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Australian traveller statistics: Historical data

Finder uncovers what the average Australian traveller looks like.

Australia is a nation of travellers. That part is pretty hard to deny.

Whether we're exploring our own backyard or spending a few years abroad, we itch to get away to see more. But where are we all going? What type of accommodation do we prefer to stay in? Is solo travel really a thing? And what's stopping some of us from getting out more?

We dig deep to discover the average Aussie's travel habits. Look familiar, much?

Where do we go? Domestic

We suss out our favourite domestic destinations and how much on average we pay to get there.

Where do we go? International

We suss out our favourite overseas destinations and how much on average we pay to get there.

How much do we spend?

Take a listen to our Pocket Money podcast to see how much the average Aussie spends on travel and what they're putting their hard earn dollars toward when on holiday.

Popular destinations swarm with Australians but we're a nation that searches for more. So which cities have been growing in interest for us?

Flying: Do we love it or hate it?

We love the in-flight entertainment but hate the person behind us kicking our seat. Does it surprise you much?

Where do we stay?

Australians aren't luxury travellers but we don't scrimp either, opting for hotels and motels over resorts and hostels.

Who are we travelling with?

Friends, family or solo? Here's what you said.

What trouble do Aussies tend to run into?

Plus, the six most dangerous countries for Australians.

Cruising: What's stopping us?

Pirates makes it onto the list, but it's not our biggest worry.

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