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Money Hack: Save on meals while travelling by cooking them with hotel appliances



The iron and kettle are about to become your new best friends.

Have you been on a holiday where you were been counting your coins, wondering how you were going to afford your next meal? We've all been there.

So we decided to hack our way up the food chain to see if we could boil, steam and grill our way to cheap meals with appliances that come standard with your hotel room.

The hack

Turn on the iron and boil the kettle. No, really. These two simple appliances are about to become your new weapons toward nourishment. We’re talking more than just rehydrating cup noodles – though you can do that.

We’re talking actual meals like soft-boiled eggs, couscous, grilled cheese sandwiches and fish.

Scroll down to see how we did it. Though, in short, your kettle can be used to make anything that requires a quick and easy boil. We used it to soft-boil our eggs and then we used the hot water to cook couscous in a container.

On the other hand, your iron works more like a grill. Using it, we toasted a cheese sandwich and cooked a fish. You can also use it to toast other things such as quesadillas, which probably would have worked out better as they’re supposed to come out dead flat anyway.

To make your mealtime work best, you'll need to have a few small bits and pieces in your arsenal. This includes plastic containers, a spork and aluminium foil.

If you can bring ingredients from your pantry along too, all the better. If not, hit up the local supermarket before your big cook-off.

Watch our tutorial below to see how it's done:

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