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VIDEO: Xbox Series X unboxing – What you get on launch day


Microsoft's next-generation Xbox Series X console is almost with us. This Xbox Series X unboxing video takes you through what to expect on launch day.

The Xbox Series X launches in Australia on 10 November 2020 and units have now arrived with the press for review. In the above video, we take you through the moment of opening your Xbox Series X for the first time. You'll discover what's inside and we point out a few curiosities we noticed straight away.

Note: Our filming conditions for this Xbox Series X unboxing video weren't optimal. Due to COVID-19, access to our film studio is currently restricted. Thank you for your understanding.

The Xbox Series X comes packaged with the console, a power cable, a 1.5m long HDMI 2.1 cable and the new Xbox Wireless Controller.

Upon peeling back the curtain for our Xbox Series X unboxing video, a few things immediately stood out. The console itself isn't overwhelming, but it has a real dense weight to it. It feels like it's jammed with power. The grill at the top is rather nice, too, with the green effect only showing when you look at it from an angle. In images, the grill had looked a bit naff, but it's built out of the same hull as the console, so it's sturdy.

The USB port in the front is very discrete, low and out of the way. I prefer this over the PlayStation 5's mid-front approach. There's a sweet little Xbox icon engraved into the side panel I hadn't noticed before, too. I can also confirm that there is no digital optical port (unfortunate) or power block (awesome!) and that the HDMI cable is 2.1 standard (as expected).

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In terms of the rest of our review and thoughts, that's under embargo. Only the Xbox Series X unboxing can be shown. For now, keep an eye on our where to buy Xbox Series X hub page, and get excited by our huge list of announced Xbox Series X games. We also highly recommend reading up on Game Pass Ultimate, which in my opinion should be a day one sign-up for those looking to get the best bang for buck Xbox Series X experience.

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