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Why you shouldn’t get cross about hot cross buns being on sale early



Seriously, people, life is way too short for this kind of nonsense.

It's as predictable as an episode of Fuller House: once Christmas is over, everyone takes to social media to complain about the fact that hot cross buns have already gone on sale. Apparently, if a supermarket starts selling Easter-related baked goods in January, the universe as we know it will collapse.

Easter is in fact relatively early this year, as Good Friday falls on 30 March. But even if Easter occurred at the end of April, it's not worth getting your knickers in a twist about hot cross buns.

First and foremost: no-one is forcing you to buy them. Hot cross buns are not the subject of a compulsory purchase order. If your own sense of tradition dictates that you should only eat hot cross buns over the Easter period, stick with those rules. Don't have an aneurysm in the aisle just because you encounter a hot cross bun. We have bigger fish to fry, literally and figuratively.

In any event, there's a simple reason why supermarkets and bakeries start selling hot cross buns early: people want to buy them. Woolworths alone sold 10 million hot cross buns during January 2017, according to Australian Food News. Its total sales for buns in 2017 were 72 million. "We know the countdown is on for our customers for hot cross buns as soon as Christmas is over," Woolworths baker manager Ben Thompson told AFN.

Australians have plenty of form when it comes to complaining about food, and I doubt my asking anyone to stop whining will have an impact. But please, think twice before getting cross about hot cross buns.

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