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Why I’m thrilled Qantas is bringing back Sydney-Singapore-London flights



The switch from Dubai is definitely good news.

As we reported earlier today, Qantas and Emirates have extended their alliance partnership for another five years. The most important change that's happening from my perspective? Sydney-London flights will now be routed via Singapore, rather than through Dubai. That change happens from 25 March next year.

I've lost track of the number of times I've taken QF1 and QF2 over my life. After years of being used to those flights being routed through Singapore, having them switch to Dubai was a rude shock. That wasn't because of any problems with the airport itself: it's slick and efficient, and the enormous Emirates lounge, which stretches the length of the terminal, means you never struggle to find a seat. It's a question of sleep.


QF1 departs Sydney mid-afternoon. Flying through Singapore means you can stay awake for the 7-hour Sydney-Singapore leg, reboard late at night, eat supper and then go to sleep for a solid 8 hours or more before waking for breakfast (yes, I'm one of those lucky folk who can sleep easily on planes). When you arrive at Heathrow in the early hours of the next day, you're already largely adapted to the UK time zone. If you fly through Dubai, that doesn't work, and you have to split your sleep over both legs.

In the reverse direction on QF2, the situation less ideal: the flight leaves Heathrow late at night, and while that means you're tired and can sleep through to Singapore, you also need to try and sleep on the Singapore-Sydney leg, which can be more challenging. But given the choice, I'd still prefer the Singapore connection.

I actually have a booking to London for June next year, and I've already been reticketed. Somewhat oddly, however, my return flight on QF2 is still showing up as routed through Dubai. I'm going to guess that's just a software bug.

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