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Beauty products of the week: The Body Shop Hemp Heavy-Duty Face Protector and Body Moisture Protector


The Body Shop Hemp Heavy-Duty moisturiser
Image: Amazon

Meet the two products guaranteed to banish your winter skin woes.

Why we love these products

If you're a big skincare fan, you may have noticed that hemp products are currently having a moment. Made from hemp seed oil, hemp skincare products have the ability to balance and hydrate skin without clogging your pores which is, honestly, something we could all use more of in our lives. Despite the buzz hemp has been making in the beauty world, I was still yet to try the craze for myself. That is, until The Body Shop's hemp range landed on my desk.

As someone who suffers from dry skin at the best of times and completely parched skin during the winter months, the "heavy-duty" title on both the Face Protector and the Body Moisture Protector immediately caught my eye. I wasn't expecting a miracle exactly, but I was hoping to give my parched, flaky skin a bit of relief. To say that the products delivered on this and more is a bit of an understatement. (And before you ask, no, they won't get you high.)

The quick verdict

Why are they good? The products are designed to combat dry skin, offering intense hydration that lasts for days.

How much are they? $25 for the Face Protector (50mL) and $30 for the Body Moisture Protector (200mL).

Where to buy them? The Body Shop

Hemp Heavy-Duty Body Moisture Protector

Let's start with the Body Moisture Protector. I have tried a LOT of body moisturisers in my life that claim to combat dry skin and, while many succeed for a short period of time, none of them seems to offer long term relief. Which is why, when I read that the Body Moisture Protector boasts up to 96 hours of hydration and protection, I laughed and said, "yeah, right." It turns out it was true though.

When I initially read the ingredients list comprised of essential fatty acids and hemp seed oil, I was not expecting the formula I saw when I unscrewed the lid. Rather than the lush, rich cream I was imagining, the Body Moisture Protector comes in the form of a solid cream that you need to melt with your hands and really work into your skin. The fact that it felt so light on application also had me worried as other heavy-duty moisturisers tend to leave you feeling like you've just given your skin a big drink of water. Nevertheless, I applied it before I went to bed and then put it through its paces the next day.

From dry office air-conditioning to sweating it out at the gym, by the time I had showered that night I was expecting my skin to feel dry again and prepared myself to reapply. Only I didn't need to. Even after everything it had been through over the past day, my skin still felt soft and hydrated and continued to do so well into the next day, which I found extremely impressive. In fact, the only thing that didn't impress me about the product was the smell, but that's just a personal preference.

Hemp Heavy-Duty Face Protector

The Hemp Face Protector, on the other hand, has a much more subtle scent that makes it easy to incorporate into your skincare routine. Where the Body Moisture Protector comes in the form of a solid cream, the Face Protector has a much lighter, creamier formula that is simple to apply. Once again, the Face Protector doesn't give you the same thick feel that you would expect from a heavy-duty product, but it too does just what it says it will.

I also applied this one before bed and put it through the same paces as the Body Protector and, while it wasn't quite as long-lasting, it still did a pretty impressive job of keeping my skin smooth and flake-free. It seems I'm not the only one impressed either – you can read an absolute ton of rave reviews on The Body Shop site from customers who claim it has helped them with everything from psoriasis to dermatitis.

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A 50mL tub of the heavy-duty face protector retails for $25, while a 200mL tub of the body moisturiser will set you back $30. Overall, that's not too bad, especially considering that (with the body moisturiser especially) a little goes a long, long way. If, like me, you'd do anything to counter your dry, flaky skin too, $25-$30 seems like a pretty reasonable ask for products that actually work.

Where to buy

All of The Body Shop's products are exclusive to the store meaning that you can only shop the hemp line in-store or online at The Body Shop. If you choose to shop online, you'll receive free shipping on orders over $99, giving you all the more reason to stock up on other great products from the brand like the new Carrot Wash and Cream from the store's Ugly Beauty range.

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