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The world’s best food destinations according to Manu Feildel


Friends dining in the suburban garden of Paris Image: Getty Images

Call yourself a foodie? Then you need to add these delicious morsels to your bucket list.

Being a celebrity chef and My Kitchen Rules judge, Manu Feildel knows a thing or two about a good meal. He has dined countless times across multiple countries and while we're certain there's merit in each and every one, Feildel does have his favourites.

Here's his top four:

Sushi Image: Shutterstock

1. Japan

Manu says: "I love their dedication in every dish they prepare, the precision and perfection from a simple bowl of ramen to respecting every slice of sushi."

  • Finder's 5 favourite Japanese foods to try: Sushi, ramen, Wagyu, matcha and sake.
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Malaysia market Image: Shutterstock

2. Malaysia

Manu says: "Malaysia for their eclectic cuisine. [It's] a mix of Chinese, Malay, Sri Lankan."

  • Finder's 5 favourite Malaysian foods to try: Nasi dagang, nasi goreng, nasi lemak, mee kolok and char kway teow.
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France seafood Image: Shutterstock

3. France

Manu says: "Of course [this is on my list]! Amazing, rich, historical cuisine. Not to mention the amazing seafood from Brittany [where I'm from]."

  • Finder's 5 favourite French foods to try: Cheese, wine, baguettes, pot-au-feu, croque monsieur.
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India food Image: Shutterstock

4. India

Manu says: "It's a crazy world out there and perhaps at times you may feel some of their premises are not the most hygenic, but for me the history and amazing flavours and textures take you beyond this."

  • Finder's 5 favourite Indian foods to try: Gol gappe/panni puri/puchka, chaat (this includes samosa and aloo), pao bhaji, sweets (ras gula, gulab jamun, jalebi) and chow mein.
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Go beyond the restaurant

Sampling the local cuisine is the first step to a foodie adventure in a new country. But what else can foodies do to feed their obsession when travelling? "Visit the local farmers’ markets, enrol in a local cooking class or food tour," suggests Feildel. "Try any local produce on offer."

It doesn't have to be an expensive trip either as each country offers plenty of budget options. If you want to keep the dollars down Feildel recommends hitting up the street food. "Eat like the locals and where the locals are," he says. "And don't worry about your belly, it will get used to it!" And you'll be getting the most authentic experience as well.

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