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Eva Premium Adapt Mattress review: Is it worth the extra money?

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Quick verdict: For fussy sleepers, Eva's highly customisable hybrid mattress is worth paying a premium for.


  • Up to 9 firmness levels in one
  • Removable cover

  • Difficult to lug around
  • Pricey

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The key problem with the mattress-in-a-box concept is that you can't try before you buy. With no way to test the mattress first, choosing the right firmness level becomes pure guesswork.

While most brands do offer a trial period with free returns, you still have to go through the hassle of setting the whole thing up and then arranging for it to be collected. (This is especially annoying if you're lugging the mattress up and down stairs.)

The Eva Premium Adapt Mattress attempts to solve this issue via 2 interchangeable layers of memory foam. These can be flipped and rearranged to achieve 3 different firmness levels: Soft, Medium and Firm.

Additionally, you can add an optional half-half configuration that allows couples to adjust their own side of the bed independently.

In other words, the likelihood of having to return this mattress due to the "wrong feel" is much lower than competing brands.

At least, that's the idea in theory. Here's how it performed.

Ordering process

Mattress-in-a-box companies live or die by their online ordering systems. They need to have a clear, easy-to-use interface with excellent customer service along every step of the way.

Fortunately, this is one area where Eva excels.

Picture not describedEva benefits from a clean and simple website.

The online store doesn't bombard you with superfluous extras - you simply select your mattress size and add it to the cart. Handily, Eva allows you to choose your own delivery day, which is not something all mattress providers offer.

One caveat - the "optional" half-half configuration is automatically added to your shopping cart for an additional $100. If your partner does not require a different firmness level, be sure to remove this prior to finalising your purchase.

Once you have completed your order, Eva keeps you very well informed about the status of your mattress. We received multiple emails tracking the delivery to our doorstep. There's also a customer support phone line should anything go wrong.

Setting up the mattress

Like most mattress-in-a-box services, Eva delivers the mattress to your front door only. This means you need to lug it into the bedroom yourself.

The unpacking process is pretty straightforward, with the mattress automatically unfurling and expanding once it's released from the cardboard and plastic packaging. (Tip: Do this in the bedroom so you don't need to navigate a full-size mattress through the home.)

The foam layers are pre-inserted in the Soft configuration prior to shipping. If you're happy with that firmness level there's no need to do anything.

The mattress comes with sturdy fabric handles to assist in carrying. However, these are only present on the foot and head of the mattress. We would've liked to have had additional handles on the sides, especially given it weighs up to 60kg, depending on the size you get.

In any event, unpacking and setting up the mattress shouldn't take you too long. I managed to do it solo in around 10 minutes.

Picture not describedThe different mattress configurations.


As mentioned, the Eva Premium Adapt Mattress comes with a pair of adjustable memory foam layers that can be re-arranged by unzipping the mattress cover. This allows you to swap between 3 different firmness levels straight out of the box.

The mattress also contains over 650 steel pocket springs for a hybrid finish.

Picture not describedEva's memory foam layers can be readjusted for a soft, firm or medium finish.

Removing the mattress cover is relatively easy despite the zippers being on the small side. The inner layers are clearly labelled, which is a big help during reconfiguration.

As an added bonus, the cover is completely removable and machine washable. This makes it a lot easier to clean compared to most mattress tops - handy if you don't use a mattress protector.

During testing, we tried all 3 firmness levels and were impressed by how different they felt. Rest assured, this isn't just a marketing gimmick. It truly feels like owning 3 different mattresses.

In the unlikely event that you don't like any of the available configurations, Eva offers 2 additional foam layers that can be swapped out at no additional charge.

This takes the total number of firmness levels to 9. If you're still not comfortable, it might be time to see a chiropractor.

In every configuration, the mattress remained cool and breathable courtesy of the included mattress topper that's designed to regulate temperature.

Picture not describedThe inbuilt topper allows the mattress to breathe and remain cool, even in hot environments.

Naturally, the level of support depends on which layer you're sleeping on. I personally found the default configuration a bit spongy, so it's definitely worthwhile experimenting with the different firmness levels.

The mattress is encased in an additional layer of supportive foam for increased edge support. We can't say we noticed much difference compared to other hybrid mattresses, but we encountered no issues while sitting and sleeping near the edge.

Unfortunately, the Eva Premium Adapt Mattress isn't cheap. A Queen size will set you back $1,640 which is on the upper end of the price range for a mattress-in-box. By contrast, Eva's entry-level Comfort Classic Mattress starts at $900.

So is it worth the extra money? Well, that depends.

If you're an easy sleeper who has no particular preferences, an entry-level foam mattress will be perfectly adequate for your needs.

On the other hand, if you're a bit like Goldilocks when it comes to sleeping, the value of a highly customisable mattress cannot be overstated.

For extra peace of mind, the Eva Premium Adapt Mattress comes with a 365-night trial and a 10-year warranty. During testing, we encountered no signs of wear and tear.


Here's how the Eva Premium Adapt Mattress compares to its cheaper sibling, the Eva Comfort Classic:

Pricing and availability

Prices range from $1,300 for a Double to $1,950 for a King size.

Images: Chris Jager / Eva

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