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Australia’s best portable air conditioner: Our pick for 2024


If you want an Aussie designed portable air conditioner, the Coolzy Pro is your safest bet.

Australia is about to endure some of the hottest temperatures on record.

If your home lacks a ducted air conditioning system, you're going to need a portable AC unit to see you through the summer. (It's either that or shuttered windows and lots of cold showers.)

So which model should you get?

For our money, the best local option is the Coolzy-Pro 3650BTU, an Aussie-designed personal air Con unit that currently retails for $749.

In Finder's 2023 portable air conditioner guide, it was named the best Australian portable AC on the market.

During our tests, it came out on top due to a range of factors including its simple setup, quiet operation, low energy usage and innovative Australian design.

Effortless cooling

One of the standout features of the Coolzy-Pro is its user-friendliness. Unlike traditional air conditioners that require complex installations, the Coolzy-Pro is a plug-and-play device.

You simply wheel it into any room, plug it into a standard 240V power source and you're good to go.

The unit uses R290 gas, a refrigerant grade propane that is natural, safe, and non-toxic.

When it comes to cooling, the Coolzy-Pro takes a unique approach, focusing on individuals rather than entire rooms. This is achieved via a deflector arm that directs air flow in a concentrated area of appropriately 4 square metres.

This allows it to operate at an impressively low wattage of just 340 watts, which is around 70% less energy consumption than an average portable air conditioner. The low wattage also results in reduced operational noise, especially at the lower settings.

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In our tests, the Coolzy-Pro produced similar amounts of noise to a large pedestal fan.

The only minor drawback of the Coolzy-Pro is that it doesn't come with a built-in exhaust hose. In larger spaces, this isn't an issue, as the warm air naturally dissipates. However, in smaller rooms, you may need to purchase an optional exhaust tail which sells for $50-$75, depending on the length.

A $99 igloo tent is also available for exceptionally hot environments, but this will be overkill for most users.

Product Highlights

Here are some key features and specifications that make the Coolzy-Pro an outstanding choice:

  • Low-cost, fully contained aircon solution
  • Fully portable
  • Suitable for bedrooms, offices, sheds, garages, patios, caravans, tents, boats and more
  • Works with batteries, solar power (with a suitable inverter) and small generators
  • Three-speed operation (low, medium, high)
  • Remote control included
  • Focus Enhancer included for personalised cooling
  • Functions as both a refrigerated air conditioner and a fan
  • Requires no consumables
  • Compatible with 220-240 Volts ~50 Hz power sources
  • Uses only 340 watts of electricity (at least 70% less than standard portable AC units)
  • Provides 1100 watts< of cooling capacity (~3650 BTU)
  • Features a removable tray for condensation water removal

Where to buy

There are currently 2 models in the Coolzy air conditioner range, both of which can be purchased from Coolzy direct. Our personal choice is the Coolzy-Pro, but shoppers on a budget can also opt for the cheaper Coolzy-Go.

It lacks the remote control and adjustable fan speeds found on the Coolzy-Pro but is otherwise similar in concept and design. It currently retails for $549.

Here are the links to buy:

Coolzy-Pro<br />Personal Air Conditioner
Personal Air Conditioner

Key features:

  • Refrigerated air conditioner
  • Three speed operation
  • Temperature control
  • No installation required
  • Uses just 340 Watts of electricity


Coolzy-Go<br />Personal Air Conditioner
Personal Air Conditioner

Key features:

  • Refrigerated air conditioner
  • Weighs just 17kg
  • Simple plug-and-play design
  • No installation required
  • Uses just 340 Watts of electricity


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