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Quick verdict: This pillow will set you back a pretty penny, but in my opinion, it's completely worth it.

  • Immediate difference after 1 night's sleep
  • Improves neck and back pain
  • Good range of sizes for sleepers
  • Quite expensive
  • Shipping takes 3-10 days

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Spinaleze pillows are designed to support your spine. Their patented design creates a complete neck and spinal support system, and their lightweight visco-elastic material is anti-microbial and anti-dust mite, which is a big tick in my book. The Spinaleze pillow also won the best pillow award in the 2020 awards.

Unfortunately, the $219 price tag means this pillow is a hearty investment for shoppers. However, I slept on the Spinaleze pillow for a month and can 100% say I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to normal pillows again.



  • 3 levels of thickness for different sleepers
  • Anti-microbial and anti-dust mite
  • Made of a lightweight visco-elastic material
  • Curved edge and jagged top to guide the set-up
  • Fits a standard size pillowcase



  • Pillow moulds to your shape to ensure your spine is kept straight while sleeping
  • Improves sleep quality immediately
  • You can notice an improvement in neck and back pain after a month
Spinaleze pillow



  • Improves neck and back pain
  • Has a good range of products for different sleepers
  • Inclusive for those with allergies
  • Great sleep, but at a high cost
spinaleze pillow

Should you buy it?

This product is definitely expensive, but in my opinion, it's worth it. The good thing is, you get an immediate payoff. I noticed a difference in my sleep quality after using it for just one night.

Spinaleze accommodates a range of sleepers, with the three sizes to choose from and even a size for children aged 5-15.

I suffer from allergies and felt like this pillow was perfect for me because of it's anti-microbial and anti-dust mite material. You also don't need to replace this pillow as much as you would a normal pillow. According to the brand's website, some customers have had their pillow for up to four years.

The only other issue is that you'll never be able to go back to a normal pillow again. Get ready to bring this to every sleepover or holiday.

Pricing and availability



Where to buy

Shop direct from the Spinaleze website


Low pillow: LxW: 55cm x 36cm, H: 10cm (front) and 11.5cm (rear)

Medium pillow: LxW: 55cm x 36cm, H: 12.5cm (front) and 14cm (rear)

High pillow: LxW: 55cm x 36cm, H: 15cm (front) and 16.5cm (rear)

Children's pillow: LxW: 55cm x 36cm, H: 10cm (front) and 11.5cm (rear)

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