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Best thermometers in Australia 2024

We've found the 10 best thermometers available online.

The best thermometers in Australia

A thermometer is a handy device to have at home, allowing you to measure temperature or temperature gradients. It typically consists of a closed tube filled with liquid that expands and contracts depending on the temperature. These days, there are heaps of thermometer types to address various requirements, with digital and infrared versions being the most popular.

To help you find the best thermometer, we examined various options available online from retailers such as Amazon, eBay and Chemist Warehouse. We picked options based on customer reviews, ratings and key features.

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Famidoc Touchless Forehead Infrared Thermometer

Best overall thermometer

Famidoc Touchless Forehead Infrared Thermometer
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Has power-saving and memory storage functions
  • Gives accurate and consistent readings


  • Several customers found the build flimsy
  • Not the best battery life

We picked the Famidoc Touchless Forehead Infrared Thermometer as the best overall thermometer available online. It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from over 800 reviews on Chemist Warehouse.

The Famidoc Touchless Forehead Infrared Thermometer is user-friendly and has a straightforward interface. It boasts a power-saving function that automatically places the device in standby mode after 30 seconds of no detected activity.

Customers have praised this device because of how accurate it is even in extreme temperatures since they can rely on the consistent results provided by the thermometer. Plus, it offers several useful features such as storing temperature readings and displaying 2 distinct backlight colour indications depending on the temperature reading.

It has 2 separate measurement functions for both objects and bodies, making it versatile and applicable to different settings.

Ritalia Baby Thermometer

Best baby thermometer

Ritalia Baby Thermometer
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Can be used to measure ambient temperature
  • Comes with a night function for ease of use


  • Needs to be calibrated before use
  • Audio alert feature is too loud for some

For babies, we recommend the Ritalia Baby Thermometer as the best one to get. On Amazon, this has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

The Ritalia Baby Thermometer makes it easy to track your baby's temperature accurately and quickly. The digital display is large, clear and easy to read even in low-light settings. It takes readings both orally and by placing the tip of the thermometer under the arm or on the forehead. This allows parents to get a reading without having to disturb their child's rest.

The device uses advanced infrared technology for accurate readings in under 2 seconds. Its colour-coded LED screen lets you easily identify if your child has a fever or not. And if you don't have time to check the real-time temperature displayed on the LED screen, there's also an audio alert feature that will sound off when a high fever is detected so you can be alerted even if you're away from your baby.

bblüv Termö Infrared Digital Thermometer

Best children's thermometer

bblüv Termö Infrared Digital Thermometer
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Has a fever alert function
  • Quick while giving accurate results


  • There are cheaper options available
  • Requires frequent battery replacement

With a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars from over 100 Amazon reviews, the bblüv Termö Infrared Digital Thermometer is our pick for this category.

The bblüv Termö Infrared Digital Thermometer can be used to take the temperature of adults and children, with readings delivered in just 1 second. The device has a backlit LCD that provides clear visibility in low-light conditions, making it a great choice for nighttime readings. Its ergonomic design fits comfortably in either hand and allows for easy use during temperature checks.

This thermometer is accurate, fast and safe to use. It uses infrared technology so there's no contact required. This means parents won't need to worry about their little ones coming into contact with any germs or bacteria during check-ups. It also has an auto shut-off feature built into it, helping conserve battery life after 15 seconds of no activity.

Braun IRT6020 ThermoScan 5 Ear Thermometer

Best ear thermometer

Braun IRT6020 ThermoScan 5 Ear Thermometer
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Advanced fever guidance system
  • Provides consistent and accurate measures


  • Small LCD
  • Expensive

If you're looking for an ear thermometer, the Braun IRT6020 ThermoScan 5 Ear Thermometer is worth considering. This easy-to-use device has earned a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon from over 11,000 reviews.

This device has a specially designed probe tip to capture infrared heat emitted from the eardrum and its surrounding tissue, making it one of the most accurate methods for measuring body temperature. The thermometer also comes with an audio cue that indicates when a correct reading has been obtained. This provides an added assurance that the temperature will be measured accurately. Its ergonomic design suits even children or those with limited dexterity.

There is also an advanced fever guidance system that can help parents determine if their child has a fever. The system uses colour-coded display lights that provide instant feedback on whether the temperature is normal, elevated or high.

Withings Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer

Best forehead thermometer

Withings Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • No-contact measurement
  • User-friendly mobile app


  • Not the best option for taking the temperature of an active kid
  • Occasionally disconnects from the mobile app

Our pick for the best forehead thermometer is Withings' Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer, which has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Taking readings in just 2 seconds, this Withings smart thermometer has a large colour-coded display so you can easily read the temperature at a glance. It also stores up to 8 different readings if needed. The app allows you to easily monitor your family's health with detailed graphs and records of individual temperature changes, ideal for keeping track of fever symptoms or tracking the common cold.

Many customers were impressed by the device's user-friendliness, accurate readings and sleek design. While it's a bit pricey, this device is perfect for family use as it lets up to 8 users store their measurements. It is also battery-operated and waterproof and doesn't require manual calibration as it automatically adjusts depending on environmental conditions.

Dr Talbot's Flex Tip Digital Thermometer

Best stick thermometer

Dr Talbot's Flex Tip Digital Thermometer
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Flexible tip
  • Quick and accurate readings


  • Only measures in Fahrenheit
  • Can be invasive

For the best stick model, we recommend Dr Talbot's Flex Tip Digital Thermometer. On Amazon, it has a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Dr Talbot's Flex Tip Digital Thermometer is designed with an easy-to-read LCD screen, making it perfect for use when taking temperatures quickly and accurately. The long flexible probe tip allows you to easily reach the back of children's mouths or even behind the ears. This has a beep sound that alerts you when your temperature reading is complete so you don't have to hold it in your mouth for too long.

It has a memory recall feature that stores up to 10 previous readings and comes with a handy storage case and battery included so you can take it with you while travelling. It has also been clinically tested to be accurate within two-tenths of a degree, meaning your readings will always be correct no matter what the temperature is outside.

Oricom HFS-1000

Best infrared thermometer

Oricom HFS-1000
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Multipurpose and no-contact
  • Suitable for all ages


  • Weak battery life
  • A bit bulky

We recommend the Oricom HFS-1000 as the best infrared thermometer, having earned a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

The Oricom HFS-1000 offers accurate and reliable readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, with its patented Proximity Technology allowing fast and easy contactless temperature readings.

It also has a large LCD screen that displays the temperature clearly and accurately, providing users with peace of mind when taking temperatures. It has many other features such as adjustable alarm settings, silent mode, fever indication alert, backlight display, data storage and recall support, auto shut-off function, optional wall mount capability and digital memory recall.

The general sentiment is that this is a user-friendly, lightweight and robust thermometer with an ergonomic design for convenience. It offers no-contact temperature readings and a quick response time of just 1 second per reading, saving precious time especially in busy clinical environments.

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Vicks Fever InSight Thermometer

Best budget thermometer

Vicks Fever InSight Thermometer
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Easy to use
  • Designed for oral, rectal and underarm use


  • Battery is difficult to replace
  • Users reported occasional inconsistencies with readings

For this category, we selected the Vicks Fever InSight Thermometer, which has a rating of 4.2 on Chemist Warehouse.

The Vicks Fever InSight Thermometer is an advanced, affordable and safe device. This multi-use thermometer provides professional accuracy with readings within +/- 0.1°C, making it one of the most reliable thermometers available on the market. It also features a large colour LCD which makes it easier to read and ensures a child-friendly experience.

It can be used either orally, rectally or in the underarmso you can measure temperature in whichever way you choose. Plus, its smaller size means that it can be conveniently stored or carried around in your bag or pocket if necessary.

Oricom FS300 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Best thermometer for offices

Oricom FS300 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • High-quality build
  • Takes readings in 2 seconds


  • One critic said it doesn't work when it's too cold
  • No date and time stamp for stored temperatures

For offices, we chose Oricom's FS300 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer as the best thermometer. It has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon and 5 on Catch.

The Oricom infrared thermometer works efficiently, taking just 2 seconds to take readings of body surface or room temperature. It's also more hygienic than traditional thermometers as it does not use probe filters in the process, making it safe for multiple users.

Many people are happy with the speed at which this device can record temperatures. This makes it suitable for both adults and babies alike. Aside from its non-invasive design and quick measurements, the thermometer has also been praised for its accuracy. With up to 0.2°C readings within a range of 32–42°C (90–108°F), you can rely on precise numbers each time you use it.

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Meater Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

Best meat thermometer (for BBQ)

Meater Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Dual sensor for better accuracy
  • Has a guided cook system feature


  • Difficult to connect with the mobile app
  • Expensive

We picked the Meater Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer as the best meal thermometer for checking your BBQ's temperature. This smart model has earned a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from more than 7,000 Amazon reviews.

Using wireless technology, this thermometer allows you to monitor the progress of your food from up to 165 feet away with just 1 device. This means you can spend less time hovering over your stove and more time kicking back and enjoying your meal when it's done. Plus, it has a convenient app so that you can monitor temperatures wherever you are.

The Meater thermometer uses 2 probes: 1 made of stainless steel and the other made of ceramic. This help measures the internal temperature of both meat and poultry as well as its surrounding environment. It takes readings from its air probe and meat probe to deliver more precise results – down to 0.1°F increments.

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Our team has put all efforts possible to find the 10 best thermometers you can get online. We evaluated options from retailers such as Amazon, Catch, Chemist Warehouse and eBay, with thermometers from the following brands:

  • AMIR
  • bblüv
  • Berrcom
  • Beurer
  • Braun
  • Cherub Baby
  • Dr Talbot's
  • Dreambaby
  • Famidoc
  • Inkbird
  • Meater
  • Mikonca
  • Oricom
  • Philips
  • Ritalia
  • Sejoy
  • Shakh
  • ThermoPro

We then made a shortlist based on customer reviews and ratings. We also considered each model's key product features, including ease of use, battery life, accuracy and value for money. For the best cheap option, we examined thermometers priced at $30 and below.

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