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Samsung will block Note 7 handsets on Australian networks



If you’re still foolish enough to be holding onto a Note 7, you’re going to find yourself blocked from mobile service soon.

Samsung Australia has indicated that while only a "small number" of Note 7 devices are still in consumer hands following the recall of all Note 7 handsets worldwide, it’s still on the case to keep the wider public safe. It recently instituted over-the-air firmware updates that limited the battery charging capacity of Note 7 handsets.

From the middle of the month, it will also be working with Australian carriers making it impossible to connect to network services if you’re using a Note 7 device. A Note 7 that can’t make calls or connect to mobile data services would be a much less compelling option, so Samsung is hopeful that this will see the last few devices in the wild returned.

To further sweeten the pot, for customers who return Note 7 devices directly to Samsung and opt to switch to either a Samsung Galaxy S7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, they’ll receive the difference in costing plus a $250 offer. That offer extends to many of Samsung’s device selling partners as well, with full details available on Samsung’s recall site.

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