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Leaving Netflix Australia soon: TV shows and movies expiring May 2024

Bon voyage! These titles are about to set sail and leave Netflix indefinitely.

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This table was last updated on 29 May 2024.
TitleDescriptionExpires on
Dirty GrandpaAs his wedding approaches, a stuffy lawyer endures a road trip with his newly widowed grandfather, who turns out to be a man of surprising appetites.2024-05-30
American PieThis smash-hit comedy follows four high school seniors as they strive for the most eagerly anticipated rite of adulthood: losing one's virginity.2024-05-31
Chicken RunA determined hen and a cocky rooster lead their feathered friends in a great escape from the farm to make sure they're not turned into chicken pies.2024-05-31
The Fast and the FuriousAn undercover mission tests an LAPD officer's loyalties when he's sent to investigate a ring of street racers suspected of organizing high-speed heists.2024-05-31
The DishAn Australian village is thrust into the spotlight when NASA uses its satellite radio dish to serve as a backup transmitter for the 1969 moon mission.2024-05-31
Friday After NextAfter a crooked Santa steals their rent money, Craig and Day-Day are getting something for Christmas they never expected: jobs.2024-05-31
2 Fast 2 FuriousArrested in Miami, former cop Brian O'Conner accepts a deal with the FBI to go undercover as a cartel driver — and enlists the help of an old pal in LA.2024-05-31
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo DriftShipped off to Tokyo after getting busted for street racing, an American teen works to perfect a daring new driving style to challenge a dangerous rival.2024-05-31
Fast & FuriousAfter six years on the lam, fugitive Dom Toretto returns to Los Angeles and teams up with rogue FBI agent Brian O'Conner to bring down a common enemy.2024-05-31
Barbie in a Mermaid TaleSurf champ Merliah discovers she's actually a mermaid in a girl's body. With the help of a dolphin, Merliah must rescue her mom, the Queen of Oceana.2024-05-31
Fast FiveDominic Toretto and the crew race to Brazil and attempt a $100 million heist for their freedom, with a drug lord and a federal agent in hot pursuit.2024-05-31
ChronicleSoon after three teens stumble upon an unidentified substance in the Northwest woods, they begin to exhibit powers beyond their wildest dreams.2024-05-31
The CupWhen his brother suffers a fatal fall seven days before Australia's prestigious Melbourne Cup, a young jockey gives everything he has to make history.2024-05-31
Dead Man DownAn enforcer plotting revenge against the ruthless criminal he works for is blackmailed by a mysterious neighbor looking to exact vengeance of her own.2024-05-31
Blue Lagoon: The AwakeningSparks fly between two high school students with little in common when a mishap during a class trip leaves them stranded on a deserted island.2024-05-31
Fast & Furious 6Street racer Dominic Toretto and his crew call on their expert driving skills for a major heist that sends them speeding through European streets.2024-05-31
CopenhagenPhilandering his way across Europe to find the grandfather he's never met, William unexpectedly befriends a 14-year-old who changes how he sees women.2024-05-31
My Old LadyA struggling American playwright inherits a Paris apartment that turns out to be occupied by a spirited nonagenarian with no intention of moving out.2024-05-31
Furious 7A team of fast-driving outlaws have settled into normal lives, but a man with a vendetta chases them out of their complacency.2024-05-31
WoodlawnIn 1970s Alabama, racial divisions test the talent, faith and mettle of black high school football star Tony Nathan, both on and off the gridiron.2024-05-31
Hello, My Name Is DorisAn unassuming 60-year-old who takes a self-help seminar after her mother's death is inspired to be more open and pursue a decades-younger co-worker.2024-05-31
AmarYoung Laura and Carlos experience the intensity and fragility of first love, as life realities gradually tarnish their idealized notions of romance.2024-05-31
ArrivalWhen alien ships land around the globe, a language expert tasked with deciphering their communications uncovers a life-altering message.2024-05-31
MoonlightIn this acclaimed coming-of-age drama, a young man who grows up poor, Black and gay in a rough Miami neighborhood tries to find his place in the world.2024-05-31
The StarA big-dreaming donkey escapes his menial existence and befriends some free-spirited animal pals in this imaginative retelling of the Nativity Story.2024-05-31
CatfightTwo college frenemies whose lives aren't what they hoped meet up decades later and escalate their resentments from verbal jabs to bloody brawls.2024-05-31
The Zookeeper's WifeWhen the Nazis invade Poland, Warsaw Zoo caretakers work with the underground resistance to save Jews from the horrors of the Third Reich.2024-05-31
The Fate of the FuriousA ruthless cyberterrorist forces Dom to turn against Letty and the crew, endangering everything they've built. But they won't let him go so easily.2024-05-31
White Boy RickIn this fact-based drama, a blue-collar Detroit teenager becomes an FBI informant and later a drug dealer at the height of the '80s crack epidemic.2024-05-31
Ocean's 8Debbie Ocean gets out of prison bent on stealing a knockout necklace at the Met Gala. She recruits seven other women to pull off the grand heist.2024-05-31
Oh, Ramona!Awkward 16-year-old Andrei is infatuated with his aloof schoolmate Ramona — until he meets charming hotel clerk Anemona while on vacation.2024-05-31
Seven Souls in the Skull Castle: Season Moon JogenJapan, 1590. Wandering samurai band together to take on the lord of Skull Castle in the “Moon Jogen” version of the show, performed in a 360º theater.2024-05-31
Seven Souls in the Skull Castle: Season Moon KagenJapan, 1590. Wandering samurai band together to take on the lord of Skull Castle in the “Moon Kagen” version of the show, performed in a 360º theater.2024-05-31
Blade Runner: The Final CutIn a dystopian LA, detective Rick Deckard hunts a group of rogue androids. This restored cut of the sci-fi classic includes never-before-seen footage.2024-06-01
ScreamThere's a new Ghostface in town terrorizing teens, 25 years after Woodsboro's first killing spree — and old friends must reunite to stop the slaughter.2024-06-01
Shooting StarsThis dramatization of LeBron James' life chronicles how he and his friends overcame the odds to become the nation's top high school basketball team.2024-06-02
Blind IntersectionsThis film follows the societal challenges three strangers in Beirut go through as unexpected events link their fates.2024-06-03
WantedFour seniors embark on misadventures after breaking out of their nursing home to save a loved one’s grave from demolition by estate developers.2024-06-03
Back to Q82Eager to rejoin her divorced parents, an inventor's daughter drives his time-traveling car back to 1982. But a secret crush accidentally follows.2024-06-03
Here Comes the RainAbducted during the Lebanese Civil War and now in his 50s, Ramez is finally a free man. But he returns to society deeply traumatized by the past.2024-06-03
Late NightOn the verge of being replaced, a longtime talk show host attempts to revamp her brand when a driven woman joins her all-male writers' room.2024-06-05
The Silver StallionThis family drama tells the story of Thowra, a wild stallion in the mountains of Australia who grows from a colt into the leader of the pack.2024-06-06
A History of ViolenceA small-town diner owner stops a robbery and grapples with the aftermath. When his family comes under threat, he must confront his past.2024-06-06
Phar LapA gaunt racehorse forms a strong bond with a stable hand and stuns the world when he begins an unexpected winning spree. Based on a true story.2024-06-06
UnlockedAfter learning of a deadly terrorist threat in London, Alice Racine returns to her job at the CIA only to find the agency may have been compromised.2024-06-06
The Peanut Butter FalconA man who has Down syndrome runs away to realize his wrestling dreams and sets out for adventure with a new friend in tow and a caregiver in pursuit.2024-06-06
Rock My Heart OriginalAfter an adventurous teen with a heart defect bonds with an unruly stallion, she trains to compete as an amateur jockey in a life-threatening race.2024-06-06
MidsommarA grieving woman accompanies her boyfriend and his grad-school colleagues to a remote Swedish village that isn't the idyllic commune it appears to be.2024-06-06
StreeOnce a year, men in a small town fear abduction by an eccentric female spirit. A young tailor dismisses the idea of the ghost -- until he falls for her.2024-06-06
The InformerWhen a drug bust goes wrong, an FBI informant is forced to continue his undercover work in prison to crack open an organized crime ring.2024-06-06
DC League of Super-PetsWhen a wicked guinea pig captures Superman, the hero's loyal Labrador recruits a crew of extraordinary shelter pets to save the day.2024-06-06
The DelinquentsAfter a wealthy teenage girl falls in love and runs away with a rebellious young man, her parents strive to break up this forbidden romance.2024-06-06
Alvin PurpleA charming young man is irresistible to women. But when the constant attention becomes a chore, he seeks professional help to fix the problem.2024-06-06
All About the BenjaminsAn elaborate heist brings a bounty hunter and a small-time con man together as they team up to find stolen diamonds and a winning lottery ticket.2024-06-07
Sex and the City: The MovieWhen Carrie's big step forward in her relationship goes awry, best friends Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha are there to help her pick up the pieces.2024-06-07
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'HooleWhen a young barn owl discovers an evil plan to seize the owl kingdom, his only hope is to find the realm’s legendary protectors: The Guardians.2024-06-07
Sex and the City 2Best friends Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte take a break from their busy New York lives for an all-expenses-paid luxury vacation to Abu Dhabi.2024-06-07
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of ShadowsSherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson return for another daring adventure to thwart a criminal mastermind's deadly plot with the help of a mysterious woman.2024-06-07
American SniperU.S. Navy SEAL marksman Chris Kyle racks up an unprecedented number of kills in Iraq, even as his home life starts to slip away from him.2024-06-07
RoomKidnapped, confined to a tiny room and raped, a young woman gives birth to a son. When he reaches his fifth birthday, she begins plotting an escape.2024-06-07
Violent NightA crew of dangerous mercenaries encounters an unexpected adversary when they try to rob a wealthy family's mansion on Christmas Eve: Santa Claus himself.2024-06-07
The Girl Next DoorWhen Danielle moves to town, high school senior Matthew falls for her hard. But her former job as an adult film star may throw a wrench in his big plans.2024-06-09
The SwitchStill single and worried about her biological clock, 30-something Kassie decides to pursue motherhood with the help of a sperm donor.2024-06-09
The Big ShortA group of wily opportunists make a fortune off of the US economic crash by sniffing out the situation in advance and betting against the banks.2024-06-09
Assassin's CreedA revolutionary technology allows a man to relive the memories and learn the assassin skills of his 15th-century ancestor. Based on the video game.2024-06-09
Cook OffYearning for a better life, a single mother with a passion for cooking gets a shot at greatness when her son enters her into a top reality cooking show.2024-06-09
Metallica: Some Kind of Monster
  • Season 1
This collection includes the acclaimed rock documentary about Metallica, plus a film checking in with the still-thriving group 10 years later.2024-06-12
A Dirty ShameAfter a head injury, a once-repressed woman joins an unlikely guru's pleasure-seeking sex cult, sowing chaos in her Baltimore neighborhood.2024-06-13
Marlon Original
  • Season 1
  • Season 2
After the friendliest divorce ever, a carefree but devoted father navigates post-split parenting life with his levelheaded ex-wife and two kids.2024-06-13
The Unknown Hitman: The Story of El Cholo Adrián
  • Season 2
Based on real events, the fictional story of Mexican drug lord El Chato's number one hitman, El Cholo.2024-06-13
Black Spot Original
  • Season 1
  • Season 2
A police chief and an eccentric new prosecutor investigate a string of grisly crimes and eerie phenomena in an isolated town at the edge of a forest.2024-06-13
PihuA two-year-old must fend for herself when her mother suddenly passes away while her father is gone for a conference, leaving her prone to danger.2024-06-13
Viva the UnderdogsThis documentary follows Australian metal band Parkway Drive on its decade-plus journey, against all odds, from house parties to headliner stages.2024-06-13
L.A. ConfidentialIn gritty, glamorous 1950s Los Angeles, three cops each have their own motives for digging deeper into a gruesome shooting that doesn't quite add up.2024-06-14
Freddy vs. JasonFusing slasher franchises, this hybrid of horror pits nightmarish Freddy Krueger against serial killer Jason Voorhees in the ultimate showdown.2024-06-14
I Am LegendAfter a global catastrophe, a military scientist fights for survival in a deserted New York City teeming with nocturnal, bloodthirsty mutants.2024-06-14
Get SmartWhen the identities of secret agents are compromised, hapless Maxwell Smart teams with far more capable Agent 99 to thwart an evil terrorist group.2024-06-14
What Happens in VegasAfter a drunken night in Vegas leads to a marriage they hardly remember, two strangers call it quits until a huge jackpot win forces them to be together.2024-06-14
He's Just Not That Into YouThe lives of Baltimore residents overlap while they navigate the complexities and pitfalls of modern relationships as both friends and lovers.2024-06-14
Four ChristmasesA dating couple is forced to spend their first Christmas together visiting each of their four divorced parents -- in a single day.2024-06-14
Yes ManAfter a bitter divorce, a loan officer falls under the sway of a self-help guru who urges him to say yes to everything that comes his way for a year.2024-06-14
Sherlock HolmesThe game is afoot for an eccentric detective who must use his brains and brawn to track down a nefarious nemesis with the help of his partner.2024-06-14
Aliens in the AtticAfter finding a crew of crafty aliens camping out in the attic of their family vacation rental, the Pearson kids must pull together to save humanity.2024-06-14
Get OutChris is anxious about meeting his girlfriend Rose's parents, and his jitters prove justified as the get-together turns from uncomfortable to terrifying.2024-06-14
A Quiet PlaceCut off from the rest of the world, a tightknit family live in constant fear of making any sound that will attract terrifying alien creatures.2024-06-14
Somewhere Only We Know
  • Season 1
A language major bickers with -- and falls for -- a doctoral student as she navigates the ups and downs of love and friendship with college classmates.2024-06-14
The Legend of White Snake
  • Season 1
In this new take on a classic tale, an ancient snake spirit transforms into a beautiful woman and falls in love with a doctor unaware of her true form.2024-06-14
When My Love Blooms
  • Season 1
A man and woman who were in love in their 20s meet again in their 40s, and find that they've both become different people during their years apart.2024-06-14
Beyond Evil
  • Season 1
As a killing resembling a cold case resurfaces in a small town, the chase for the truth falls on two policemen who each harbor secrets of their own.2024-06-14
Home2HomeIn this documentary, a young man with a taste for adventure bikes 27,000 miles around the world and encounters people from all walks of life.2024-06-14
She SaidNew York Times reporters investigate the bombshell allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein in this award-winning newsroom thriller.2024-06-14
Looking for AlibrandiA teenage girl from a strict family struggles to find her place in high school, navigate a new relationship and accept the truth about her father.2024-06-14
Right Here Right NowThe owner of a failing music club throws one last blowout, bringing together friends, foes and hard-partying weirdos for an unhinged New Year's Eve.2024-06-15
Pomegranates and MyrrhAfter her husband is placed under Israeli detention, a Palestinian newlywed is left to deal with the fallout, resorting to her passion for Dabke to cope.2024-06-17
Eyes of a ThiefAfter a decade in prison, a Palestinian man with a dark secret returns to the West Bank and searches for the daughter he lost long ago.2024-06-17
Besieged BreadIn battle-ridden Syria, a woman trying to smuggle bread into a blockaded area crosses paths with a soldier on the run.2024-06-17
AzizaThis short film follows a newly displaced Syrian couple's drive around Beirut, which then morphs into a hallucinatory and nostalgic trip.2024-06-17
RogueWhile cruising the waters of an Australian lake, a jaded American journalist and his outback tour guide fend off a giant man-eating crocodile.2024-06-19
Transformers: The Last KnightAfter Optimus Prime takes a dark turn, Cade Yeager joins forces with a group of Autobots to stop a villainous plot to destroy Earth.2024-06-19
Peter RabbitIn this mix of live action and CGI, rascally Peter Rabbit faces a tough new foe in his ongoing battle for the veggies in Mr. McGregor's garden.2024-06-19
HustlersA struggling stripper and her street-smart mentor team up to turn the tables on their Wall Street clientele during the 2008 global financial crisis.2024-06-19
21 BridgesArmed with a bold plan to lock down Manhattan, a detective on a mission races against time to catch two cop killers — and makes a shocking discovery.2024-06-19
RakkhoshAn asylum patient’s troubled past threatens his grasp on reality as fellow hospital residents begin disappearing at the hands of an unknown entity.2024-06-19
AmadeusWhen composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's brilliant work captures the attention of the Viennese court, his jealous rival Antonio Salieri plots revenge.2024-06-20
PoseidonIn this epic disaster movie remake, a rogue wave capsizes a luxury ocean liner on New Year's Eve, trapping the ship's terrified passengers underwater.2024-06-20
The Milk SystemFarmers, scientists and industry insiders delve into the hidden costs and consequences of global dairy production and offer up possible solutions.2024-06-20
The DreamsellerA disillusioned psychologist tries to commit suicide until he strikes up a friendship with an unlikely savior who teaches him a new way of living.2024-06-21
Pretty WomanUptight business tycoon Edward makes a deal with vivacious Hollywood sex worker Vivian to spend a week with him — and loses his heart in the bargain.2024-06-22
Jackass ForeverUnpredictable daredevil Johnny Knoxville returns with friends old and new for another round of outlandish stunts and comedic absurdities.2024-06-22
DeadlockAn ex-military man must step up to save his town after a wanted criminal leading a team of mercenaries takes over a power plant full of people.2024-06-22
Paul Virzi: Nocturnal Admissions OriginalComedian Paul Virzi takes the stage to spill on awkward drugstore runs, his obsession with crime shows and why his wife sabotaged his fitness goals.2024-06-22
The Best of EnemiesIn 1971, a summit on school integration in North Carolina pits a civil rights activist against a Ku Klux Klan leader, sparking an unlikely friendship.2024-06-24
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