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The Wilds season 2 preview, streaming options and release time


Survival hangs in the balance as The Wilds returns with season 2.

"There was trauma. But being a teenage girl. That was the real living hell."

This memorable quote from season 1 of Prime Video's exhilarating The Wilds accurately sums up the show's first season. When it returns with new episodes, however, the thriller grows even more ambitious by adding a new group of teens struggling to make sense of their circumstances.

The Wilds premiered in December 2020 to positive reviews. While the premise sounds basic, a group of girls crash on a deserted island and have to survive, the show turns it into much more. It also delivers nuanced performances, exciting twists and a thoughtful exploration of adolescence.

Here's what to expect from season 2.

When does The Wilds season 2 come out?

The Wilds season 2 premieres in Australia on Friday 6 May. All 8 episodes will drop at once. We reached out to try and confirm the exact time of release but this was not verified with us. Although we don't have precisely when it drops, in the past Prime Video has tended to release global shows at 12am GMT, so there's a good chance this could drop as early as 10am AEST. We believe though it will at least be available by the time you finish work on Friday night if you're keen to start The Wilds the day it comes out.

Where to watch The Wilds season 2 online

You can stream the show exclusively on Prime Video. The platform is free with an Amazon Prime subscription, which offers additional perks like free or expedited shipping for select items, access to exclusive deals, free reading, free music and more.

If you're a new user, you get a 30-day free trial. In other words, you can sign up and binge The Wilds for free. Once your trial is up, subscriptions to Amazon Prime cost only $6.99 a month.

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30-day free trial with Amazon Prime Video

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The Wilds season 2 preview

The Wilds introduces us to an eclectic group of teen girls, each coming from different backgrounds and grappling with issues of their own. Once they become stranded on an island, they must figure out how to keep their sanity and make the most of their dwindling provisions. While some of them bond, others drift apart.

The big twist? The girls didn't become stranded on the island by accident. They're actually part of a complex study/social experiment, with a puppet master watching their every move. The Wilds explores 3 timelines: We see flashbacks of the girls in their lives before, we follow them while actively trying to stay alive on the island and, finally, we see some of them being interviewed about their experiences. The show is a blend of genres, effortlessly switching from teen drama to survival thriller.

Season 1 ends with a cliffhanger when Leah stumbles upon surveillance footage of an all-male group called the Twilight of Adam. From the looks of it, they're going through the same things she and the rest of the girls experienced. As you might have guessed, season 2 introduces the male test subjects, who also have to adjust to an isolated existence under watchful eyes.

That doesn't mean that the girls will be sidelined. After all, we know that some of them don't make it to the interrogation room. What happened to them? Are they still alive? How is Rachel faring, whom we last saw on the verge of being attacked by a shark? And can the blossoming romance between Shelby and Toni thrive in such harsh conditions?

It's good that all episodes drop at once. It feels like The Wilds has been on hiatus since an eternity ago. Will you RSVP yes to this extreme slumber party?

The Wilds season 2 trailer

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