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Everything you need to know about FlavorStone

Cooking a quick meal with minimal clean-up is always easy with FlavorStone™

FlavorStone is a brand of multi-functional non-stick cookware. FlavorStone pans let you fry, sauté, bake, grill, roast, sear and stir fry without having to use any oil or butter, and without any cooked-on mess to clean off afterwards.

How does FlavorStone work?

Each pot or casserole is comprised of six layers for optimal cooking. The outer layer is made of high-quality stainless steel and is used to evenly distribute heat. The next layer is a high-temperature coating, specially designed to be resistant to heat using silicone polyester. The inner core is made of aluminum which distributes heat evenly and provides excellent thermal conductivity.

The next three layers are located closer to the cooking surface. The first is a coating of water-resistant primer, which is followed by a non-stick top coating. The final application is FlavorStone's Sapphire coating, which prevents food from sticking to the surface while still allowing heat to get through evenly.

You can use FlavorStone on a gas, electric, ceramic or induction stove with the same result. The multi-ply construction of each pan allows the heat to radiate through the base to the surface in an even flow.


The benefits of cooking with FlavorStone

  • It’s non-stick: FlavorStone pans don’t require extra lubricants like butter or oil to cook without sticking. That makes cleaning up a breeze and gives you healthier cooking options.
  • Food cooks evenly: As Flavorstone uses multi-layered heat conductors, there are no hotspots on the surface of your pan, and all food cooks evenly right to the pan’s edges. The rapid heating technology also means you can save money on your energy bill by being able to use lower settings on your stove.


How much does FlavorStone cost?

There are a few different FlavorStone packages available to Australians through Each consists of an assortment of pans and pots to suit different needs:

  • FlavorStone Master Set: 24cm sauté pan, 24cm deluxe deep pan, 24cm casserole pan and a 24cm lid

Cost: $149.85 plus $19.95 shipping and handling (or three payments of $49.95 plus $19.95 for shipping and handling)

  • FlavorStone Pro: 20cm fry pan, 24cm fry pan, 24cm lid, 28cm fry pan and a chef’s knife

Cost: $199.80 plus $14.95 shipping and handling (or four installments of $49.95 each plus $14.95 shipping and handling)

  • Six Piece Flavorstone set: 20cm fry pan, 24cm fry pan and 28cm fry pan. These come with detachable handles to allow you to put the pan inside an oven. The set also includes one lid for each pan and a recipe book. At the time of writing (August 2015), online orders also include a complete set of FlavorStone cooking utensils.

Cost : $199.80. You can choose between blue, red or black cookware.
All of the FlavorStone packages come with a 60-day money-back guarantee and a ten-year warranty on the cookware and accessories.

FlavorStone FAQs

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