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House Of The Dragon spoilers leak: Every character death revealed

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Every major character death in HBOs House Of The Dragon has been revealed.

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Things are about to get messy on House Of The Dragon.

In one corner are the Blacks, spearheaded by Rhaenyra Targaryan and her angsty, mercurial husband Daemon. In the other corner are the Greens; fronted by King Aegon and his Mum, Alicent Hightower.

It should come as no surprise that a lot of characters are going to meet sticky ends on this show. After all, this is a Games Of Thrones spin-off, which brought us the infamous Red Wedding.

If you're curious to know who survives and who dies on House Of The Dragon, read on to learn the eventual fate of each character.

"Valar morghulis - all men must die."

Spoiler warning: Stop reading if you do not want to know who dies on House Of The Dragon.

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Note: The following character fates are taken from the book Fire And Blood, which House Of The Dragon is based on. With the book's author George RR Martin heavily involved in the show, we expect most major deaths will remain faithful to the source material.

The Greens

House of the Dragon spoilers

Larys Strong - DEAD

Most of you will be pleased to know that King Landing's #1 creep Larys Strong does not make it out of the conflict alive. He will eventually get beheaded for the crime of regicide by Cregan Stark - the great great grand pappy of Ned from Game Of Thrones. Awkward to a fault, he requests that his deformed clubfoot be chopped off alongside his head, so that it won't follow him into the afterlife.

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Criston Cole - DEAD

The douchiest knight in Westeros is killed during an especially bloody battle dubbed the Butcher's Ball. The headstrong Lord Commander of the Kingsguard demands a duel but is instead summarily shot down in a hail of arrows. The last thing he hears is: "I'll have no songs about how brave you died, Kingmaker. There's tens o' thousands dead on your account." A fitting end to a massive, insufferable cockwomble.

House of the Dragon spoilers

Helaena Targaryen - DEAD

To date, the character of Helaena is most notable for her weird bug fixation and tendency to spout cryptic spoilers. Unfortunately, she is destined to have one of the saddest arcs on the show. After being forced to condemn one of her own children to death via a gruesome Weterosi Sophie's Choice, Helaena loses the will to live and ultimately jumps from a window to her death. (Whether it is the same window that Tommen exited in Game Of Thrones has yet to be confirmed.)

House of the Dragon spoilers

Aemond Targaryen - DEAD

The one-eyed bad ass and chief muscle of the Greens will die at the hands of his uncle in what is guaranteed to be one of the most talked about scenes of the series. While battling on dragonback, Daemon will leap from his own mount onto his nephew's and drive his ancestral sword through Aemond's remaining eye. (The Blacks really seem to hate this guy's peepers.)

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Otto Hightower - DEAD

The scheming Otto Hightower capitulates to Rhaenyra following the fall of King's Landing to the Blacks. Wasting no time in exacting her vengeance, Rhaenyra names him a traitor and has his head struck off.

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Aegon Targaryen - DEAD

After sustaining several debilitating injuries during the course of the war, Aegon Targaryen is eventually murdered by his own side; poisoned by a group of conspirators that include Corlys Velaryon and Larys Strong.

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Alicent Hightower - ALIVE

At the conclusion of the civil war, Alicent's life is spared by the eventual victors. However, the Dowager Queen does not live out the remainder of her days in happiness. Confined to her chambers, she is a prisoner in all but name and slowly goes mad. Before her death, she comes to hate the colour green.

The Blacks

House of the Dragon spoilers

Rhaenys Velaryon - DEAD

Rhaenys - AKA the Queen Who Never Was - fights valiantly for the Blacks until she is ambushed by King Aegon and Prince Aemond Targaryen atop their dragons. Brave to the end, she mounts Meleys and meets the attack head-on despite being hopelessly outmatched by the two much larger dragons. She is subsequently killed by dragonfire.

House of the Dragon spoilers

Corlys Velaryon - ALIVE

Rhaenys' husband Lord Corlys - AKA the Sea Snake - makes it to the end of the war with his head miraculously intact. This is despite clashing with both sides of the conflict at various points and being imprisoned for treason. He is spared the headman's block thanks to the timely intervention of his twin granddaughters, Baela and Rhaena.

House of the Dragon spoilers

Baela and Rhaena Targaryen - ALIVE

Daemon's twin daughters from his second wife (Laena Velaryon) both survive the Dance of Dragons. However, Baela is grievously injured during a fiery dogfight against King Aegon. Nevertheless, she lives to fight another day.

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Lucerys, Joffrey and Jacaerys - DEAD

Rhaenyra's oldest sons - those strapping "Strong" boys - are ALL victims of the Targaryen civil war. Lucerys was killed by Prince Aemond's dragon at the end of Season 1. Jacaerys perishes during a sea battle against the Greens astride his dragon. And Joff dies after attempting to ride Syrax, a dragon he hadn't bonded with.

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Mysaria - DEAD

Daemon's one-time paramour and mistress of whispers causes a great deal of trouble for the Greens until she is captured in King's Landing and murdered during a riot.

House of the Dragon spoilers

Daemon Targaryen - DEAD (TBC)

In the aforementioned battle between Daemon and Aemond, both dragons collide in midair and crash into the God's Eye below. Daemon is never seen again and it is assumed he perished along with his dragon. However, we would not be surprised if the show decides to give him a happier ending. Matt Smith stans will accept nothing less.

House of the Dragon spoilers

Rhaenyra Targaryen- DEAD

This one is going to be really tough to swallow. Princess Rhaenyra - the closest thing House Of The Dragon has to a heroine - suffers one of the cruellest fates of all. After enduring the deaths of most of her children, Rhaenyra flees to Dragonstone only to find her treacherous half-brother Aegon waiting for her. She is then fed to his dragon in front of her only remaining son. A feelgood show this ain't.

As a small consolation, the baby son she had with Daemon eventually becomes King Aegon III, meaning the Blacks were ultimately victorious.

So there you have it - as you can see, there aren't many people standing at the conclusion of the Dance Of Dragons. If you regret spoiling the series, don't fret - a bunch of characters haven't been introduced yet, so you still have plenty of surprises to look forward to.

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