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Foxtel prices soar past $100: Switch to streaming and get it for $48


If Foxtel's packages going up is too much for you, perhaps it's time to switch.

Foxtel's introduced a new pricing and packaging structure that has increased the prices of all its plans by around 30% as of 1 February 2024.

Following the changes, you might be considering dropping Foxtel given the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Let's take a look at the changes before we show you what alternatives can save you money.

How much are Foxtel prices going up and what are the new packages?

Here's a quick rundown of how Foxtel's packages look now and what they used to cost.

Foxtel packageOld total monthly costNew monthly cost% increase
Foxtel Plus$52$7034.6%
Sport + Movies*$102$12522.5%
Platinum Plus$140$1400%

*While the Sport + Movies bundle is new, it's essentially the same content as the no longer available Premium bundle, which consisted of Plus, Sports, Movies and Kids together.

The Premium bundle, plus the Favourites and Kids standalone add-ons are no longer available.

Previously Foxtel had 4 options to add on to the base Plus pack: Sports, Movies, Kids and Favourites, the latter of which contained a mix of documentaries, lifestyle and reality TV.

Now you can only add Sports and/or Movies to Foxtel Plus.

However, the Foxtel Plus pack has been beefed up by including channels that previously were only available in the Favourites and Kids add-ons.

So that means at $70 a month, the new 62-channel Foxtel Plus package is $7 a month cheaper than if you previously had Plus + Favourites + Kids, but it does it remove the choice of a cheaper option.

If, for example, you didn't care about the kids channels or whatever was on Favourites, you didn't have to pay for it. Despite more channels, you're stuck paying extra for something you might never watch.

Watching sport on Foxtel has now also broken through the $100 a month barrier.

Foxtel also used to charge extra for High Definition (HD) viewing and multiscreen support, where you could watch on your TV with a Foxtel app.

Now those fees have been ditched altogether, and you automatically get HD and multiscreen included, which previously cost $25 a month extra if you had both.

Is there a cheaper alternative to Foxtel in Australia?

There are ways to get almost the same Foxtel experience, yet not have to pay the Foxtel iQ prices.

We've looked at 3 different ways you can get essentially the same content.

The Foxtel iQ Sport + Movies pack is our starting point, as it includes everything on offer at Foxtel.

So here's a look at how the price of Foxtel iQ, Foxtel Now and a combination of BINGE and Kayo compare.

ProductMonthly costMonthly cost (including deals)
Foxtel iQ Sport + Movies$125$84
Foxtel Now - All Packs$104$59
BINGE Standard + Kayo Basic$48$48

As you can see, if you're familiar with Foxtel and wanted a similar experience by just streaming, then switching to Foxtel Now's All Packs option from the Sport + Movies pack saves you $21 a month, or $252 a year.

Foxtel Now is a simpler streaming experience from Foxtel without the set-top box. Its All Packs option gives you access to both sport and movies as well.

Or if you wanted to save even more, you could get a BINGE standard and Kayo Basic subscription, which costs $48 a month combined, a saving of $92 a month.

We chose those 2 particular packages as they allow you to stream on 2 screens at once.

Getting BINGE for entertainment alongside Kayo for sport will essentially get you the same content that features on Foxtel.

Keep in mind Kayo's price will go up to $35 a month from 14 February, but it will now also feature 4K.

So while the combination of BINGE and Kayo will be $53 a month from that point onwards, you'll still be saving $864 a year compared to the Foxtel Sport + Movies plan.

Stream BINGE for 7 days FREE and no lock-in contract

Test out BINGE's Basic, Standard or Premium plan and stream 10,000+ hours of shows and movies on demand.

Even when you factor in current Foxtel deals for both Foxtel iQ and Foxtel Now, you still save with a combination of BINGE and Kayo.

The Foxtel deals are usually dependent on you signing up for 12 months, whereas you can cancel your BINGE or Kayo subscription at any time.

Stream Kayo Sports for 7 days FREE and no lock-in contract

Take Kayo Sports for a spin and stream over 50 sports live completely free for 7 days.

What if I have Foxtel Platinum Plus? That's not going up in price.

You may not be impacted by a Foxtel price rise if you have a Platinum Plus package. However, you could still save money by switching.

Seeing as a Platinum Plus subscription includes Netflix, you could switch to BINGE standard, Kayo Basic subscription and Netflix Standard.

This combo is $64.99 a month, which saves you $84.01 a month in comparison to Platinum Plus.

Are BINGE and Kayo the same as Foxtel?

For the most part, the majority of TV shows and movies that are on Foxtel will also be BINGE.

Likewise, Kayo features the same sports as Foxtel, and sometimes even more (though they might be smaller, niche sports).

If you're worried that by switching to BINGE and Kayo you might be missing out on something, you can check out some guides to help you make a decision.

Finder has a list of all the TV shows on BINGE so you can make sure what you're watching on Foxtel will also be on BINGE.

We also have a list of sports on Kayo to make sure you don't miss a moment of your favourite team.

If you have reservations about switching, BINGE comes with a 7-day free trial so you can test it all out.

Likewise, Kayo also has a 7-day free trial, meaning you can give it a test drive at no cost.

Go deeper on comparing Foxtel to other streaming services with our BINGE vs Foxtel guide plus our look at Kayo vs Foxtel.

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