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Money Hack: Don’t let your search history increase your flight price

browsing online

browsing online

Pesky Internet cookies can lead to a price bump when you book flights online. Here is how to avoid it.

Have you ever noticed flight prices increasing the more research you do for your upcoming trip? It's not your imagination. Thanks to a little thing called Internet browsing cookies, looking up flight prices can actually see you paying more for the time you spend on price comparisons. While this is not always the case with every booking platform, your search history may influence the price of flights with some airlines.

So how do you avoid being penalised by these delicious-sounding but totally-terrible cookies when you're booking your flights online?

The hack

Whenever you're booking your flights or searching for flight prices, jump in private mode on your chosen browser. Private mode will ensure your previous searches will not influence the prices for however you are booking your flights.

You don't always need to search for flight prices in private mode but it will help you get accurate costs and help you budget your trip better. However, definitely make sure you do it when you actually book.

Here is a quick guide to private mode for different browsers:

  • Google Chrome: Select "File" from the top menu and then "New Incognito Window".
  • Firefox: Select the hamburger menu in the top right and then "New Private Window".
  • Safari: Go to the Safari menu and select "Private Browsing".
  • Internet Explorer: From the menu, select "Settings" and then "Safety" and then "InPrivate Browsing".

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