The Art of Architectureshow2016SocietyWatch now
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Traitsshow2015ScienceWatch now
Trajectory: Milestones in Space Explorationshow2014ScienceWatch now
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Tundramovie2021NatureWatch now
Twilight Travelers - Visitors From The Deepmovie2017NatureWatch now
Tyrant: Shakespeare on Powermovie2018SocietyWatch now
Ultimate Processesshow2016TechnologyWatch now
Ultimate Wheelsshow2014SocietyWatch now
Underwater Wonders Of The National Parksshow2016ScienceWatch now
Underwater Worldsshow2015ScienceWatch now
Unexplained Science: What Scientists Still Don't Understandmovie2021ScienceWatch now
Unraveling The Creative Mindshow2016ScienceWatch now
Untamed Switzerlandshow2017NatureWatch now
Urban Junglemovie2017KidsWatch now
Urban Warriorsmovie2021NatureWatch now
Valentine's: When Things Get Wildmovie2020NatureWatch now
Veggie Powershow2019ScienceWatch now
Vertigo Yearsshow2013HistoryWatch now
Vietnam: Looking Back at America's (Second) Longest Warmovie2021HistoryWatch now
Vikings: The Lost Kingdommovie2022HistoryWatch now
Vikings: The Lost Kingdom (Extended)movie2022HistoryWatch now
Viruses: Destruction And Creationmovie2016ScienceWatch now
Volcanic New Zealandshow2018NatureWatch now
Volcanoes: The Fires of Creationmovie2018NatureWatch now
Voyage Into the Sunmovie2022ScienceWatch now
Voyage Into the Sun (Extended Version)movie2022ScienceWatch now
Voyage To Venusmovie2021ScienceWatch now
WWII in the Pacificshow2015HistoryWatch now
Wandering Wolvesshow2016NatureWatch now
Whale Wisdommovie2019NatureWatch now
What Animals Seemovie2018NatureWatch now
What Went Wrongshow2019TechnologyWatch now
What Went Wrong IIshow2021HistoryWatch now
What is CRISPR?show2016ScienceWatch now
What is Reality? with David Eaglemanmovie2018ScienceWatch now
What's Your Problem?show2019KidsWatch now
When Shark Meets Crocmovie2013KidsWatch now
White-Collar Gangstersshow2016HistoryWatch now
Who Was the Real Neanderthal?movie2020HistoryWatch now
Why Are We Here?show2015ScienceWatch now
Why Do We Dream?show2015ScienceWatch now
Wild Caribbeanshow2017NatureWatch now
Wild Catsmovie2015KidsWatch now
Wild Christmasmovie2020NatureWatch now
Wild Dolphinsmovie2019NatureWatch now
Wild Galapagosshow2017ScienceWatch now
Wild Polandmovie2012KidsWatch now
Wild Portugalshow2019NatureWatch now
Wild Summer Schoolmovie2020NatureWatch now
Wild Talesshow2018NatureWatch now
Wild Weather With Richard Hammondshow2014ScienceWatch now
Wild Wolverinemovie2020NatureWatch now
Wildlifeshow2015ScienceWatch now
Wolves - Power of the Packmovie2021NatureWatch now
Wolves and Tanksshow2020NatureWatch now
Women of the American Revolution: The Remarkable Stories You've Never Heardmovie2018HistoryWatch now
Women with ADHDshow2019ScienceWatch now
Wonder Walls: The Story of Irish Street Artmovie2019SocietyWatch now
Wonderful Wetlandsmovie2020NatureWatch now
Wonders Of The Oceanmovie2015NatureWatch now
Work on the Wild Sideshow2020NatureWatch now
World Without Watermovie2020NatureWatch now
World's Best Dinosaur Fossilmovie2017HistoryWatch now
World's Most Dangerous Railway Linesshow2020SocietyWatch now
Wrecksshow2021HistoryWatch now
Xploration Awesome Planet
  • Season 4
show2017KidsWatch now
Xploration Outer Spaceshow2014KidsWatch now
Year of the Asteroidshow2022KidsWatch now
Zenith: Advances in Space Explorationshow2020ScienceWatch now

The platform offers original productions that you won't be able to find anywhere else. These titles are always available worldwide while some of the licensed content may vary depending on the country you're visiting. You may prefer to access the National Geographic content via Disney Plus.

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Curiosity Stream lets you watch on unlimited devices at the same time so you can share your subscription with your family. You can also watch on small or big screens.

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How to watch Curiosity Stream offline

Curiosity Stream lets users download content for offline viewing on mobile devices so you can keep up with your watchlist on the go without burning through mobile data.

Make sure you have the latest version of the app installed on your mobile device. Open the app and navigate to the show you would like to save to watch offline, then hit the save button (down arrow) located below the title. For a series with multiple episodes, you will have to select a specific episode to save.

You will find the saved show in the My stuff section at the bottom of the app under the Saved category. Users are allowed to download up to 10 hours of content at a time.

Background play and autoplay are also available on the Curiosity Stream OS and Android apps. Background play enables you to keep playing the video in the background while you access other apps on your device. Autoplay automatically plays the next episode in a series.

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