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Is Google’s new Nest Wi-Fi Pro with Wi-Fi 6E worth the money?


Here's what you need to know about the Nest Wi-Fi Pro, Google's foray into the next generation of Wi-Fi technology.

Australia's notoriously slow internet speeds have become a running joke down under.

While many of us now enjoy the increased speeds of the NBN, our Wi-Fi speeds still lag well behind the rest of the developed world.

Google may be going some way to rectify these concerns with its new Nest Wi-Fi Pro. The device will use emergent Wi-Fi 6E technology.

Here's what you need to know about this new product.

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Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro Australian availability and release date

Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro

It is not clear when Australian shoppers will be able to get their hands on the Nest Wi-Fi Pro. Image: Supplied

At present, Google has not confirmed that the Nest Wi-Fi Pro will become available in Australia.

While it's already available for pre-order on the US Google Store ahead of a 27 October release date, the Australian site contains no mention of it.

Considering how widely available Google's older generations of Nest Wi-Fi systems are, we'd be surprised to see the device not eventually land on our shores.

Wi-Fi 6E was approved in Australia earlier this year, but Google may be experiencing some hiccups optimising the device for use down under.

Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro price

The Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro retails for US$199 for a 1-pack, US$299 for a 2-pack and US$399 for a 3-pack.

Based on current conversion rates, those prices equate to approximately AUD$305, AUD$459 and AUD$613.

That's a lot to pay for a Wi-Fi router, so will it be worth it?

Wi-Fi 6E

The most important feature of the Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro is its use of Wi-Fi 6E.

"6E" stands for "6 Extended", referring to the 6GHz radio band the device uses for internet connection.

6GHz radio bands are less "crowded" with radio waves than older forms of internet connection. Google equates the faster speeds of Wi-Fi 6E to driving in the fast lane of the highway.

There are several Wi-Fi 6E routers on the market from brands like NetGear. Tests have confirmed that compatible devices make excellent use of the new technology.

Compatible Wi-Fi 6E devices include the Google Pixel 6 and Samsung Galaxy S22 lines.

Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro features

Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro

Google hasn't skimped on the Nest Wi-Fi Pro's functionality. Image: Supplied

What else is the Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro bringing to the table?

Google claims the device "can accommodate nearly every connected device in a typical home" including smart devices.

However, the router is not backwards-compatible with earlier Google Nest and Google Wi-Fi systems.

Previous Google Nest devices featured 1 hub router and multiple connected extenders. The Nest Wi-Fi Pro is shaking things up by removing the distinction between hub and extender. If you purchase a 3-pack, you'll receive 3 identical devices.

The built-in smart speakers of previous Google Nests are gone as well.

A 3-pack of Nest Wi-Fi Pro routers can cover over 600 square metres of space, per Google.

Google has prioritised attractiveness and sustainability with the product's design. It features a sleek, glossy finish and is built with over 60% recycled materials.

Should you buy the Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro?

At this early stage, the Nest Wi-Fi Pro looks like it will comfortably take the mantle of the best Google router yet.

Wi-Fi 6E is a legitimate game-changer and the device appears to have all the bases covered in terms of daily internet usage.

If the hefty price tag doesn't cause you too much distress, take the plunge if and when the Nest Wi-Fi Pro becomes available in Australia.

It's worth ensuring you have compatible devices to take advantage of Wi-Fi 6E, but this is an increasingly common feature in laptops and smartphones, so it should not cause you too much trepidation.

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