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Instagram made me buy it: Is the Bangn Body Firming Lotion worth the hype?

For months I haven't been able to escape this tiny yellow tube on Instagram. So I decided to bite the bullet and give it a red hot go.

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Bangn Body has been around for a while now, but it feels like this brand really popped up out of nowhere. In a matter of months, every influencer has been posting about this product with rave reviews. This lead me to the same question I always ask myself when I see this happen:

Is it actually a good product?

Or is it simply a brand with a large marketing budget?

So I decided to get my hands on a tube and try it out for an honest review.

About the product

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The Bangn Body firming lotion is described as a yellow tube of goodness that promises the world. According to the brand, the product reduces redness and bumps, hydrates dry skin, aids in the reduction of cellulite, stretch marks and scarring, firms and tightens the skin, AND slows down the ageing process.

There really isn't much more a product could promise besides folding my washing and walking my dog. In other words, Bangn Body talks a very big game.

It retails for $48 and is jam-packed with a bunch of ingredients including shea butter, pineapple fruit oil and green coffee bean extract to give you "soft, glowing and hydrated skin".

On the Bangn Body website, this product has over 900 5-star reviews. So here's what I rate it.

The review

I won't lie to you, my excitement to give this product a go was off the charts. I personally suffer from really dry skin and eczema, which I've always struggled to find a fix for. Even medical-grade steroid creams don't necessarily do the trick for me. It's a cruel world, I know.

The consistency of this lotion is unlike any other product I've tried. It's incredibly lightweight but hydrating at the same time. I didn't get that greasy heavy feeling you often get with some moisturisers.

As soon as I applied the product I noticed a pretty big difference in my skin. However, what really makes a good moisturiser is just how long that hydration actually lasts.

But I can happily confirm, it lasted all damn day.

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I had my doubts given how light the product felt on my skin, but boy oh boy, the consistency of this product is an absolute dream. Pure magic.

I've been using the lotion for three weeks now and have noticed a significant difference in my dry patches and eczema, as well as the overall firmness of my skin.

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Another aspect that was a major game-changer for me was the improvement in my skin's texture. There were significantly fewer red bumps and irritation from shaving after using the lotion consistently.

I don't really suffer from major acne (thankfully) so there weren't really any pimples for Bangn Body to help with, BUT in saying that, it also didn't cause any pimples.

One thing I will say is that I used the product up pretty quickly. This isn't surprising since I was using it all over my body every day. It does come with a fun li'l tool that helps you get every last drop out of the tube, which I definitely appreciated.

Pros and cons


  • All-day hydration
  • Very cute packaging
  • Lovely scent
  • I noticed a firmness in my skin
  • It's vegan and cruelty-free


  • It's on the expensive side for a moisturiser
  • I used up the majority of the product pretty quickly making it an expensive recurring purchase

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The final verdict

It's safe to say, I'm now joining the chorus of raving reviews for Bangn Body.

This is, simply put, a really good product.

Yes, $48 to me is on the expensive side, but I'd happily repurchase again. I'll probably wait for an online sale and grab more than my bank account would be happy with.

It's a fabulous multipurpose product that's going to do exactly what it says it does. I kind of wish there was a travel size so that you could test it out to see how good it is before committing to the full-sized tube, but it's not a huge deal-breaker.

The brand offers free standard shipping Australia-wide (love that) and you can also purchase this product in store and online from Mecca.

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Where can you buy it?

Buy from Sephora


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