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10 of the cheapest places to travel on the Australian dollar in 2018

The destinations where Aussies can get the most bang for their buck.

Where 2016 was marred by flash crashes with the British pound falling near parity with the Euro and the Swiss Franc taking a tumble, 2017 remained relatively unscathed by any major economic changes.

Despite this, the Australian dollar still grew stronger against numerous countries.

Of these, the North Korean won took the greatest hit, falling by 650% against the Aussie dollar with the Uzbekistani som coming up second, weakening by 171%.

Travelling on a budget this year? We compared currencies worldwide to see where the dollar saw the greatest growth in the past year to determine the hottest destinations to visit where your dollars will go the furthest.

For the purposes of travel, we've excluded areas deemed unsafe for Australians, such as North Korea, Uzbekistan and Syria from our shortlist. You can see the full list of currency changes between 1 January 2017 and 1 January 2018 as sourced from further down.

10 of the cheapest currencies for Australians in 2018

1. Argentine peso: 26.31% more per dollar

2. Ghanaian cedi: 14.92% more per dollar

3. Seychellois rupee: 13.91% more per dollar

4. Sri Lankan rupee: 11.98% more per dollar

5. Maldivian rufiyaa: 10.67% more per dollar

6. Lao kip: 10.57% more per dollar

7. Brazilian real: 10.47% more per dollar

8. Cambodian riel: 9.92% more per dollar

9. Philippine peso: 9.56% more per dollar

10. Hong Kong dollar: 9.42% more per dollar


1. Argentina

For the third year running, we're seeing the Argentine peso falling, cementing it as one of the prime destinations to visit for next to nix.

  • How much am I saving? For every AUD$100, you're getting an extra 312 pesos. That's enough to cover your admission ticket to Iguazu Falls
  • What are flight prices like? With Air New Zealand and LATAM offering flights to Argentina, it's now more affordable to explore South America. On sale, flights can fall to $1,079 return.
  • How much do I need? Check out our quick and easy guide to travel money in South America to see how affordable your full true works out to be.

Check flight prices to Argentina


2. Ghana

With its picturesque coastal landscape, rich wildlife and colonial architecture, Ghana is a safari for the senses.

It's considered one of the most stable countries in West Africa due to its wealth and colonial independence.

  • How much am I saving? For every AUD$100, you're getting an extra 45.64 cedi, which equates to one extra coffee when you're in town.
  • What are flight prices like? Being a less frequented route, flights to Accra, Ghana, are priced at $1,800+ return flying luxury airlines such as Ethiopian Airlines, Qantas and Singapore Airlines.

Check flight prices to Ghana


3. Seychelles

Paradise unparalleled is just one way to describe the arresting island destination of Seychelles. Comprised of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, it's a place for relaxation and romance and its currency has taken a dip this year making it that much more affordable.

  • How much am I saving? For every AUD$100, you're getting an extra 133.84 Seychellois rupees. That's enough to buy you two tickets to a movie or a meal at a fast food restaurant.
  • What are flight prices like? Seychelles flights can start from $1,067 when departing from Perth. However, these cheap flights do come with multiple connections and a longer journey time. For the price though, it could be worth it.

Check flight prices to Seychelles


4. Sri Lanka

Home to acclaimed beaches, ancient Buddhist ruins and untouched forest, with the Sri Lankan rupee currently weaker against the Aussie dollar, now's as good a time as any to explore this exotic location.

  • How much am I saving? For every AUD$100, you're getting an extra 1,282 rupees. That's enough for a swanky meal in a hotel restaurant.
  • What are flight prices like? During a sale, flights to Sri Lanka can drop to $300+ return on a budget airline like AirAsia making this a more than affordable destination.
  • How much do I need? Suss out the full cost of your trip plus grab your travel money before you take off with our Sri Lanka travel money guide.

Check flight prices to Sri Lanka


5. The Maldives

It's getting cheaper and cheaper to experience life on the other side with the Maldivian rufiyaa now cheaper against the Australian dollar.

  • How much am I saving? For every AUD$100, you're getting an extra MVR116.26 which is enough to cover lunch or three local ferry rides.
  • What are flight prices like? Thanks to budget airlines like AirAsia, when on sale, flights to the Maldives can cost little over $400 return. Who says luxurious islands have to cost the world?

Check flight prices to Maldives


6. Laos

Take a step back to discover the local history, cuisine and beauty of this breathtaking Asian country. Now more budget friendly than last year.

  • What are flight prices like? Flights to Laos can start from $750 return on budget airlines.

Check flight prices to Laos


7. Brazil

Colourful costumes, lauded beaches and panoramic views are yours for less this year when you put your dollars against the Brazilian real.

  • What are flight prices like? When on sale, flights to Brazil can drop to under $1,000 return on airlines such as Qantas. Keep your eyes peeled for the bargains to win big this year.
  • How much money do I need? Work out the full cost of your trip, including where to score the best travel money cards.

Check flight prices to Brazil


8. Cambodia

Tick Angkor Wat off your bucket list this year thanks to cheap currency exchange rates and bargain airfares.

  • What are flight prices like? When there's a budget airline sale round, you can find flights to Cambodia from $307 return from Australia.
  • How much money do I need? Use our Cambodia travel money guide to work out the cost of your trip and order your money.

Check flight prices to Cambodia


9. The Philippines

The search for the world's best beaches is over with the Philippines within easy reach while staying easy on the pocket.

  • How much am I saving? For every AUD$100 you're getting an extra PHP314. Depending on how good your haggling skills are, this could score you a unique souvenir or a guided tour of San Sebastian Basilica with a touch to spare to give as a tip.
  • What are flight prices like? You can spoil yourself there and back with full service flights for under $500 when on sale with Philippine Airlines. Keep your ear to the ground for sale fares for the biggest discounts.
  • How much money do I need?

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10. Hong Kong

Shop, eat, explore repeat. What else would you do in Hong Kong, amirite? Especially now that you've got that much more to spend on fashion and food!

  • How much am I saving? For every AUD$100 you're getting an extra HKD52.68. Use this to take an organised tour of the nightlife with a local.
  • What are flight prices like? You can generally get return flights to Hong Kong for $500-700 when on sale, on a full service carrier or less flying budget.
  • How much money do I need? Work out the cost of your trip and get your money sorted before you leave with the help of our Hong Kong travel money guide.

Top flight deals to Hong Kong

Currency exchange rate increases between 2017 and 2018

CurrencyUnits per AUD (2017)Units per AUD (2018)Percentage more per dollar
North Korean Won93.75929798703.7932554650.6383587
Uzbekistani Som2337.6986350.889078171.6727771
Syrian Pound153.66132402.7517848162.1035565
Sierra Leonean Leone3936.9865997.18237752.32927873
Liberian Dollar65.556498.1853617849.77235142
Congolese Franc837.2427521244.91863948.69267443
Ethiopian Birr16.3530821.382624530.7559463
Nigerian Naira219.1456888281.521179728.46302441
Argentine Peso11.4205009714.5395986227.31139072
Gambian Dalasi30.364861137.2694682822.73880706
Tajikistani Somoni5.6741585566.90218329221.64241137
Iranian Rial23323.670428211.1509420.95502318
Sudanese Pound4.6678316685.48230606317.44866681
Turkish Lira2.54013042.96208917716.61169745
Tunisian Dinar1.6622509521.92022263415.51941857
Pakistani Rupee75.137722286.3583720414.93344423
Ghanaian Cedi3.0801422093.5396541714.91853073
Bangladeshi Taka56.8467666465.0258272214.38790816
Rwandan Franc584.7126776667.038457814.07969818
Nicaraguan Cordoba21.1223435124.0745198313.97655673
Burundian Franc1206.7060551374.57662713.91147178
Seychellois Rupee9.62238305310.9607579213.9089751
Dominican Peso33.2608666837.8180139313.70122821
Algerian Dinar79.315318989.8190469113.24300042
Afghan Afghani48.050677854.3374606913.08365079
Costa Rican Colon394.1812557445.420631512.9989377
Ukrainian Hryvnia19.4435958321.9692004312.98939055
Tanzanian Shilling1566.14961755.44908712.08693516
Sri Lankan Rupee106.936176119.765662211.99733029
Maldivian Rufiyaa10.8996520812.0622383910.6662699
Lao Kip5884.0829796505.80598910.56618358
Brazilian Real2.344685882.59008336510.46611348
Honduran Lempira16.6988722218.4452006810.45776289
Guyanese Dollar146.6878445161.968248610.41695322
Surinamese Dollar5.2949399315.83040901410.11284528
Malawian Kwacha515.633511567.694410510.09649263
Papua New Guinean Kina2.288278562.5158491239.945055072
Cambodian Riel2874.684093159.9483449.923325342
Trinidadian Dollar4.8189717635.2896983019.768194555
Dutch Guilder1.2751079861.399472059.753218186
Kenyan Shilling73.6392888880.699251459.587222633
Philippine Peso35.7030249939.116897299.561857313
Iraqi Dinar850.7924931.07409199.436108254
Zambian Kwacha7.1319597257.8047606779.433605604
Macau Pataca5.7539691556.2960284639.420615472
Hong Kong Dollar5.586377826.1126489939.420615472
Ugandan Shilling2594.88082838.2399499.378432683
Bolivian Bolíviano4.9419440965.4045294769.360392803
Djiboutian Franc127.9430444139.73698779.218119953
Somali Shilling414.7380541452.74733889.164648452
Angolan Kwanza118.9214678129.75106049.106507636
Jordanian Dinar0.50946687330.55444660078.82878353
Belizean Dollar1.4371778391.5636423278.799501688
Indonesian Rupiah9743.4110596.470258.755253565
Yemeni Rial180.0495667195.74213878.715695497
Lebanese Pound1084.56221178.8832878.6966969
Venezuelan Bolívar7.1858459997.8103461578.690697762
Mauritanian Ouguiya255.0216277.07264478.646736083
Turkmenistani Manat2.52142.7378914338.586159792
Emirati Dirham2.6455249922.871939558.558398007
Omani Rial0.27699379780.30068366438.552489871
Aruban or Dutch Guilder1.2895161.3998017148.552489011
Zimbabwean Dollar260.71276283.01019018.55248901
Salvadoran Colon6.30356.8426061458.552489009
Cuban Peso19.090620.723321478.552489009
US Dollar0.72040.78201213088.552489006
Barbadian or Bajan Dollar1.44081.5640242628.552489006
Cuban Convertible Peso0.72040.78201213088.552489006
Bermudian Dollar0.72040.78201213088.552489006
Panamanian Balboa0.72040.78201213088.552489006
Bahamian Dollar0.72040.78201213088.552489006
Seborgan Luigino0.12006666670.13033535468.552488532
East Caribbean Dollar1.9450800342.1114324948.552473783
Caymanian Dollar0.59073346740.64124998048.551489934
Saudi Arabian Riyal2.701896222.9325454918.536570313
Qatari Riyal2.6228323192.8465241568.528636587
Burmese Kyat981.18481064.1857378.459256345
Armenian Dram348.630376377.881048.39016505
Bahraini Dinar0.27130263810.29403656128.379543693
Belarusian Ruble1.4263920141.5454126838.344176654
Kyrgyzstani Som49.8552833253.924443558.161943857
Kazakhstani Tenge240.2894112259.65151788.057827646
Vietnamese Dong16402.787617712.498757.984686374
Colombian Peso2162.64082333.7403597.911603215
Solomon Islander Dollar5.632528836.0731905677.823514984
Kuwaiti Dinar0.21986608760.23635661557.500259854
Uruguayan Peso21.0933124922.478709746.567945404
Eritrean Nakfa11.0077118111.730181966.563309136
Egyptian Pound13.06265313.890145616.334797453
Mongolian Tughrik1787.31241899.7995076.293645551
Ni-Vanuatu Vatu80.468677885.465366436.209482699
Georgian Lari1.91950582.03243085.883024672
New Zealand Dollar1.0399884511.1007194945.839588194
Guatemalan Quetzal5.4292945835.7434011455.785402805
Malagasy Ariary2406.1362533.4806545.29249609
Jamaican Dollar92.3768889297.180409985.199916468
Fijian Dollar1.524042221.6025093975.148622287
Platinum Ounce0.00079824920.00083828355.015263404
Peruvian Sol2.416581842.5318301234.769061863
Japanese Yen84.232409888.146624884.646922828
Guinean Franc6748.70727060.9291134.626395892
Haitian Gourde47.8777833450.081228624.602229096
Paraguayan Guarani4197.05044370.1766214.124949767
Tongan Pa'anga1.6648948151.7304613753.938180323
Swiss Franc0.734591880.76170939143.691507099
Samoan Tala1.9022973931.971478083.636691464
Norwegian Krone6.227785966.4080990682.895300344
Mexican Peso14.9363413615.350472772.772642923
Libyan Dinar1.0358631221.0635787772.675609751
IMF Special Drawing Rights0.53587962540.54876706022.404912258
Azerbaijan Manat1.297944681.329031082.395048139
Nepalese Rupee78.415538980.163807492.229492543
Russian Ruble44.1362425245.116240732.220393395
Indian Rupee48.9546379249.868620521.866999008
Bhutanese Ngultrum48.9546379249.868620521.866999008
Silver Ounce0.04525125630.0460808451.833294295
Chinese Yuan Renminbi5.002961885.0861630791.663038842
Mauritian Rupee25.826338926.217385471.514138597
Canadian Dollar0.968109540.98105326571.337010448
Singapore Dollar1.042634921.0450513880.2317654966
Bruneian Dollar1.042634921.0450513880.2317654966
Moroccan Dirham7.2882865317.3012339150.1776464817
Australian Dollar110
Tuvaluan Dollar110
Botswana Pula7.6920717.678252111-0.1796510875
Chilean Peso482.01964480.5850799-0.297614442
Icelandic Krona81.37638480.89860084-0.5871275389
Taiwan New Dollar23.359330223.17579781-0.785692011
British Pound0.58383985740.5785966357-0.8980581976
Gibraltar Pound0.58383985740.5785966357-0.8980581976
Falkland Island Pound0.58383985740.5785966357-0.8980581976
Saint Helenian Pound0.58383985740.5785966357-0.8980581976
Jersey Pound0.58383985740.5785966357-0.8980581976
Isle of Man Pound0.58383985740.5785966357-0.8980581976
Guernsey Pound0.58383985740.5785966357-0.8980581976
Thai Baht25.8119333225.44184004-1.433806896
Malaysian Ringgit3.2306337513.17404112-1.75175012
Israeli Shekel2.7748151082.718582481-2.026535993
Romanian Leu3.107661523.04213533-2.108536917
South African Rand9.8907029849.681298511-2.117184928
Namibian Dollar9.8907029849.681298511-2.117184928
Basotho Loti9.8907029849.681298511-2.117184928
Swazi Lilangeni9.8907029849.681298511-2.117184928
Swedish Krona6.5609313386.398784817-2.471394882
South Korean Won869.710104833.7676215-4.132696899
Gold Ounce0.00062515190.0005986876-4.233259149
Macedonian Denar41.9056666840.09728475-4.315363707
Sao Tomean Dobra16788.561816027.74769-4.531740817
Hungarian Forint211.934476202.2143475-4.586383825
Danish Krone5.090778644.847411893-4.780540751
Bulgarian Lev1.3380205321.273456379-4.82534848
Bosnian Convertible Marka1.3393622341.273456379-4.920689359
CFA Franc449.202657427.0987896-4.920689363
Central African CFA Franc BEAC449.202657427.0987896-4.920689363
Comorian Franc336.9019927320.3240922-4.920689363
CFP Franc81.7189780477.69784098-4.920689363
Cape Verdean Escudo75.5555500271.79766895-4.973666484
Croatian Kuna5.1337146234.839316788-5.734596813
Moldovan Leu14.3035416713.37091528-6.520247976
Albanian Lek92.7546608586.68122087-6.547854221
Serbian Dinar84.25798477.09906368-8.496429633
Polish Zloty3.017071222.71896156-9.880763103
Czech Koruna18.5043024616.65865608-9.974147264
Mozambican Metical51.3140944245.85716501-10.63436756
Palladium Ounce0.00105728940.0007312518-30.8371199

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