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KYZA Travel Wallet solves the passport dilemma



Putting an ingenious double-wallet system for travellers to the test.

The world is becoming increasingly anti-wallet. That's not surprising, given our enthusiasm for contactless payments means we're using a lot less physical money. Who needs to carry a bulky wallet around if you can shift all those functions onto a single card, or use your smartphone?

However, there's one document that isn't going to go all-digital any time soon: your passport. When you're on an international flight, you'll want that in your wallet, but that's likely to be too bulky for getting around at your destination, where you may well choose to lock your passport in the hotel safe.

The Australian-designed KYZA Travel Wallet offers an interesting solution to this, in the form of a double-wallet. The main wallet is big enough to hold your passport and other travel documents, and there's a much more compact removable second wallet which slots inside the first.

KYZA travel wallet

I tested out the KYZA on a recent trip to the UK, and was pretty impressed. The second wallet can take four cards and a handful of notes, which is all you're likely to need on a day-to-day basis. The main wallet has another four card slots. These are handy for cards you're not likely to need every day but might want to hand, such as your Medicare card (useful in countries with a Medicare reciprocal agreement).

The smaller wallet holds four cards

It's 100% leather and well-designed, with the removable wallet easily sliding in and out. The main wallet is fairly bulky, and I found it more comfortable to have it in my jacket pocket than in my trousers. That said, when flying I don't want a wallet in my trouser pocket anyway.

There are other approaches to solving this problem. I've long been a fan of the Bellroy travel wallet, which has space for a passport in a conventionally-sized wallet. But if you prefer a compact wallet most of the time, the KYZA would have more appeal.

The wallet comes in three designs: Soho (navy blue), Majorca (blush pink) or Oxford (tan). It costs $129.95 online, with free shipping in Australia.

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