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Jura E6 coffee machine review

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Quick verdict: The Jura E6 is a super-automatic espresso machine that makes rich, customisable coffee in seconds.


  • Produces espresso with a rich crema
  • Customisable drink settings with TFT display
  • Has large water and coffee bean containers

  • Milk doesn’t get as hot as with other machines
  • Not compatible with pre-ground coffee
  • Not as many drink options as other Jura machines

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Swiss coffee manufacturer Jura is known for making super-automated coffee machines with premium price tags. The E6 is Jura's most budget-friendly model, but at $1,699, it's not exactly cheap.

We put it to the test for several months to find out if it's worth the high asking price and if it stands up to the high quality we've come to expect from Jura machines.



  • LCD display with clearly marked buttons
  • Built-in burr grinder
  • 1.9L tank holds enough water for several coffees
  • Not compatible with pre-ground coffee
jura e6

The Jura E6 looks a lot like Jura's other models, with the same signature boxy design. It has a black central panel and silver plastic side panels.

Measuring 28x44.4x34.6cm, it's much slimmer than the Jura Giga 6 we tested last year and fits more easily on my counter. However, it weighs 9.8kg so it's not exactly portable.

The front panel has a TFT LCD colour display with three buttons on each side for espresso, cappuccino, coffee and milk foam. The front also holds a coffee spout and hot water spout that you can adjust depending on the height of your cup and a nozzle where you can attach the milk foam frother.

The E6 has a built-in burr grinder and holds 280g beans at the top of the machine. The top panel also has a grinder adjustment switch so you can customise your coffee and a small panel that opens to reveal a hole for you to place a cleaning tablet when the machine alerts you that it needs to be cleaned.

It also has a 1.9L plastic water tank on the left side with a built-in smart filter that tells you when it needs to be replaced.

Like the Giga 6, the E6 includes Jura's Pulse Extraction Process that optimises the extraction time of the coffee beans by pulsing water, instead of having a continuous stream of water running through. According to Jura, this gives the coffee a richer flavour than other machines.

Unlike some other Jura models, you can't use ground coffee with the E6, which can be a pain if you want to make a cup of decaf.



  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Makes 11 different types of coffee
  • Produces rich espresso
  • Milk foam isn't as hot as some people might like
Jura e6

To set up the E6, you'll need to test the water hardness level in your kitchen to make sure the E6 is giving you the best tasting coffee it can. Once you've determined the water hardness level, you can input the information into the machine and follow the prompts to finish setting it up. This involves filling the water tank and the coffee bean container, attaching the water filter and connect the milk frothing container using the included milk pipe (if you're making a milky coffee).

All you need to do to brew your coffee is choose 1 of the 11 different types of coffee and press the corresponding button. It will brew using the default settings for temperature, coffee strength and the amount of water dispensed. If you want to change these settings, you can adjust the preset settings in programming mode.

Using the milk foamer took a little trial and error but the E6 is extremely easy to use once you get used to all the options. After a few tries, I was able to make my perfect coffee in just a few seconds.

Even though the E6 is a super-automatic machine, you'll still need to clean it. Fortunately, the machine will tell you when this needs to be done and walk you through the process. You'll also need to rinse the drip tray and coffee ground containers regularly to prevent mould.

The coffee the E6 produces is impressive. Before using the E6, I tested out a few automated coffee machines but nothing convinced me to make the switch from my beloved AeroPress. Why would I spend hundreds of dollars (or more) on a machine that makes average espresso? While the E6 isn't cheap, the quality of the espresso it makes and the convenience it offers were enough to convince me to make the switch. After using it for several months, I didn't want to give it back to Jura. I'd gotten used to delicious coffee at the touch of a button and I didn't want to go back to tediously weighing hand grinding my beans or using a timer to get the perfect extraction. I decided to buy one for myself and I haven't looked back since.

However, if your ideal drink is a super hot milky coffee, the E6 isn't the machine for you. You can adjust the temperature of the included milk frother, but it doesn't get piping hot.

Should you buy the Jura E6?

  • Buy it if you want to make delicious espresso drinks in just seconds.
  • Don't buy it if you order your coffee "extra hot".

The Jura E6 isn't cheap, but it offers a lot for its $1,699 price tag. If you want to make rich espresso-based coffee at home without having to learn how to use a manual espresso machine, the E6 is a great option. It makes several different types of coffee with fully customisable settings, has a built-in adjustable burr grinder and is easy to use and maintain. If you regularly pick up coffee at your local cafe, you could even save money in the long run by switching to brewing your coffee at home.

However, the milk foam temperature settings are limited. If you always order your coffee extra hot, you won't be satisfied with the E6.

Pricing and availability

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Jura E6


28cm x 44.4cm x 34.6cm


Images: Sarah Brandon

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