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Beauty product of the week: Bondi Sands Glo instant tan


Say goodbye to winter skin and hello to a summer glo(w) all year round!

Unfortunately, I'm one of those people sitting at home in tracksuit pants and a jumper this winter. I'll scroll through my Instagram watching everyone on their Europe vacay with glorious tans and contemplate deleting my social media.

However, when this product found its way onto my desk, things started looking up. Europe holiday tan? Eat your heart out.

I saw the Bondi Sands Glo range launch on Instagram and boy oh boy was I shook. The range consists of a shimmer, gloss and matte instant tanning creams that I just had to try. If I could try three different tans at once, I totally would. However, it was the shimmer formula that really caught my eye.

Why we love this product

As someone with dry skin, getting the summer glow look isn't all that simple. It's super easy for tan to stick to dry patches and also look a little muddy. This is something I always worry about with new tanning products, especially instant ones.

I naturally have fair to medium skin but If I can sport a tan all year round, I'm going to do it. Only problem? I'm super lazy. The whole tanning process of exfoliating, moisturising, sitting in tanning lotion for six hours is a pain in the neck. Hence why I love the Bondi Sands one hour express tan so much. But sometimes, you just need that extra boost. A little something, something that makes you look like a glowing goddess and now, I think I've found it.

I've always been a foam kind of tan girl and never really a cream, but this Bondi Sands Shimmer Glo formula is so lightweight, you can barely feel it on the skin.


Bondi Sands Shimmer Glo Tan Before and After

I used a tanning mitt to apply it and soon realised that it's not at all heavy and really seamlessly glides onto the skin, sort of like a moisturiser. I could also really build the product up, which was a nice surprise and it dried super quickly. If it didn't reach the darkness I wanted then just I put another layer on.

My other thought with this product was, is it going to transfer? So I risked it for the biscuit and put a white top on for the day. If that isn't the ultimate test, I really don't know what is. At the end of the day, I checked my top to see if I needed to grab the stain remover and that was the exact moment I fell in love. Not a single smudge or mark.


This tan is incredibly affordable, sitting at $17.99. You also don't need to use an abundance of product so you're going to get your money's worth at a very reasonable price!

Where you can buy it

It's super easy to get your hands on this product even though it's only stocked in one place. You will find it exclusively at Priceline from 16 July. Mark those calendars people, 'cause these are going to sell out quick.

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