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10 essential items you need to work out at home


Woman stretching at home with exercise bike in the background

Get gym-fit at home without spending a fortune.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it many new challenges when it comes to working out. From lockdowns to gym restrictions, an increasing number of us are now having to exercise from home.

Luckily, keeping fit doesn't need to cost you a fortune. Forget splashing out on treadmills and exercise bikes and opt instead for these simple, yet effective essentials:

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Woman stretching on yoga mat

1. Exercise/yoga mat

Whether you're a fan of yoga or a good ab workout, an exercise mat can help you to stay comfortable and avoid injury. If you're exercising on hard flooring, look for a mat with additional cushioning to give yourself some support while you tone up.

Woman in athletic gear jumping with skipping rope

2. Jump rope

Using a skipping rope is not only one of the best cardio exercises around, it's also super cost effective. For less than $30 you can grab yourself a quality rope and start burning fat with easy exercises that work out your entire body.

Woman stretching with resistance bands

3. Resistance bands

Resistance bands are a great way to kick your workouts up a notch without breaking the bank. The bands make lower-body exercises more challenging while helping to strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility.

Man lacing up sneakers

4. Running shoes

If you're short on workout space at home, why not take things outside by getting into a running routine? It's an exercise that can be done even if you're new to working out and all you need is a good pair of sneakers to get you started.

Woman on pull-up exercise bar

5. Pull-up exercise bar

If you're missing the gym, investing in a pull-up bar can help you to stay on top of your upper body workouts. The bars are made to fit over your doorway, making it easy to exercise even if you have limited space.

Woman with red boxing gloves on

6. Boxing gloves

Besides being a great workout, boxing is also a great way of relieving stress and improving your mood. Grab yourself a pair of boxing gloves and get sparring with your lockdown buddy, or invest in a punching bag to really unleash your inner Mike Tyson.

Woman balancing on block

7. Training block

Sometimes the simplest products can be the most effective when it comes to exercising. Take training blocks, which can be used for a range of yoga exercises as well as stretching, balancing and box jumps.

Man wearing Aftershokz headphones

8. Headphones

If you struggle to stay motivated while working out, a good pair of headphones are an absolute must. Simply put together an energetic playlist, or pop on your favourite podcast to keep yourself focused.

Woman wearing blue compression tights

9. Compression tights

If you're into high intensity workouts you may want to invest in a pair of compression tights. Not only do they prevent chafing, but they also help to increase blood flow and reduce muscle fatigue, making them a must-have in your wardrobe.

Woman with foam roller

10. Foam roller

When picking up items for your home gym, don't forget to shop for recovery products too. Foam rollers are great for using after a workout to knead out knots in your shoulders, neck, arms, feet and legs.

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