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MyHeritage Review


What you need to know about this no-frills DNA kit, which offers competitively-priced tests and fast results.

Looking for a fuss-free DNA testing kit to help you learn more about yourself? MyHeritage offers one of the cheapest, most user-friendly tests on the market.

This article reviews MyHeritage DNA tests, including their pricing, features, and pros and cons.

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Who is MyHeritage?

MyHeritage ( is a DNA testing company founded by Gilad Japhet in Israel in 2003. The now US-based provider has had over 50 million users worldwide and provides testing services in 42 supported languages. In Australia, the site's archive of family records dates as far back as 1792.

How does testing with MyHeritage work?

It's important to first understand that there are 3 types of DNA tests offered in Australia:

  • Autosomal testing. This type of DNA test kit is a common option if you're looking for a straightforward test at a competitive price. Autosomal testing pinpoints individual pairs of chromosomes to help you learn more about yourself and your medical history.
  • mtDNA testing. As a more comprehensive type of testing, mtDNA singles out traits and individuals from your maternal family line.
  • Y-DNA testing. Similar to mtDNA testing, Y-DNA testing traces a specific line in your family tree. In this case, it's your paternal ancestry line.

Some testing companies offer mtDNA and Y-DNA testing for an additional cost, but the most affordable DNA tests – including those offered by MyHeritage – tend to offer autosomal testing only.

To start your DNA testing process, place an online order for a kit with MyHeritage. Once you receive your kit, follow the instructions to swab your cheek and submit your sample for analysis. Following this, you'll receive your results in as little as 3-4 weeks.

How much does MyHeritage cost?

MyHeritage offers one of the most affordable DNA testing kits in Australia, with testing kits available for just $159.

An all-access, premium annual subscription costs $349. A subscription with premium access to historical records or the enhanced family tree feature will cost $229 and $149 per year respectively.

What does a MyHeritage DNA kit give me?

Here's what you can expect from a MyHeritage testing kit:

  • Analysis from 42 global regions. MyHeritage accesses gene pools across 42 regions to help you gain a better understanding of your ethnicity composition. Users who trace their roots to Europe may enjoy more comprehensive analysis as MyHeritage has a large pool of European members, thus allowing for more accurate analysis of people in that continent.
  • Learn about distant relatives with DNA matches. MyHeritage's DNA matches help you identify potential relatives who you can later reach out to. You can even access a database of common ancestral surnames to pinpoint the origin of your last name.
  • Helpful tools to interpret your results. Once you receive your testing results, you can use the range of tools available to create a MyHeritage family tree. If you've had DNA testing in the past, you can even connect your raw data to MyHeritage's tools to improve the accuracy of your latest results. Otherwise, you may use MyHeritage's chromosome browser to create graphs that display shared DNA components you have with your newfound relatives. Besides understanding and connecting with potential relatives, you can use MyHeritage's interactive map to learn more about the ethnicity regions your DNA traces back to, including ancestral places and locations of key births and deaths.
  • Comprehensive details that come with a subscription. If you upgrade your MyHeritage account to a yearly subscription, you'll gain access to even more detailed analyses. For example, you could access an expanded family tree or gene records including immigrant papers, marriage records and birth records.

Pros and cons of MyHeritage


  • Quick results - typically within a month
  • One of the most affordable DNA tests on the market
  • Allows access to a large number of features without requiring a paid subscription
  • Large database of European users


  • No Y-DNA and MtDNA testing for paternal/maternal line tracing
  • Smaller DNA database than more expensive competitors

Is MyHeritage right for me?

Should you choose MyHeritage for your DNA test? Compare and consider the factors below before choosing a DNA testing kit.

  • Price. Do MyHeritage's tests fit into your budget?
  • Features. Does MyHeritage offer the features that you're interested in? Ultimately, you should only purchase a DNA testing kit if it directly meets the reason you're having a DNA test — whether it's to discover distant relatives or trace your family history.
  • Level of analysis. How comprehensive are the test results offered? Do they answer the questions you had in mind?
  • Tools for interpretation. While MyHeritage offers tools like the MyHeritage family tree, other testing companies provide pie charts, written reports and other visuals to help you understand your results. Ultimately, you should choose a provider that could present your results in the most intuitive way possible.
  • Speed. How quickly can you get your test results?

Final thoughts

MyHeritage offers quick and affordable autosomal DNA testing to help you learn more about yourself and your family's heritage.

If you're keen to learn more about your medical risks through DNA analysis, MyHeritage isn't the right choice for you.

That said, when it comes to tracing your lineage, it's a great option. While it draws on a relatively limited gene pool for analysis, it offers handy tools and helpful analysis at a cheap price point. As a result, MyHeritage is a better option for those who prefer no-frills DNA testing for quick and easy-to-understand results.

MyHeritage DNA
MyHeritage DNA
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  • DNA results in 3 to 4 weeks
  • Offers personalised, comprehensive assistance in 19+ languages all over the world

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