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Nintendo Switch Pro: Everything we know so far


The Nintendo Switch Pro is rumoured to be on its way, but we may not see it until 2022.

Rumours of a successor to the Nintendo Switch have now circulated for over a year without being shot down, leaving gamers confident that a release is imminent.

A recent report from Bloomberg even suggested that we could be seeing the mid-gen console – thought to be named the Nintendo Switch Pro – announced ahead of the 2021 E3 conference, with a release following in September or October.

With E3 set to kick off on 12 June (PDT) though, it's becoming increasingly less likely that Nintendo will reveal the Switch Pro ahead of the event.

So, when are we likely to see it?

Nintendo Switch Pro release date

There are currently two theories regarding the release date of the Nintendo Switch Pro.

The first is that Nintendo will squeeze in an announcement over the next few days and release the console later this year, as per the Bloomberg report.

The second suggests that Nintendo will announce the Switch Pro at E3 and then release the console sometime in 2022.

Given how popular the current Switch model is, it would make sense for Nintendo to hold off the release for a while longer.

It would also give the company an opportunity to create more consoles ahead of a launch, which is relevant, given reports of a parts shortage in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nintendo Switch Pro price

With an official announcement of the Nintendo Switch Pro still to come, the price point of the console remains a mystery.

However, we can safely assume that it will be priced higher than the original, which is still retailing for $469.

If you were hoping that a new release would see the original console slashed in price though, you might be out of luck, with former Game Informer editor and current innovations editor at Finder, Chris Stead, reporting that a price reduction is not as likely as you may think.

"Nintendo hasn't been awfully forthcoming with price drops in its long and storied history, and the reality is that the Switch is selling just fine at its current price," said Stead.

"While a small dip in price for the original Switch is possible, it's most likely going to be driven by retailers trying to clear stock."

"Regarding RRP, Nintendo will likely keep the price of the original Switch the same. This will show a sense of value and scale to consumers in a more expensive Nintendo Switch Pro model."

Will the Nintendo Switch Pro be worth the upgrade?

Due to the rather hefty price of the existing Switch console, shoppers are now asking whether the Pro will be worth the additional cost.

According to Stead, for families and young gamers, it might not be.

"As a mid-generation console upgrade, the Nintendo Switch Pro will always be hamstrung by the fact that games must also be able to work on the original and inferior Nintendo Switch," claimed Stead.

"As a result, for most families who have a Switch for their kids to play on, upgrading will be hard to justify regardless of the Nintendo Switch Pro's final specs."

However, for hardcore gamers, there could be substantial benefits to an upgrade.

Previous rumours about the capabilities of the Switch Pro include two major differences: a more colourful and contrasted OLED screen and the ability to render at 4K when in docked mode.

These upgrades, especially when paired with other improvements, such as improved battery life, internal storage space and improved durability of the Joy-Con controllers, would all be welcome bonuses for gamers, said Stead.

Given the increase in ports coming across from the higher specked Xbox and PlayStation consoles, Stead also points out that the Switch Pro will be, "much closer to the standards of the other consoles when it comes to these multi-format titles."

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