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Is your Kindle worth it? How much you need to read to save by using it

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We conducted a nationally-representative survey on Kindles in Australia, and this is what we found.

29% off Kindle

29% off Kindle

In the ever-changing technological world in which we live, something as simple as cracking open a book and enjoying a relaxing reading session has become almost unrecognisable for many Australians. Ereaders, such as Kindles, offer several advantages when compared to physical versions of books, and have become the reading method of choice for many.

In order to better understand the world of ereaders, we conducted a survey with 1,040 respondents. Here are the most interesting discoveries.

Key findings

Do you have a kindle?
No, I only read physical books47%
No, I don't read24%
No, but I have a different ereader12%
Yes, but I never use it9%
Yes, and I use it8%
Source: Finder survey of 1,040 respondents, April 2022

According to our research, almost 1 in 2 Aussies, 47%, only read physical books. 17% own a Kindle, but staggeringly, over half of that group, 9% of total respondents, admit they "never use it". That means there's a lot of Kindles gathering dust while their owners continue to enjoy physical books. 12% of respondents own a different ereader, while 24% "don't read". (That's a pretty staggering statistic in itself.)

So why do paperbacks continue to reign supreme? Chris Jager, senior shopping editor at Finder, has some thoughts:

"There are pros and cons to both physical and digital books and deciding between the 2 is completely dependent on personal preference. For the old-school reader, the smell and satisfaction of cracking open a new book is an experience no tablet could ever replace.

"Those who grew up in the age of digital technology may prefer the capability a Kindle or ereader has to offer. The simplicity of bringing a tablet everywhere and having an array of books at your disposal is something you can't get from a physical book. If you're a frequent reader, price is definitely a factor you should consider when deciding between the 2."

Chris makes a great point. As with any purchase, price is a huge consideration when deciding if an ereader is right for you. So we crunched the numbers to figure out how to maximise the value of your Kindle.

Are Kindles worth it?

Most paperback novels fall within a pretty sizeable price range from $19.70 to $25.40. Kindles can cost anywhere from $139 to $399, depending on which screen size you opt for. Kindle Unlimited, Amazon's ebook subscription service, allows customers to pay a flat monthly fee of $13.99, and access a large ebook library. Over the course of a year, it will cost you $167.90.

Therefore, in order to save money on Kindle Unlimited compared to reading paperbacks, you'll need to read just 7 books a year. If that sounds manageable for you, purchasing a Kindle and a Kindle Unlimited subscription is a great value proposition.

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