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Australian business travellers are gagging for in-flight Internet



80% want to be online all the time.

Both Qantas and Virgin will start offering in-flight Internet access on domestic flights in 2017. Some whingers will inevitably complain about how this will destroy work-life balance (it won't) or result in passengers making non-stop calls in flight (it shouldn't). But people who have to fly regularly for work are hanging out for it to happen.

Australians took 2.3 million business-related flights last year, and the majority of travellers took more than one trip. Once the novelty of the miniature sandwiches and the in-flight video fades, being able to get connected and work is a very appealing option.

New figures from Roy Morgan Research (based on a survey of 1,237 Australian business travellers) underline that frequent flyers are demanding. 80% of them agree that they're interested in having Internet access wherever they are. In the modern 4G world, flying is the biggest barrier to that happening.

In the same group, 56% agree that they need to be contactable at all times for work. As a long-time advocate for the view that individuals need to control their own work/life balance, I can live with that figure. And if you do fall into that 56%, having in-flight Internet will give you more communication options. To be clear, voice and video calls shouldn't fall into that category. I'm predicting (and hoping) that these will be banned in-flight, just as they are by most airlines that offer in-flight connectivity. But that still leaves email and chat options galore.

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