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New on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, Stan, BINGE in February 2024


Love and new streaming is in the air.

While February's usually synonymous with Valentine's Day-adjacent romance films, there's heaps more to look forward to this month.

Finder's looked through release schedules of major streaming services so you can decide which one's worth sticking with this month (or switching over to).

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What's streaming on Netflix in February 2024?

NetflixImage: Supplied: Netflix

One of the most anticipated shows on Netflix is the live-action TV series, The Last Airbender. It's a reimagining of the animated series following the young Avatar, as he learns to master the 4 elements to restore balance to the world. Another big new show to look out for is One Day, based on the book of the same name. This decades-spanning romance drama has Emma and Dexter pursuing separate dreams after a college romance, but they meet on the same day each year to compare their progress in life and love. The Vince Staples Show could also be worth a look, featuring a rapper looking to branch out into a comedy series.

New movie releases on Netflix aren't that strong this month, but its documentaries might make up for it. There is the return of Formula 1: Drive to Survive, while Einstein and the Bomb cash in on the success of Oppenheimer. Lover, Stalker, Killer could be the next true crime breakout.

Apart from the blockbusters The Last Airbender and One Day, you can probably give Netflix a miss this month.

Netflix starts at $6.99 a month but with ads. An ad-free subscription will cost you at least $16 a month. There's no free trial.

What's new to streaming on BINGE and Foxtel Now in February 2024?


Image: Supplied: Binge/Foxtel/HBO

Once again there's a mix of new and returning shows coming in February to BINGE.

There's the next instalment in the Feud anthology series - Capote vs The Swans. It's about how writer Truman Capote befriended himself to some of high society's most elite women, but then ultimately betrayed them by writing about their lives.

Plenty of other favourites are back in February too including new episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Death in Paradise, Gogglebox Australia, S.W.A.T. and more.

If you're looking for something new on BINGE in February 2024, you can check out animated sitcom Grimsburg featuring the voice of Jon Hamm or a Canadian spin-off to the Law & Order universe, Law and Order Toronto: Criminal Intent.

There aren't too many new movies coming in February to BINGE, but maybe you can catch up on something you missed at the cinema like Transformers: Rise of Beasts or Gran Turismo: Based on a True Story.

These TV shows and movies will also be streaming on Foxtel Now.

The return of Feud will definitely be a highlight in February, especially with its big name cast, plus the returning shows have their passionate followings, so you can sign up if any of those particularly interest you. It's probably more a month for watching TV shows on either service than taking in new movies.

A subscription to BINGE starts at $10 a month for the Basic plan, which contains ads. An ad-free plan will cost you at least $18 a month. Fortunately you you can access Binge's 7-day free trial before committing to a plan.

Binge offers the cheapest way to watch these shows and movies. A Foxtel Now subscription will cost you at least $25 a month for the Essentials pack. For movies you'd need to add a Movies pack so you're looking at paying $45 a month. The good thing is you can sign up for a 10-day free trial to take it for a test run.

What's new on Stan in February 2024?


Image: Supplied: Stan

The expansion of The Walking Dead universe continues on Stan in February with The Ones Who Live. This has probably been the most anticipated of all spin-offs as it centres on fan favourite characters Rick and Michonne. We will finally get to see if they are reunited or not.

Another new series is an adaptation of the internationally best-selling book, Three Women. It finds 3 women on a crash course to radically overturn their lives.

If you dig a documentary series, then Stan has a couple of varied options for you. There's one about the Wallabies' now infamous 2023 Rugby World Cup campaign, plus The Other Mrs Jordan: Catching The Ultimate Conman about a bigamist and fraudster and the manhunt to catch him.

Aside from that, it's a bit thin on the new release front. So maybe you can catch up with some older titles making their way to the service in February. Season 9 of The Flash TV series lands in February, so all episodes will now be together on Stan to binge as fast as your gold boots will carry you.

While the new shows might have a solid fanbase and are a lock to have Stan this month, there might not be much for those outside of that. That said though, there's always a wealth of quality older material coming through, so plenty of comfort binges will be available.

Stan starts at $10 a month, plus you get a 30-day free trial to check it all out.

What's streaming on Prime Video in February 2024?

Prime VideoImage: Supplied: Prime Video

If you love new movies, then Prime Video is the service for you in February.

There's the Australian original romantic comedy Five Blind Dates and the Oscar-nominated comedy/drama American Fiction.

You can also catch a bunch of movies that were well-reviewed at the cinema but finally get a streaming release such as raunchy comedy Bottoms and Australian drama The New Boy.

There's also This Is Me…Now: A Love Story, a "narrative-driven cinematic odyssey" from Jennifer Lopez that coincides with her new album. Meanwhile basketball fans out there will be keen to check out Giannis: The Marvelous Journey, a documentary about NBA superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Things are a bit quieter on the TV series front for Prime Video in February, but there are still some great highlights to watch out for. First among them is Mr. & Mrs. Smith, a remake of the 2005 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie action film. This time Donald Glover and Maya Erskine are the titular characters. The twist this time is after they enter into an arranged marriage as part of their job at a spy agency, they catch real feelings for each other.

Another new show to look out for is animated series The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy, about a couple of aliens that are intergalactically renowned surgeons. The voice cast alone is enough to make it worth a look.

You can definitely sign up for Prime Video this month on the strength of the movies released to the service, as well as the Mr. & Mrs. Smith remake.

Prime Video costs $9.99 a month and new customers get a 30-day free trial.

Try Prime Video with a 30-day free trialMore titles on Prime Video this month

What's new to streaming on Disney Plus in February 2024?

Disney PlusImage: Supplied: Disney Plus

The massive historical epic drama Shōgun comes to Disney Plus in February. It is set in Japan in the year 1600 at the dawn of a century-defining civil war.

It looks like a good month for animation on the service too, with new episodes of Star Wars: The Bad Batch and Iwájú, set in a futuristic Lagos, Nigeria.

If you missed it at the cinema, The Marvels will be available, along with the now mandatory making of its documentary special.

Other hidden gems to look out for include docudrama Genius: MLK/X about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, plus new episodes of Life & Beth.

As is usual with Disney Plus, fans of Marvel and Star Wars can stick by the service this month. But even if you don't fall into that category, you can dig deeper for some quality titles that might not necessarily be as headline-grabbing as those franchises.

You can sign up to Disney Plus for $13.99 a month, but there's no free trial.

What's new on Paramount Plus in February 2024?

Paramount PlusImage: Supplied: Paramount Plus

After a nearly 2-year wait since it was originally released, Halo is back with a new season on Paramount Plus in February. It continues to follow the war between humans and the alien threat called the Covenant.

The service is always good for some reality series and this month is no different with new episodes of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and The Family Stallone.

Fans of US TV shows will be in heaven as they're all returning after the Hollywood strikes. You will finally be able to catch new episodes of shows in the NCIS and FBI universes, as well as comedies like The Neighborhood and Ghosts (the US version).

There's also the usual few things to keep the younger kids happy such Big Nate and Dora: Say Hola To Adventure.

Overall, signing up with Paramount Plus could be worth it this month

When you subscribe to Paramount Plus for the first time, you'll be able to access its 7-day free trial. After that, it'll cost you $9.99 a month.

Try before you buy with these free trials and deals

New on streaming in Australia in February 2024

Check out the full list of streaming titles below:

TitleServiceType Release Date
Building Alaska Foxtel NowTV Show1 February
Feud: Capote v. The Swans (Season 1)Foxtel Now, BINGETV Show1 February
Sister Wives: Christine And David's Wedding Special Foxtel NowTV Show1 February
A Bloody Lucky DayParamount PlusMovie 1 February
Kickin' I (Season 1)Paramount PlusTV Show 1 February
Fast & FuriousPrime VideoMovie 1 February
Fast & Furious 6Prime VideoMovie 1 February
Furious 7Prime VideoMovie 1 February
Gunpowder MilkshakePrime VideoMovie 1 February
In The Land Of Saints And SinnersPrime VideoTV Show 1 February
The Fast And The FuriousPrime VideoMovie 1 February
The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo DriftPrime VideoMovie 1 February
The Fate Of The FuriousPrime VideoMovie 1 February
60 Days In (Season 8)BINGETV Show1 February
90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise (Season 3)BINGETV Show1 February
Breakfast At Tiffany'sBINGEMovie1 February
By The SeaBINGEMovie1 February
Clone High (Season 2)BINGETV Show1 February
Imma Tatarrani (Season 1)BINGETV Show1 February
Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (Season 3)BINGE, Foxtel NowTV Show1 February
The MexicanBINGEMovie1 February
The Wall (Season 1)BINGETV Show1 February
Top Ten Treasures: Pompeii (Season 1)BINGETV Show1 February
Whose Line Is It Anyway (Season 7-10)BINGETV Show1 February
Wuthering Heights (2011)BINGEMovie1 February
Three Little Birds, (Season 1)BritBoxTV Show 1 February
Power Rangers Samurai (Season 1)StanTV Show 1 February
Power Rangers Super Samurai (Season 1)StanTV Show 1 February
The Next Step (Season 8)StanTV Show 1 February
Wahlburgers (Seasons 1 - 5)StanTV Show 1 February
Bullshit (Season 1)SBS On DemandTV Show 1 February
Classified (Season 1-2)SBS On DemandTV Show 1 February
Sorority House MassacreShudderMovie 1 February
The Velvet VampireShudderMovie1 February
Genius: MLK/ XDisney PlusTV Show2 February
Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez (Season 1)Disney PlusTV Show2 February
SelfDisney PlusTV Show2 February
Crime Scene Confidential Foxtel NowTV Show2 February
The Curious Case Of Natalia Grace: Natalie Speaks Foxtel NowTV Show2 February
Mr. And Mrs. Smith (Season 1)Prime VideoTV Show 2 February
24 Hours in Emergency (Season 7)BINGETV Show 2 February
Changing Rooms UK (Season 16)BINGETV Show 2 February
City Confidential (Season 8)BINGETV Show 2 February
Hospital (Season 4)BINGETV Show 2 February
Porridge (Season 1-3)BINGETV Show 2 February
Unbelievable Moments Caught On Camera (Season 5)BINGETV Show 2 February
Under the Stars of ParisBINGEMovie 2 February
Churchill's SecretBritBoxTV Show 2 February
RobusteStanMovie 2 February
Thirteen (2003)StanMovie 2 February
Dario Argento: PanicoShudderMovie 2 February
Let's Talk About CHUNetflixTV Show2 February
Orion and the DarkNetflixTV Show 2 February
PeppermintStanMovie 3 February
The Boy Who Cried WerewolfStanMovie 3 February
Clone High (Season 2)Foxtel NowTV Show4 February
Murder Under The Friday Night Lights (Season 3)Foxtel NowTV Show4 February
Cobra (Season 3)Foxtel Now, BINGETV Show4 February
Transformers: Rise Of The BeastsParamount Plus, Foxtel Now, BINGEMovie 4 February
Sanctuary (2022)BINGEMovie 4 February
SisuBINGEMovie 4 February
Prayers For The StolenStanMovie4 February
The World's Fastest IndianStanMovie4 February
Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold (Season 1)Disney PlusTV Show5 February
Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 12)Foxtel Now, BINGETV Show5 February
Death In Paradise (Season 13)BINGETV Show5 February
Jeopardy Masters (Season 1)BINGETV Show5 February
Other People's ChildrenBINGEMovie5 February
Secret Nazi Bases (Season 3)BINGETV Show5 February
Secrets Of Penthouse (Season 1)BINGETV Show5 February
The Great North (Season 4)BINGETV Show5 February
The Great Pottery Throw Down (Season 5)BritBoxTV Show 5 February
Dora's Birthday AdventureStanMovie5 February
Drag Race España All Stars (Season 1)StanTV Show5 February
Two Heads CreekStanMovie5 February
Dee & Friends in Oz NetflixTV Show 5 February
Below Deck (Season 11)BINGE, Foxtel Now, HayuTV Show 6 February
Fletcher's Family Farm (Season 2)Foxtel NowTV Show6 February
Secrets Of The London Underground Foxtel NowTV Show6 February
Smothered (Season 5)Foxtel NowTV Show6 February
The Great Kiwi Bake Off (Season 4)Foxtel Now, BINGETV Show6 February
BottomsPrime VideoMovie 6 February
Den Of ThievesPrime VideoMovie 6 February
The New BoyPrime Video, BINGEMovie 6 February
999: What's Your Emergency? (Season 3)BINGETV Show 6 February
Better Off DeadBINGEMovie 6 February
Million Pound Pawn (Season 1)BINGETV Show 6 February
One Fine MorningBINGEMovie 6 February
Qi (Season 11)BINGETV Show 6 February
Alvin PurpleStanMovie6 February
Alvin Rides AgainStanMovie6 February
JulesStanMovie6 February
Dino Ranch (Season 3)Disney PlusTV Show 7 February
Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making of the MarvelsDisney PlusTV Show 7 February
The MarvelsDisney PlusMovie7 February
Dark Marvels Foxtel NowTV Show7 February
Killer At The Crime Scene (Season 1)BINGETV Show 7 February
Mission: Impossible - FalloutBINGE, StanMovie 7 February
PariahBINGEMovie 7 February
Gross MisconductStanMovie7 February
One Fine MorningStanMovie7 February
Luz: The Light of the HeartNetflixTV Show 7 February
Raël: The Alien ProphetNetflixTV Show 7 February
The Devil Wears PradaNetflixMovie7 February
#TextMeWhenYouGetHome (Season 2)Foxtel NowTV Show8 February
Abandoned Engineering (Season 10)Foxtel NowTV Show8 February
The Brief History Of Cricket Down Under: The 1980's Foxtel NowTV Show8 February
Halo (Season 2)Paramount PlusTV Show 8 February
Gran Turismo: Based On A True StoryPrime Video, BINGEMovie 8 February
Allegiance (Season 1)BINGETV Show 8 February
Planes, Trains & AutomobilesBINGEMovie 8 February
Royal PaintboxBINGETV Show 8 February
Secrets of the Royal WardrobeBINGETV Show 8 February
The DuchessBINGEMovie 8 February
Truck Night In America (Season 1)BINGETV Show 8 February
Dalgliesh (Season 1)BritBoxTV Show 8 February
Geordie Shore (Season 19-23)StanTV Show8 February
The Other Mrs Jordan (Season 1)StanTV Show8 February
Transformers Earthspark (Season 1)StanTV Show8 February
Dopesick (Season 1)SBS On DemandTV Show8 February
Triple Oh! (Season 1)SBS On DemandTV Show8 February
Anne Rice's The Mayfair Witches: Cast DiariesAMC+TV Show 8 February
One DayNetflixTV Show8 February
SuncoastDisney PlusMovie9 February
The MissionDisney PlusMovie 9 February
Beyond The Battlefield (Season 1)Foxtel Now, BINGETV Show9 February
Silent Service (Season 1)Prime VideoTV Show 9 February
UpgradedPrime VideoMovie9 February
Changing Rooms UK (Season 17)BINGETV Show 9 February
NCIS: Los Angeles (Season 14)BINGE, Foxtel NowTV Show 9 February
Pride: Real Housewives of Cheshire (Season 1)BINGETV Show 9 February
Rescue: Extreme Medics (Season 1)BINGETV Show 9 February
My Father's Mexican WeddingStanMovie9 February
Sam & Cat (Season 1)StanTV Show9 February
The Flash (Season 9)StanTV Show9 February
Couple to Throuple (Season 1)HayuTV Show 9 February
A Killer ParadoxNetflixTV Show9 February
Alpha Males (Season 2)NetflixTV Show9 February
AshesNetflixMovie9 February
BhakshakNetflixMovie9 February
Lover, Stalker, KillerNetflixTV Show 9 February
Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (Season 7)Paramount PlusTV Show 10 February
ColombianaPrime VideoMovie 10 February
RuPaul's Drag Race UK vs The World (Season 2)StanTV Show 10 February
The DescentStanMovie 10 February
The Descent: Part 2StanMovie 10 February
Handmaiden (2016)SBS On DemandMovie 10 February
Ride On (2023)SBS On DemandMovie10 February
2024 AACTA AwardsBINGETV Show 11 February
A Walk To RememberStanMovie 11 February
The Invisible WitnessStanMovie 11 February
Taste (2021)SBS On DemandMovie11 February
The Farewell (2019)SBS On DemandMovie11 February
LifeStyle Home – Sell This House Foxtel NowTV Show12 February
Dora: Say Hola To Adventure!Paramount PlusTV Show 12 February
Pensati SexyPrime VideoTV Show 12 February
Inside The Ambulance (Season 14)BINGETV Show 12 February
Grimsburg (Season 1)BINGETV Show 12 February
ConvictStanMovie 12 February
Dora's World AdventureStanMovie 12 February
Other People's ChildrenStanMovie 12 February
The Walking Dead: The ReturnStanMovie 12 February
Chasing The Dragon (2017)SBS On DemandMovie 12 February
Bad Girl BoogeyShudderMovie12 February
GodlessShudderMovie12 February
NCIS (Season 21)Paramount PlusTV Show 13 February
NCIS: Hawai'i (Season 3)Paramount PlusTV Show 13 February
The Neighbourhood (Season 6)Paramount PlusTV Show 13 February
Willie Nelson & FamilyParamount PlusTV Show 13 February
Bad MomsPrime VideoMovie 13 February
Bad Moms 2Prime VideoMovie 13 February
Five Blind DatesPrime VideoMovie 13 February
You Hurt My FeelingsPrime VideoMovie 13 February
Downey's Dream Cars (Season 1)BINGETV Show13 February
Joy RideBINGETV Show13 February
Long Lost Family: Born Without A Trace (Season 4)BINGETV Show13 February
My Strange Arrest (Season 1)BINGETV Show13 February
CherryStanMovie13 February
My Own GoodStanMovie13 February
Kill Me If You DareNetflixMovie13 February
Sunderland 'Til I Die (Season 3)NetflixTV Show13 February
Taylor Tomlinson: Have It AllNetflixTV Show13 February
The Space RaceDisney PlusMovie14 February
Discovery – Barnwood Builders (Season 9)Foxtel NowTV Show14 February
Discovery Turbo – Custom Carolina Foxtel NowTV Show14 February
FBI (Season 6)Paramount PlusTV Show 14 February
FBI: International (Season 3)Paramount PlusTV Show 14 February
FBI: Most Wanted (Season 5)Paramount PlusTV Show 14 February
Love Storiyaan (Season 1)Prime VideoTV Show 14 February
The VoicesPrime VideoMovie 14 February
Two Night StandPrime VideoMovie 14 February
The New LookApple TV+TV Show 14 February
AmelieStanMovie 14 February
Women on Death Row (Season 1)StanTV Show 14 February
The Matchmakers (Season 1)SBS On DemandTV Show14 February
A Soweto Love StoryNetflixMovie14 February
Good Morning, Verônica (Season 3)NetflixTV Show14 February
Love Is Blind (Season 6)NetflixTV Show14 February
PlayersNetflixMovie14 February
The Heartbreak AgencyNetflixMovie14 February
OutDaughtered Foxtel NowTV Show15 February
Paramedics On Scene (Season 3)Foxtel NowTV Show15 February
100 Days To IndyParamount PlusTV Show 15 February
100 Day Dream Home (Season 4)BINGETV Show15 February
HypnoticBINGETV Show15 February
Jamie Oliver: Together (Season 1)BINGETV Show15 February
Mountain Monsters (Season 5)BINGETV Show15 February
Outrageous Homes With Laurence Llewelyn Bowen (Season 1)BINGETV Show15 February
Trading PlacesBINGETV Show15 February
Whiskey Tango FoxtrotBINGETV Show15 February
WWII Lost Films (Season 1)BINGETV Show15 February
Silent Witness, (Season 21)BritBoxTV Show 15 February
Million Dollar BabyStanMovie 15 February
The Man Who Fell To Earth (Season 1)StanTV Show 15 February
The Te$tStanMovie 15 February
Estonia (Season 1)SBS On DemandTV Show15 February
AlRawabi School for Girls (Season 2)NetflixTV Show15 February
House of NinjasNetflixTV Show15 February
Killing Eve (Seasons 1-4)NetflixTV Show15 February
Little Nicholas: Life of a ScoundrelNetflixTV Show15 February
Love, SimonNetflixMovie15 February
NCIS (Seasons 10-14)NetflixTV Show15 February
Ready, Set, LoveNetflixTV Show15 February
The Vince Staples ShowNetflixTV Show15 February
CypherDisney PlusTV Show16 February
Life & Beth (Season 2)Disney PlusTV Show16 February
Ghosts (Season 3)Paramount PlusTV Show 16 February
So Help Me Todd (Season 2)Paramount PlusTV Show 16 February
Mission Start Ab (Season 1)Prime VideoTV Show 16 February
This Is Me...Now: A Love StoryPrime VideoTV Show 16 February
This Is Me…Now: The FilmPrime VideoMovie 16 February
Celebrity Masterchef (Season 18)BINGETV Show16 February
Craig Of The Creek: Craig Before The CreekBINGEMovie16 February
The Flight Attendant Murders (Season 1)BINGETV Show16 February
Snoopy Presents: Welcome Home, FranklinApple TV+TV Show 16 February
The Dynasty: New England PatriotsApple TV+TV Show 16 February
Good Night, and Good LuckStanMovie16 February
Spongebob Squarepants (Season 12)StanTV Show16 February
Three Women (Season 1)StanTV Show16 February
Comedy ChaosNetflixTV Show16 February
Eddie's Lil' Homies (Season 1)NetflixTV Show16 February
Einstein and the BombNetflixTV Show16 February
The AbyssNetflixMovie16 February
Venom: Let There Be CarnageNetflixMovie16 February
BBQ Brawl (Season 4)Foxtel NowTV Show17 February
Faster With Newbern And CottonFoxtel NowTV Show17 February
Puppy Bowl 20th Anniversary SPX Foxtel NowTV Show17 February
Puppy Bowl XXFoxtel NowTV Show17 February
Puppy Bowl XXX Pre-ShowFoxtel NowTV Show17 February
Blue Bloods (Season 14)Paramount PlusTV Show 17 February
Fire Country (Season 2)Paramount PlusTV Show 17 February
S.W.A.T (Season 7)BINGETV Show17 February
Snow Day (2022)StanMovie17 February
The Tree Of LifeStanMovie17 February
The Trouble With JessicaBINGEMovie18 February
The Black DahliaStanMovie 18 February
The FounderStanMovie 18 February
The Land Of Short SentencesStanMovie 18 February
Giannis: The Marvelous JourneyPrime VideoTV Show 19 February
The BAFTA AwardsBINGETV Show19 February
Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (Season 11)BINGETV Show19 February
Bafta Film Awards 2024BritBoxTV Show 19 February
Dora's Fairytale Adventure
StanMovie 19 February
One Day All This Will Be YoursStanMovie 19 February
Spider (Arana)StanMovie 19 February
The Madame Blanc Mysteries (Season 3)Acorn TV, AMC+TV Show 19 February
DeathstalkerShudderMovie 19 February
Deathstalker IIShudderMovie 19 February
MegalomaniacShudderMovie 19 February
Rhythm + Flow ItalyNetflixTV Show19 February
Expedition Unknown (Season 8)Foxtel NowTV Show20 February
The Teddy Teclebrhan Show (Season 1)Prime VideoTV Show 20 February
Triple 9Prime VideoMovie 20 February
Hidden Histories Of World War II (Season 1)BINGETV Show20 February
Sort Your Life Out (Season 3)BINGETV Show20 February
Assassin, TheStanMovie20 February
Breaking HabitsStanMovie20 February
The ChampionStanMovie20 February
Mike Epps: Ready to Sell OutNetflixTV Show 20 February
She's the ManNetflixMovie20 February
Air Crash Investigation (Season 8)Disney PlusTV Show 21 February
Car SOS (Seasons 8-9)Disney PlusTV Show 21 February
Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (Season 2)Disney PlusTV Show 21 February
Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Season 3)Disney PlusTV Show21 February
The Big Interiors Battle Foxtel NowTV Show21 February
Gogglebox Australia (Season 19)Foxtel Now, BINGETV Show21 February
High Country Farm (Season 1)BINGETV Show21 February
ConstellationApple TV+TV Show 21 February
How to be a good wifeStanMovie 21 February
Red NightsStanMovie 21 February
Utopia (Season 5)StanTV Show 21 February
Can I Tell You A Secret?NetflixTV Show21 February
7 Little Johnstons Foxtel NowTV Show22 February
Aussie Gold Hunters Foxtel NowTV Show22 February
Cruise Ship Killers Foxtel NowTV Show22 February
Gold Rush: White WaterFoxtel NowTV Show22 February
Wheeler Dealers Foxtel NowTV Show22 February
The Family Stallone (Season 2)Paramount PlusTV Show 22 February
My Sailor, My LoveBINGEMovie22 February
Secret Restoration (Season 1)BINGETV Show22 February
Rules Of The GameBritBoxTV Show 22 February
Blaze And The Monster Machines (Season 5-6)StanTV Show 22 February
One Tree Hill (Season 1-9)StanTV Show 22 February
The Wallabies: Inside World Cup 2023 (Season 1)StanTV Show 22 February
The WifeStanMovie 22 February
Catch Me A Killer (Season 1)SBS On DemandTV Show 22 February
Avatar: The Last AirbenderNetflixTV Show22 February
Emergency: First Time Medics Foxtel NowTV Show23 February
Jenny Slate: Seasoned Professional (Season 1)Prime VideoTV Show 23 February
The Second Best Hospital In The Galaxy (Season 1)Prime VideoTV Show 23 February
Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent (Season 1)BINGETV Show23 February
Northern ComfortBINGEMovie23 February
The Flipping El Moussas (Season 1)BINGETV Show23 February
Summer House (Season 8)BINGE, HayuTV Show23 February
Messi's World Cup: The Rise of a LegendApple TV+TV Show23 February
For Heaven's Sake (Season 1)StanTV Show23 February
Honey (2013)StanMovie23 February
Scary GirlStanMovie23 February
The Lucky OneStanMovie23 February
History of EvilShudderMovie 23 February
Formula 1: Drive to Survive (Season 6)NetflixTV Show23 February
Mea CulpaNetflixMovie23 February
Through My Window: Looking at YouNetflixMovie23 February
WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Foxtel NowTV Show24 February
Crime WaveStanMovie 24 February
Death At A Funeral (2007)StanMovie 24 February
Those Who Stayed (Season 1)SBS On DemandTV Show 24 February
The 30th Annual Screen Actors Guild AwardsNetflixMovie24 February
4 Freedom is BeautifulStanMovie 25 February
Any Day NowStanMovie 25 February
90 Day: The Single Life (Season 3)BINGETV Show26 February
FBI: Most Wanted (Season 4)BINGETV Show26 February
Game Of Talents UK (Season 1)BINGETV Show26 February
Unbelievable Moments Caught On Camera (Season 6)BINGETV Show26 February
Dora's Pirate AdventureStanMovie 26 February
Last Chance HarveyStanMovie 26 February
The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live (Season 1)StanTV Show 26 February
The Blonde One (2019)SBS On DemandMovie 26 February
Dublin MurdersAcorn TV, AMC+TV Show 26 February
HIP: High Intellectual PotentialAcorn TV, AMC+TV Show 26 February
ShōgunDisney PlusTV Show27 February
American FictionPrime VideoMovie 27 February
Life, ItselfPrime VideoMovie 27 February
AppearancesStanMovie 27 February
KillersStanMovie 27 February
Maggie MooresStanMovie 27 February
Joyland (2022)SBS On DemandMovie 27 February
Death in the Dorms (Season 2)Disney PlusTV Show28 February
Everything is Fine (Season 1)Disney PlusTV Show28 February
IwajuDisney PlusTV Show28 February
As We Speak: Rap Music On TrialParamount PlusTV Show28 February
Rock Paper ScissorsParamount PlusTV Show28 February
Dead In The WaterPrime VideoTV Show 28 February
Forged In Fire (Season 10)BINGETV Show28 February
Mercy RoadBINGEMovie28 February
Anna KareninaStanMovie 28 February
Catfish: The Tv Show (Season 5-6)StanTV Show 28 February
Jump Darling (2020)SBS On DemandMovie 28 February
American Conspiracy: The Octopus MurdersNetflixTV Show28 February
Code 8 Part IINetflixMovie28 February
The Mire: MillenniumNetflixTV Show28 February
Me Hereafter (Season 1)Disney PlusTV Show 29 February
Friends In Low Places (Season 1)Prime VideoTV Show 29 February
Reina Roja (Season 1)Prime VideoTV Show 29 February
The Equalizer 3Prime VideoMovie 29 February
Borderforce USA: The Bridges (Season 4)BINGETV Show29 February
Fixer To Fabulous (Season 4)BINGETV Show29 February
Kings Of BBQ (Season 1)BINGETV Show29 February
Mountain Monsters (Season 6)BINGETV Show29 February
Professor T (Season 3)BritBoxTV Show 29 February
An American HauntingStanMovie29 February
Normandy NudeStanMovie29 February
The Thundermans (Season 1-4)StanTV Show29 February
Benedetta (2021)SBS On DemandMovie 29 February
A Round of ApplauseNetflixTV Show29 February
Image: Supplied: Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, BINGE, Netflix, Prime Video, Stan
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