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The 3 products I swear by for my lazy girl tanning routine


"I did what I do best and found the easy/lazy way to tan that takes minimal effort for maximum tan."

I've been using fake tan since I was a teenager for two main reasons. One, I don't like the idea of skin cancer and two, I don't like the idea of ageing my body at an accelerated rate.

Over the years there have been a multitude of tanning trends from spray tans to ultra dark mousses to instant tan creams – some good and some bad.

However, over the years, "Thursday tanning night" just became a hassle and to put it frankly I couldn't be arsed. So I did what I do best and found the easy/lazy way to tan that takes minimal effort for maximum tan. The good news is, there are only 3 product you need and every single one is a 10/10.

Isle Of Paradise Self Tanning Water

Price: $25

Where to buy: eBay

After trying self-tanning water I'm yet to go back to any other type of tan. It's super hydrating on the skin, looks incredibly natural and you don't have to wash it off either. This tanning water has to be the most natural looking tan I've ever tried and is a seamless application process.

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Bali Body Gradual Face Tan

Price: $32.95

Where to buy: eBay

You definitely want to get a face-specific tanning product into your routine. Fake tan for your body can be too harsh for your face, block your pores or cause break-outs. It's not a vibe.

Basically, my tip to a flawless face tan all year round is a gradual face tan that doubles as skincare. The Bali Body Gradual Face Tan ticks both of those boxes. This product is a daily moisturiser (which should be in your skincare routine already) which also builds up a glow over time to give you a sun-kissed look. The best part? I noticed a difference overnight after using this product. You don't have to worry about applying a face tan because you've already got it in your routine with this 2-in-1 product. Definitely a must-try.

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Loving Tan Gradual Tanning Lotion

Price: $29.95

Where to buy: eBay

Last but most definitely not least is the key product that holds the whole routine together. The Loving Tan Gradual Tanning Lotion is what will make your tan last weeks. Basically, once I apply the tanning water from Isle Of Paradise, I follow with the gradual tan from Loving Tan every day.

This product has a tan tone to it upon application, it moisturises your skin and keeps your tan deep. It also helps your skin from getting too dry which also causes your tan to fade.

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BASICALLY, the trick to a simple, easy and long-lasting tan is incorporating everyday gradual products that also focus on hydration. It means you can skip the mess, hassle and drama of a Thursday tanning night and your white sheets will probably thank you for it too.

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