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Which Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioner should you buy?

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Make the cooling choice that's right for you with this easy guide.

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Finder's guide to the best split system air conditioners ranks Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as the top choice overall, with great energy efficiency and whisper-quiet performance. But which model is right for you?

The biggest factor in that decision is the area you're looking at. If you want a unit for your bedroom, your choices will be different to if you're looking at a whole-house installation. If you're a homeowner, you'll make different choices than a renter. Happily, there's an option to suit everyone, and all Mitsubishi Heavy Industries split system air conditioners offer a 5-year parts and labour warranty. Here are the top choices for some common scenarios.

Best for small areas: SRK-ZMP Series

A compact choice for small spaces.
If you're looking to cool and heat a single small area like an office or bedroom, the SRK-ZMP is the logical choice. There's no point in installing a larger unit if you're only looking at one room, and the compact 1.7kW SRK-ZMP will help keep your power bills down with built-in fuzzy logic to optimise performance.

Best for bedrooms: Avanti Series

The stylish Avanti series
Italian design combines with advanced technology to provide an ideal cooling and heating solution for your bedroom and other living areas. Use the high power operation option for a 15-minute boost when you first turn on the unit, ideal for quickly making your bedroom comfortable, then switch to silent operation for a restful sleep. Dimmable LED lights also keep your bedroom pleasingly dark. Choose from a range of power capacities from 2.0kW to 5.0kW.

Best for larger spaces: Bronte Series

The high-performance Bronte series
Living in a larger house? The Bronte Series uses jet engine technology to deliver an airflow of up to 18m, with power capacities ranging from 6.3kW to 9.5kW. In warmer climates, you can opt for a cool-only version too. Silent operation means you can stay cool without being disturbed by the sound of air conditioning.

Best for renovators: SRR-ZS Bulkhead Series

Bulkhead options are non-intrusive.
If you're renovating your house (or building a new place from scratch), this system offers a heating and cooling solution that's built right into the design. Mounting the unit in your ceiling gives you an efficient system that can fit even in low-profile locations while keeping the operating equipment out of sight. Advanced drain pump technology makes maintenance a breeze too.

Best for energy-conscious users: Avanti PLUS

Avanti Plus unit in a lounge room
If you're keen to keep power costs low, look at the Avanti PLUS series. It boasts industry leading efficiency ratings (up to 7 stars in the standard ratings and 5.5 stars in the new zoned ratings) on some models. It also incorporates an energy-saving motion sensor and timer functions to ensure you're not wasting electricity. With capacities from 2.0kW to 6.0kW and super quiet operation, the Avanti PLUS series work well in bedrooms or lounge rooms.

Compare the full range of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries split system air conditioners.

RangeTypesCapacitiesWhere to buy
AVANTI PLUS SERIESReverse Cycle2.0kW - 6.0kWeBay
AVANTI SERIESReverse Cycle / Cool only2.0kW - 5.0kWThe Good Guys
BRONTE SERIESReverse Cycle / Cool only6.3kW - 9.5kWThe Good Guys
SRK-ZMP SERIESReverse Cycle1.7kWeBay

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