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PSA: Buy the Meta Quest 2 before August and save over $150

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The Oculus Quest 2 is set to become $151 more expensive starting 1 August, so you'll need to act quickly to get it for its original price.

Buy Meta Quest 2 on Amazon from $479

Buy Meta Quest 2 on Amazon from $479

The Meta Quest 2 (formerly known as the Oculus Quest 2) made a name for itself as an affordable and accessible entry point into the world of virtual reality (VR). We're sad to report that Meta is jacking up the RRP of this VR headset to $630 for the 128GB version and $790 for the 256GB version despite adding no new features.

The good news for you is that this price hike isn't taking effect until 1 August. That means you have time to secure this device for just $479 (128GB) and $639 (256GB). In both cases, that'll save you $151.

There's certainly value in both editions. But given the current state of VR, you're going to be hard-pressed to find 256GB worth of games and experiences that are worth your time. We recommend saving some cash and going for the 128GB version.

For more information on the Oculus Quest 2, check out our complete review of the headset and our comparative guide to the Quest 2 vs the HTC Vive Pro 2.

Buy Oculus Quest 2 on Amazon

Buy Meta Quest 2 128GB version for $479
Buy Meta Quest 2 128GB version for $479

The Quest 2 128GB edition will cost a whopping $630 come 1 August so now's the time to buy.

Buy now

Buy Meta Quest 2 256GB version for $639
Buy Meta Quest 2 256GB version for $639

You're running out of time to avoid paying $790 for this iteration of the Quest 2, so act quickly.

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Quest 2 price hike – why?

man wearing the Meta Quest 2 headset
So why is Meta voluntarily risking its position as the go-to entry-level VR headset? According to the company, operation and development are simply ballooning too much to continue to sell the headset at its current price.

Just about every decision Meta makes may be traced back to the Metaverse. This is no exception. Meta's determination to make its simulated universe a major component of human society in terms of commerce, entertainment, fraternisation and more is no doubt going to come at a pretty penny.

If the Quest 2 is going to be the gateway into this universe, there's no doubt some additional costs will be incurred. So there's definitely an argument to justify the decision. Or maybe it's just a cynical cash grab.

Meta also appears to be taking a calculated risk here. A $151 price hike is nothing to sneeze at, but is there really another headset ready to pounce on the market position the Quest 2 is about to vacate?

$630 is still considered an affordable price tag in the world of VR headsets. When you consider the extensive brand recognition of the Quest 2, we don't see an obvious contender to usurp its top dog status in the VR world at this moment.

It is future projects like the PlayStation VR2 that should worry Meta. If Sony's next foray into VR seriously shakes up the space, we'll be very interested to see how Meta returns serve with its mixed-reality Project Cambria.

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