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Microsoft unveils the Xbox “Onesie” while examining gamer habits



We’re not too sure that many gamers will want to publicly rock an Xbox One themed onesie, but Microsoft’s research into popular gaming and streaming trends makes for interesting reading.

Typically, if you’re asked while gaming online what you’re wearing, it’s prime time to tear off your headset or sigh inwardly at the emotional immaturity of a certain segment of the gaming community.

Microsoft seems to have taken the question rather more literally, designing and producing the "limited edition" Xbox Onesie, to coincide with the arrival of the new Xbox One S. According to Microsoft's announcement, features for the onesie include:

  • Enlarged pockets to fit your Xbox Controller and Media Remotes
  • Arm pouch to offer quick and easy access to your mobile phone
  • Rollable legs and arms to cater for all temperatures and seasons
  • Forearm grips to prevent slipping on those ‘edge of your seat’ moments
  • Extra-large hood to accommodate headsets for the ultimate gaming sessions
  • Customised Gamertag embroidery

And this is what it looks like.


We enquired with Microsoft as to whether the Xbox Onesie would actually go on sale. Microsoft Australia representatives told that "We will have more information on availability of the limited edition Xbox Onesies soon", which certainly doesn't rule out the possibility of owning your own Xbox Onesie if you're particularly keen. Mind you, they're also stated to be a "limited edition", but then that's a statement that can mean almost anything in a gaming context.

Alongside the Onesie, Microsoft’s also released research commissioned into Australian online lifestyle habits. According to the research, which surveyed 1,000 Australians, 84 percent of us stream up to ten hours of entertainment each week. When we do, Big Bang Theory tops the favourites list, followed by Game Of Thrones and MasterChef. Game Of Thrones narrowly misses out on having the nation’s favourite character, with James Bond topping that list, lording his Britishness over GoT’s Daenerys Targaryen and third placed Jon Snow.

As should be no shock, we’re still a sports-loving nation, with 23% of the nation watching mostly home-grown (63%) sports. AFL beats out NRL over Cricket, while global sports such as the EPL and NBA only scoring 6% figures each.

On the games side, Grand Theft Auto V topped the poll, which is interesting in itself given that game’s quite deserved R18+ rating, followed by joint second place sitters Tomb Raider and FIFA. Tomb Raider might not be the top game but its heroine Lara Croft was favoured amongst survey respondents over Sonic The Hedgehog and Microsoft’s own Master Chief. A more cynical eye might notice that there’s no characters exclusive to competing consoles on that list. Surely that's just a quirk?

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