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Flight Reviews

From check-in process to in-flight meals, we review flights to and from Australia to help you choose your next carrier.

Can't decide which airline to fly? Wondering what it's really like on board?

We've put the following airlines to the test and have reviewed our experiences flying and checking our their airport lounges to help you make the best decision about which carrier to book for your next trip.

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How do we rate flights?

Our flight reviews are based on personal and business travels on commercial flight routes during normal operation. We may write reviews based on media trips, but this will always be mentioned and we will always offer an honest, open and unbiased critique.

Key factors we consider include the following:

  • Check-in process. How easy/difficult was it? Were there self-service terminals? How long were the lines at the counter? How was the service?
  • Legroom. Is there enough to stretch out?
  • Departure and arrival time. Was the flight prompt? If not, how did the airline handle it?
  • Boarding. How organised was this?
  • Price. Did the airfare match the flight quality?
  • Time of the flight. Was it convenient?
  • Service. Were the crew members friendly and accommodating? How timely were meals served?
  • Meals. If eaten, how were the quality and taste? On low-cost airlines, if these were paid, were they well-priced?
  • Entertainment. Was this up to date? How is the variety of entertainment options?
  • Carry-on luggage restrictions. Is this strict? Is it imposed at the gate?
  • Wi-Fi. Did the flight offer this? Was it complimentary? If not, was it worth it?
  • Plane model. Is it modern or outdated?
  • Frequent Flyer opportunities. Were they available? How many points and status credits can you earn on the journey?
  • General atmosphere. Has the plane been cleaned well? Is the temperature comfortable?
  • Quiet zones. If used, did they meet expectations?
  • Layover. If there is one, what is it like? Were bags transferred or was it self-transfer?
  • Sustainability. What sustainable initiatives are being run by the airline or airplane?

After flying, we rate each journey on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Here's what the ratings mean:

  • 5 stars: A truly exceptional flight with perfect service, speed, comfort and extras.
  • 4 stars: An almost seamless journey with perhaps one or two insignificant issues.
  • 3 stars: A comfortable flight with everything as expected.
  • 2 stars: Significant issues throughout the flight process, though some saving graces.
  • 1 star: A poor journey, riddled with frustrations. This could be major delays, rude service, lack of communication or disappointing meals.

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